Nagasaribu, Indonesia 2015 Day 10


December 27th 2015

Day 10

The activities in the camp start already long before dawn today, and it reminds me on the First Exodus. How must that have been with 2 million people!

Here we have just 200 people, but it’s quite a commotion until everybody is ready for the service at 10 a.m.

Before Brother Vin comes to the pulpit we have a marvelous worship service, which brings the glory of God in our midst.



We see a quickened people coming out of the humanistic realm. The gospel didn’t come in Word only but in power and demonstration of the Holy Ghost.














These days we’ve seen a supernatural God. We’ve seen supernatural things work in the life of a humble prophet by displaying the supernatural gospel and giving supernatural faith in the hearts of God’s children. When a people like this come together, each one with their portion of faith, with a part of the Pillar of Fire, it’s unlimited what God can do in a service like this. This is the Gentile hour; a Gentile prophet called out a Gentile bride with a Jewish Book to open the mysteries to give a church supernatural faith. The Jews are still blind to what is in the Book. But the gospel is fixing to go back to the Jews.

When this leaves the Gentile church – not the bride – the church will go through the tribulation, because the bride will be gone in the Rapture. Our faith is being perfected now. God showed to us the prophet; He proofed, that was His prophet. We saw Elieser. He was the messenger. He came with the jewels, with the raiment, with the power, the beast. Rebekah was a Gentile and Elieser was a Gentile. But Rebekah had to know who she was. She heard of Isaac, the one who was getting married to her, she saw the messenger who was sent, but she began to understand that she was the bride. She had two maidens with her, but when she reached to Isaac, he took her in the tent, the two maidens didn’t go in the tent. Behold the Bridegroom cometh! Watch the hour we are living in! This is a good day to be in the House of the Lord.

Brother Vin speaks on The Angels In Heaven and Their Little Ones On Earth  – What a tremendous service!!!



Between the services I meet a lovely family from Balikpapan, a modern cities on the island of Borneo;  Brother Manuju Manullang, his wife Roslina and the children Yemima, Zakharia and Kezia Priskilla, who live-stream the services from Brother Itok’s church in Medan. Besides this family, there are 4 more little groups in different parts of the Island, who either stream the services or have their own local church.


The first time they’ve heard about the Message was in 2010 from a relative in Medan, who attends Brother Itok’s fellowship. He mailed one translated book of the prophet to them and a CD containing a series of Brother Itok’s radio services.

They read the book and were so surprised, because they didn’t know something like this exists. Before they came to the Message, they belonged to one of the Pentecostal/Charismatic denominations in the city. They were loyal followers of that church, very religious and they were even counted as the workers of the church. The first time they read the book, they could see that it was the truth, and they could believe that the prophet was a human. They connected with Brother Itok, who came to Balikpapan and baptized the whole family, including the grandmother, the uncle and the auntie. From that time on they received more Message books and also started to audio-stream Brother Itok’s services with their cellphones and since 2014 they are video-streaming every service, and watch the worship services from Third Exodus Assembly.

This was the first time now they came to Sumatra to meet their brothers and sisters, whom they only knew from streaming the services. Their journey to Medan started by plane from Borneo to Batam, where they connected to Medan. They feel so blessed that they came and are strengthened by the meetings. They return to Borneo beginning of January.

God is finding His Seed wherever they are. He will loose none.

It is such a wonderful Spirit in the camp, the believers are the most lovely people, genuine saints, who are living such sacrificial lives.








The evening service begins at 5 p.m. and the praise and worship of the saints is reaching the Throne of God, creating the atmosphere, where we can hear from Heaven.DSC_2261










It is such a liberty here and the Holy Spirit is just flowing like crystal clear water today.


It’s not ‘I am in the Message, but is the Message in you?’

 At 7:20 p.m. the light goes off’ for just one minute and we are sitting in total darkness.

” ‘Stand still.’ When a church is trained they can stand still. Circumstances don’t move them, because God is among them. We serve a living God. We as believers like the challenge. Believe for your healing, for your children, for receiving the Holy Ghost. You come here for a conference with God. You are not here to sit around the mountain.”









The service ends with Sembah Tuhanmeaning Worship The Lord, and several believers walk to the altar to get prayed for deliverance, healing, whatever need they might have. It’s a tremendous atmosphere and great things are happening in the spiritual realm.









It was like a war tonight. The time the devil turned off the light, God turned on the Light; the Light of this hour. It’s family camp; all for one and one for all.

He knows what lays ahead in the days to come. Like Elijah, ‘I hear the sound of abundance of rain.’ God does everything He has promised.

It was a very special victorious and incredible day in God’s presence and we meditate long and intense on what we have heard and seen today, even while we are laying down to sleep. Very great is His faithfulness!




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