December 2015

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Nagasaribu, Indonesia 2015 Day 9

Indonesia December 26th, 2015 Day 9 This is the first camp meeting of Brother Itok’s assembly; something is happening here. We want to catch this faith, we’ve taken up the banner and […]

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Nagasaribu, Indonesia 2015 Day 8

Indonesia December 25th, 2015 Day 8 We are travelling today from Medan to the camp ground, which is situated in the mountains of North Sumatra in a small village called Nagasaribu – […]

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Medan, Indonesia 2015 Day 7

Indonesia December 24th, 2015 Day 7 TUHAN MEMBERKATIMU – GOD BLESS YOU Indonesia is right in the Ring of Fire. The Tsunami on December 26th, 2004  killed around 300000 people, […]

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Medan, Indonesia 2015  Day 6

Indonesia December 23rd, 2015 Day 6 Brother Itok picks us up for fellowship at noon today, and when we arrive, all the believers are greeting us with joyfull singing ‘We Are Together Again, […]

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Medan, Indonesia 2015 Day 5

Indonesia December 22nd, 2015 Day 5 Today is our departure from Jakarta to Medan. The hotel shuttle crawls slowly through heavy traffic, while the air pollution is high; it is 31 […]

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Indonesia 2015 - Day 1 - 4

Hong Kong / Indonesia December 17th – 20th, 2015 Day 1 – 2  Pastor Itok Rumbayan from Medan in Indonesia has invited Brother Vin for this season to fellowship around the Word, […]

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