Peru October 16th, 2015 Day 3



October 16th, 2015

Day 3

This morning we are cooking up a storm for breakfast;  Neil and Michael picked up some fresh fish and greens from the local market.DSC_0443


After breakfast we all unite for prayer for the services this weekend and also for our precious Brother William Collette, who was admitted to the hospital yesterday. We believe that God will remember him and give him total deliverance from whatever the enemy is trying to afflict him with.

In the afternoon we have the opportunity to visit a little market, where they sell handcrafted typical Peruvian goods, and we make our way back to our apartments with some real worthwhile bargains, which will always remind us of the special time we’ve had here.DSC_0475



Peru is a country with hundreds of years of history and cradle of the great Inca Empire. They developed extraordinary textiles with a level of excellence never equaled by any other culture. For this they raise alpacas and Lamas, which not only provide very fine fibers for clothing but also good meat. Here at the market we are finding hand knitted Alpaca shawls for a fraction of the price we would pay in other places, and many more amazing crafts.






The first service here in Chiclayo starts tonight at 6 p.m. and we are in great expectations what the Lord has in store for us. When we arrive at the church compound we always have to go through the courtyard, where the sisters are setting up the tables, clean and cook for the refreshments after the services.DSC_0481



The saints can’t wait for the doors to open! One by one they are coming in until the church is filled to the last seat. I guess that there are about 500 believers gathering.



The musicians create a lovely atmosphere as they are playing very softly so that the Dove can move in. I am thinking all this is just a shadow of a shadow of a shadow of the things which are awaiting us on the other side. No doubt, every brother, every sister is coming with great expectations, because we are serving a great God who is more than able to meet every single need.


This sister plays a very special instrument called Xylophone.


Brother Ever MontalvanDSC_0528

the host of these meetings from Zoe Tabernacle in Chiclayo introduces Brother Vin, and Brother Vin greets the ministers

Brother Felipe Chiriboga and his wife from Quito/Ecuador,


Brother Patricio Meneses and his wife from Arica/ChileDSC_0545

and Brother Pedro Rham, all the way from Argentina, and many more ministers from different areas in Peru: Julio Bautista, Gonzales Ecaman, Eduardo Matos, Eduardo Torres, Marcos Espinosa, Ricardo Chavez, Jorge Tacuchi, Juan Soenz and Brother Galindo. Brother Vin mentions, that the song which the congregation just sang The Angel With The Swept Back Wings is right in line with the message he wants to speak on tonight, and that this Angel is the Message. When we see the Pillar of Fire over the prophet, we can easily identify him as the earthly angel, but the One who made the picture special is the heavenly Angel, the Lord Jesus. And we believe that He is here in the meeting.

DSC_0532Brother Michael Jennings is the translator for all three services here in Chiclayo.

The Title for tonight’s service is The Ministry Of Angels And Demonology and the subject is Are you entertaining angels unawares?

Brother Vin states, that may be at the end of the service we can answer the question, and he reads from Hebrews 13:1-2.

[1] Let brotherly love continue. This is the virtue for this age. The same love that is on the other side is here among the believers. It is inside of us. Because this is a spiritual union and the Holy Ghost is the One, who brings union between God and men. Because it takes the Holy Spirit to bring a new birth, and that new birth brings union. Brotherly love takes the person of the Holy Spirit, and above that is the Headstone, the Lord Jesus. That Head appeared this day and was formed by seven angels, and we saw it in a Cloud. But one day the Lord told the prophet to turn it to the right angle, and it was as perfect as could be, just like the Hoffman’s head. In the next verse it’s confirmed. [2] Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. He says strangers, but the word could be applied in many ways.

DSC_0526He is not talking something natural, because the Angel of God came walking to Abraham’s tent. He found Gideon, he found Manoah and his wife, the Angel of God, and every time we read the Bible, they entertain them. First unawares, the supernatural is right there, but they see Him as a man. They are not perceptive. When? In the time of brotherly love.

Brother Vin reads many quotes of the prophet and ties it together with the Scriptures to establish the Truth, that the Angel of God is the Holy Ghost.



The message started with the Angel; He came in the cave to start the message, then the opening of the seals. The entire message is connected with angels, yet we live so unawares of the supernatural. I trust the Lord lifts us into that place and lifts us into the supernatural.DSC_0549

He is the message, without Him there would be no vision, no discernment, no revelation, no leading of the Spirit, no Spoken Word; He is the One who spoke to the squirrels, spoke to the storm, spoke to the tumour of Sister Meda. It was Him, the Angel, doing all these things.


I just want to add some of the quotes here, that Brother Vin read during the service:

 Moses commission – 50-0110

And we, without a leader, are helpless. And Christ is our leader. And God was Moses’ leader, though He sent a–an Angel to lead him. “I send My Angel before thee to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee to the place which I have promised.” The Angel was to be his leader.The Angel performed the miracles. Moses never performed any miracle. The Angel of God in Moses performed the miracles. You see what I mean? The Angel of the Lord was with him. The Angel led them, performed the miracles. Now, God has always, by all men, through the Scriptures, through all ages, has ordained that Angels should guide the people. There was Moses; there was Daniel, and oh, how many more could we say, All the way down.  21. Someone was speaking to me here not long ago. Said, “But Brother Branham…” [Brother Branham clears his throat.–Ed.] Pardon me. Said, “Not after the Holy Ghost is come, no Angels guides the church, or guides individuals. No, sir.” Said, “It’s the Holy Ghost that guides us.”That’s misunderstanding between Angel and the Holy Ghost. That is error. The Angel’s led the Church right on, and still leading the Church. Correctly.


