Siberia/Russia December 1st, 2015 Day 6


 December 1st, 2015

 Day 6

This is the day of our departure from Novokuznetsk/Siberia. The alarm goes off merciless at 4:15 a.m. and we are soon heading to the airport for our 4.5 hour flight to Moscow. Here we realize that 12 believers from Vilnius, the interpreter Brother Dima, and believers from other places are also on this flight. While Brother Anatoly and Brother Eugene and ourselves are staying in Moscow, most of the saints will continue their journey from Moscow to Vilnius in the evening.


The visit in Siberia was a great blessing for us. We are amazed that God has planted such a beautiful garden in this hostile and harsh environment. This is surely not a place for ‘greenhouse plants’ but for deep rooted strong trees. God exceeded our expectations and we leave here with confidence, that we have met the Siberian Bride of Christ.



Most of the brothers fellowshipped all night with no sleep at all, and they are all crashing into a deep sleep as soon as they are fixed in their seats.

It’s snowing when we arrive and as many times before we have to walk through the cold air over the icy runway to the bus, who brings us to the terminal.

 After landing in Moscow and while waiting for our luggage, Brother Vin shares some spiritual BioScientific thoughts with us – if there is an expression like this – which are outstanding and just make our day. 

Brother Sergey is picking us up for his home, and we gather once again around the table, which Sister Elena so lovingly prepares for us.


The remainder of the day is for us to rest, because tomorrow we are leaving for the brother’s meetings, a two hour drive from here.

 The brothers have wonderful fellowshipping in the kitchen till late at night.


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