Russia December 2nd, 2015 Day 7


 December 2nd, 2015

 Day 7

It feels real good for all of us to get some rest today, especially for the servant of God, who has been labouring day and night ever since we are travelling.

Travelling by itself is not easy these days, it’s a challenge in every way, being faced with all kinds of demons through people, music, advertisements….which is pushed into people unconsciously these days. But by God’s grace we are under the Blood and nothing can harm us.

Even today it seems a little warmer outside, the ice and snow is melting around the house, and soon we are getting ready to leave to the other side of Moscow for the Minister’s meetings, not returning to Brother Sergey’s place before later Saturday afternoon.


IMG_0425After gathering one more time around the rich prepared table we are off to the camp, where we will meet around 70 brothers, who are from all different parts of the country.




This camp ground is a huge complex with large comfortable meetings rooms, and when we arrive most of the brothers are already here.DSC_1419







In spite of the late hour the brothers are happy to meet and see each other and decide to gather for a little bit of fellowship.









We believe that the purpose of the Lord for these meetings will be accomplished.

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