Peru October 17th, 2015 Day 4



October 17, 2015

Day 4

Today is already the 11th day of our journey to Ecuador/Peru, and it’s a great privilege for all of us to be with the believers here. They treat us with such love and respect not only as visitors, but as part of their family and although we don’t understand their language, we feel united with them in one Spirit, because they believe the same Word and strive to obtain the promise.

We are picked up for today’s service at 5 p.m. and around 5:30 when we arrive at the church we see the believers already standing in line, waiting for the doors to open.



line up

The worship of the saints is amazing; their voices are outstanding.DSC_0701







Brother Vin comes to the pulpit at 7:30 p.m. and he continues in the same vein like last night, with the title The Angel Of God Whom I serve to establish this Truth in the hearts of the people. Especially one quote of the prophet struck me:DSC_0739

Jehovah Jireh – 56-0224

Is He still Jehovah-jireh?” He said, “Yes.” He said, “Then them compound names is inseparable. He has to be the same, ’cause He… As I said the other night His attitude at the first, if He was Jehovah-jireh then and not Jehovah-jireh now, He was wrong being Jehovah-jireh in the first place. And if He’s Jehovah-jireh, “the Lord’s provided sacrifice,” then all those compound names Was met in Christ. And then if He were Jehovah-jireh, “the Lord’s provided sacrifice,” He’s Jehovah-rapha, “the Lord that healeth thee.” He has to be, or He isn’t the Healer, He isn’t the Saviour. ‘Cause you could… You just can’t take part of Him. It’s got to be all, ’cause them compound redemptive names is inseparable. He’s the same. If He was Jehovah-jireh back there, and Jehovah-rapha, the Healer back there, and isn’t Jehovah-rapha today, then He was wrong when He–when He introduced Himself as Jehovah-rapha, if He isn’t still Jehovah-rapha today: Jehovah-rapha, “the Lord that healeth thee.”  19. If He isn’t the same today, then He was wrong in His meeting with them back there as a Healer. If He met with them as the Healer, in otherwise, and don’t meet today as the Healer, He was wrong with them people back there to begin with. See? So He can’t be, ’cause He’s infallible. He’s God. So He–He can’t be. He has to be the same. And the Bible said He’s the same.


He is all those seven compound redemptive names. If you feel condemned, he is Jehovah-Tsidkenu, the Lord your righteousness. He imputes righteousness, because we believe God. He became sin, so we can become His righteousness. Without faith it’s impossible to please God. The Holy Ghost, the new birth brings faith. You see the invisible God. By faith Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham….

God put the gene of God in you, the soul. The sense of that soul is faith, when it’s quickened by the Holy Ghost. Your first birth gives you five senses; you are walking by sighht, you are governed by these five senses. But when the Holy Ghost comes He quickens that soul. And he raised us up into heavenly places, the believers position in Christ. DSC_0737

Jehovah Jireh – 57-0810

Now, Jehovah-jireh is one of the seven, compound, redemptive Names of God. And He’s Jehovah-jireh, the Lord will provide Himself a sacrifice. He’s Jehovah-rapha, the Lord that healeth all thy diseases. He’s Jehovah-manasses, Jehovah the–our buckler, our shield, our peace. Seven, compound redemptive Names… And those compound, redemptive Names are inseparable. They are part of God. God is represented in those seven redemptive Name. The whole plan of redemption lays in those Names.  


If you want to see healing in the church, you have to understand these things.


We want to recognize this great God among us, you can touch Him.  Your faith can reach out and claim what He purchased on Calvary.

Friends, you have to come out of church religion. You have to come out of this. Not having religion. After 50 years after the prophet is gone, what is your identification? DSC_0743



          You have to change your thinking!


 God is walking in your feet, working with your hands. You have to abide in your position. Everybody has a measure. If we just could be in harmony, it is unlimited what God could do.

We have to be conscious that everybody who is here is foreordained to be here. DSC_0769 




Hebrews Chapter 1 – 57-0821

Could you imagine before there even was a earth, before there was a light, before there was a star, Before there was anything? There’s a Great Fountain going forth of Spirit, and out of this Fountain came the most pure of love; ’cause there was nothing for it to come from there but love. Now, we… What we call love today is a perverted love. But just as we get a essence, or a little bit of that love in us, it changes our whole opinion. Then out of there come another stream off of this main Fountain, the Diamond, and it was called righteousness, absolutely righteousness. Now, that’s the reason we had to have law. That’s the reason law has to have judgment. If judgment doesn’t follow law, law doesn’t do no good. And when judgment was passed by law, which brings death… And there’s no one who could pay the penalty but God Himself. And He paid the penalty of our death, and took our sins upon Him, that we might be the righteousness of God through Him. Now, when these great Lights went out, or great rays of Spirit: love, peace… That’s all there was. That… There wasn’t no suffering; there wasn’t no–no hate, nor no malice. It couldn’t come from this Fountain. That was Jehovah. That was Jehovah God. And now, as the theologians call it, a theophany went from That, which was called in the Scriptural the Logos, the Logos that went out of God. It’s hard to explain, but It was a part of God.  48. Now, here’s what happened. Oh… Excuse me; I–I–I just get on this… This just gets me right where I love it. See? The Logos, and this great Fountain; this great Fountain of Spirit which had no beginning or no end, this great Spirit begin to form in the creation; and the Logos that went out from It was the Son of God. It was the only visible form that this Spirit had. And It was a theophany, which means a body, and the body was like a man. Moses saw It when It passed through the–by–by the rock. And he looked at It, said, “It looked like the hind part of a man.” It’s the same type of body that we receive when we die here, “If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one already waiting.” That was it. And that was the Theophany which was the Son of God. That Son, that Logos became flesh because we were put in flesh. And the Theophany, the Logos, became flesh here among us, and It was nothing else but the dwelling place; for that entire Fountain dwelt in Him. Oh, do you see it? DSC_0756DSC_0752


QA Hebrews part 3 COD – 57-1006

God was this great big fountain of seven colors. How many knows that? See? And how many knows that God has seven Spirits? Absolutely, seven Spirits. And there was seven eyes in the lamb, and so forth, all that coming together now. See? Now, that was God. Now, when He, the Logos went out of God, Which was God coming from this one big fountain into a body in the form of a–of a man, and it made the Logos, which we call theophany…  97. Now, if you take the theophany when you are looking at that, that’s a man. Now, that we… Now, that’s where we were in the beginning. Now, you do not understand it now, but you was back there in the beginning that way. When man made… When God made man in His image, He made him a theophany.


Who wants to live a church life? Who are you that God leaves you for last for this greatest thing? Don’t underestimate what God has made you. A super race, an invisible army, the believers in this hour. You are born for this. Are you entertaining angels? Does the Spirit still speaks to the church? Are you convinced the Holy Spirit is the Angel of God? This Angel of God goes with us. The Angel of God brought the whole Book back to us.

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