Nagasaribu, Indonesia 2015 Day 9


December 26th, 2015

Day 9

This is the first camp meeting of Brother Itok’s assembly; something is happening here. We want to catch this faith, we’ve taken up the banner and we will rise as high as we unite in one accord. Then we bravely face tomorrow, knowing that this living God is the One we trust. If we are divided and broken up; we are not rising high. It’s a great thing when we can stand together in such unity as part of that family, the Bride of Jesus Christ.

While I am looking out the window into the surrounding nature this morning and hear the sisters singing, I sincerely can say, that I wouldn’t want to be in any different place. No Five Star Hotel could replace this.DSC_2100








After breakfast we have a wonderful time of fellowship in the Word, where Brother Vin types the natural to the spiritual happenings here on the camp ground. DSC_2086DSC_2082








All the materials, which were bought with a price, come together in one place and the builder takes the measuring tape to measure precisely, cuts off excess where necessary, so everything fits perfectly together. It’s so wonderful how the Word encourages the believers, because they can relate to every bit of it.DSC_2092

God in His great wisdom overwrote our plan to stay in a hotel to be together with these precious believers here on the campground . He only can come down, when we are all the same, all one. Sometimes things are made more plain in a time like this than in a church service.DSC_2095









Many brothers are still working to finish the Sanctuary.DSC_2076






They expect more than 200 believers arriving during the day. Heavy rain is coming down all day long, pounding merciless on the strong metal roofs and filling up the little ponds around the camp ground.

By 5 p.m. the dorm is filled with laughter and happy fellowship of the many believers who have arrived, bringing boxes, sleeping bags, mattresses… this is quite an adventure!








I am stepping outside and meet Brother Vin and Timmy who are watching the activities and we are talking about the tremendous faith, that we can see in the saints here, which is expressed in the great sacrifice of building this camp. A brother approaches us, and Brother Vin asks him if he is a pastor. He tells us that he was formerly in the Protestant church, and that he got baptized one year ago and often visits the Third Exodus website. He is so happy to see him now face to face. His three little children are also joining us, and he tells us, that his wife is a preacher in the Protestant church, and that she doesn’t believe the Message yet. And while we are encouraging him not to worry and that she will come, he points excited to the other side of the building and says, ‘There she is.’ And she comes and the Spirit of God gives His servant such utterance, mixed with wisdom and love, how to approach her.

He speaks about the scripture in Judges 6 where God at harvest time wanted Gideon to come against the enemy. He had 32000 men and God told him, that this was a number far too big, and to reduce them to 300. All God wanted were those people with empty vessels and a lamp in there, pointing to our earthen vessels, how they have to be emptied out from everything, so that the Light can come in. This way the Angel of the Lord would work through us to conquer the enemy… so many false religions are in this country, and only a little group, a minority of Christians.

While Brother Vin is speaking, more and more people are gathering around us and listen attentively to the Word, which is just flowing out. We experience again that the Spirit is moving so freely outside of a church service, while so many people are trained to believe, that God is moving only in church.

We have already realized how important it is for all of us to be here amongst the believers, because here is where God is moving in such a supernatural way, experiences we would not have if we would be staying in a hotel.


















Tonight is the Dedication service for the camp ground and we are just waiting for the little group from Medan to arrive by bus.


The service starts at 8 p.m. and it’s a sight to behold to see all the precious saints gathered here. They haven’t come for anything else but for the Word, and it doesn’t matter, if the camp is not quite finished yet, or if is pours rain and everything is muddy. They don’t come for the natural food which they might get to eat. It shows the love they have for the Word, and we are very inspired by these humble brothers and sisters. We have seen God moving already in such a mighty, but yet so simple way, and we know the Angel of the Lord is in our midst, and wherever He is, the supernatural takes place.

Brother Itok opens the Dedication service with the prayer of Nehemiah in chapter 1,



and Brother Vin continues with:

God Has Provided A Chosen Place Of Worship For The Third Exodus People Who Are Going Into Glory.




We recognize that His mighty Hand has provided this and we want to give Him thanks. How God used the ministers, used those who gave from their substance and their labour. Everybody contributed in such a great united effort. And God is the author of it all. It is such a great thing when God can find a people that unite their hearts together with the love of God. And out of that love comes faith, and that faith produces works, that you can achieve something like this.


And many families are gathered here this evening and everybody will go home with something special. And the God that dwelt among the children of Israel is dwelling among us. 


God’s people worshipping Him is something special for God, that’s why God provides a place for His people to worship Him.

There is not a shadow of a doubt that we see God’s people here tonight, because God’s children have His characteristics, because they are born by His spirit. We see their faith, love, humility. When they open their mouth we hear the Word, we feel the atmosphere and expectations, and we know these are not ordinary people.

God desires a place where His people can worship HIM. God knows what all His people can do. He gives them skills and gifts and everybody has something to give. One might be the best sweeper he is; he loves to sweep. God knows all His people, the people who are called out by the prophet. God is giving everybody the opportunity to give, so they can say, ‘I am part of this move of God.’










Many years ago Brother Searle from New Zealand came to Indonesia and he just began to pass a few books around and spoke to a few people. That was the very beginning when the Message started in this big nation. Then Claude Poulter from Australia came. He had heard about Brother Vin’s ministry and invited him to Perth. Then one day he said, he would go to Indonesia, and brought some of those messages that Brother Vin preached. That’s why Brother Vin is here and he is very  sorry, that Brother Claude is not here tonight. He is the one, who made great sacrifices in the country; the honour is on him. DSC_2163 (1)

God is excited to see the united efforts.

A man had to buy that property, not even knowing what he was doing. He is a chosen vessel of God for this purpose. God knows the caliber of men he can trust who don’t think selfish, but who are thinking about the time and season. And Brother Branham speaks about investments, and because of this kind of investment all of us can come here. The same God in the Third Exodus is working by the same principles like in the First Exodus to achieve the same purpose. This faith inspires us all. And God knows the same way He puts something in this man’s heart to do a certain thing, He puts something in all our hearts to do something. This is how we worship God. Our giving is part of our worship. Some people have olive oil, spices, stones… every area in the tabernacle was taken care of. God makes the people, who are called out, to be a part in this tabernacle.DSC_2157 (1)



This is something to inspire others to see what God can do with just a handful of people.

God didn’t want to stay in the mountain, but He wanted to dwell among His people. Since the Garden of Eden, when that fellowship was broken, God had that desire to be with His people.



This awesome Dedication service concludes with the song Walk In The Light and a song in the Indonesian language, asking the Lord to fill this house, this bride.DSC_2175

As soon as the service has ended the believers start to put up tarps all around the sanctuary for the brothers to sleep around the outer court, and the sisters have a tarp partition in the middle of the sanctuary, where they sleep. They only have little polyester carpets to lay on the concrete floor and some blankets, and it gets really cold at night. What a great sacrifice!





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