Obey the voice of the angel – 50-0713

Therefore, angelic beings is ordained ministers of God, to come to the earth to bear record of God. And they work through mortal beings, just as they did through Daniel and back through the ages there. And I believe it with all my heart. And so therefore, friends, as a–as your brother, that’s all I am. But God’s gift is the Spirit of God that came down in the form of an Angel. Now, he didn’t have wings. He looked like a man. I heard him when he walked [Brother Branham illustrates–Ed.], just as that, and walked on the floor. Walked right over, just as normal as any man, and talks just like any man. He comes, time after time, through the room and different places when I’m fasting and praying.DSC_0576


Brother Branham is not here, but He is here, He is the Headship.DSC_0585



You contact God with your soul, not with the five senses of your body. Your super sense is in your soul and the super sense can contact the supernatural God. To receive healing and deliverance doesn’t come by contacting another human being, but by contact in the supernatural realm; it would have to be the supernatural God in the person. There is a level of unawareness here, they entertained angels unawares. They seen a man, hear a man’s voice, seeing dust on His clothes, but that Man that looked like a stranger only took that form, and the Bible has those examples all the way down.DSC_0572

 Experiences 2 – 47-1214

Here not long ago, I was facing a very hideous demon that was cursing and spitting on me, trying to, and biting at me, in a straight jacket. And when I went to meet that demon, I knew that one thing, that first, Christ died to free that man from that demon. That’s the Word. I know the Angel of the Lord came to me that night and spoke to me, telling me that nothing would stand before the prayer if I could get the people to believe me, and would be sincere when I prayed. Therefore, I had a double witness. Then I could ask him through the Name of Jesus Christ to come out of the person. And the man was took out of his straight jacket and went home normally in his right mind.Why? Because in the authority of the Name of Jesus Christ. Oh, my. Every demon in hell is subject to that Name. That’s right. It’s the Name of all names, Jesus. It wasn’t given by human lips. The Holy Ghost, the great Gabriel it was, came down and told Mary to call His Name Jesus.  



If we are convinced that we are in the restoration, we need to see it. The problem is not on God’s part, but on your part. We shouldn’t be barren and unfruitful. The prophet said, a lot of people are so fundamentally right, they know to write a cheque, nice handwriting, but there is nothing in the account, no money in the bank. They have faith but they need some teaching how to operate that faith, how to release that faith, and they need understanding in knowing the will of God, their rights and privileges, that they wouldn’t live below their God given privileges.

 The same way you turn the Cloud to the right angle, you turn the Message to the right angle. Could we be in an invisible union, and He doesn’t talk to us, doesn’t direct us? The whole mystery of redemption is to bring Eve back to her rightful position. He is taken up with us.



Do you believe that God sent to you? We should have faith. Are we seeing our minsters just as men, nice brothers? Or are we understanding that these office gifts are foreordained before the foundation of the world, and not even death takes it from them? They are ordained of God to lead you through. You will still be with them on the other side.


The five office gifts are foreordained; you can’t pray to be an apostle, an evangelist, or a prophet, this is foreordained by God. They give an account for your soul. Do you know what grace it is to sit under an anointed ministry designed by God, that is lit and put on a lamp stand to give light, to minister an entrance for you; a message of grace to give faith for rapturing grace? Does the church understand these things correctly? Do we understand that Brother Branham was the messenger of grace? This is the economy of God, how it’s set up. God demands respects for these men, because these men don’t bring their light from a seminary, but they reflect light from the Throne.

Do you know your pastor is an angel to the church? Do you know in the book of revelation, seven local churches and seven local ministers had the characteristics to represent seven messengers in seven church ages?

James says, call the elders of the church, let them pray for you; respect for the office. People walk around and they don’t have respect for the elder, the gift God gives them. They are helpers for the messenger of the age. God’s gifts always find their places.

If you don’t believe the Spirit is speaking through that man, then you don’t believe, you are in the bride’s church.DSC_0609

 Influence – 63-0803E

You see, we’ve got to be–we’ve got to be conscious of God’s Presence.  41. This little five senses that we live in, that’s just a little world of our own. See? But God… That’s… We was only given these so we could Contact our earthly home. But there’s senses beyond that, another dimension.And God is always present. If we could only remember that. “The Angels of the Lord are encamped about those who fear Him.” In this building tonight stands Jesus Christ. In this building tonight is hosts of Angels, thousands of them gathered around. You don’t see them, but you can feel the influence of them, telling you that they’re here. If that isn’t so, then the Scripture isn’t so. And if the Scripture isn’t right, then God isn’t right. The Bible said, that the Angels of God are encamped; they don’t leave; they stay near those that fear Him.  42. Jesus said, “Wherever two or three are gathered in My Name, I’ll be in their midst.” Then that makes Him in a world that we cannot see, that our five senses doesn’t contact. Jesus Christ is here, present. If we could be conscious of that…And, remember, not only here, but when you’re walking down the street, wherever you are, you that profess to be believers and fear the Lord, remember, the Angels of God are moving with you wherever you are. They watch everything you do, every thought that goes through your mind, and they know all about you. Therefore, we must be conscious of that. If we’re not conscious of it, then you act any way. So people mostly today, too many people, are not conscious of the Presence of the Lord Jesus; that’s the reason they–we have these things that we have going on now, that’s not right…

That’s the very objective of these meetings, and that’s the objective, my brethren, of holding my ministry out from the denominations, is to try to let the people see that Jesus Christ is still alive, that He’s here…

DSC_0597If men can set up a system to be connected by phone or email; you do this every day. You can watch the news around the world, but you can’t see behind this wall. We are so desensitized and ministers have failed to take the church into the supernatural. We got locked up in a message world……DSC_0570









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