Ecuador October 10th, 2015 – Day 4



October 10th, 2015                                                                                                        Day 4

Today is Saturday and we are staying all day in the hotel to spend time in the Word which the Angel of the Lord brought to us through Brother Vin in such an extraordinary way last night, so we could be in the right channel for the service later on. We are expecting another extraterrestrial visitation tonight.

The worship and praise of the saints create a wonderful atmosphere for the Holy Ghost to move on the scene.













Before Brother Vin and his translator Brother Atri come to the pulpit, Brother Felipe elutes to last night’s service.DSC_9937

Its all in Spanish, but I can pick up a few words. He also states, that today is the 14. anniversary of this church, and that it is no accident that Brother Vin is here at this time.





The following is just a little excerpt from what is preached tonight, and in order to get the whole picture, my personal strong conviction and suggestion for the bride of Christ is to listen to all three services, which are preached over this weekend.



I appreciate being here once again tonight in the presence of the Lord. We have expectations. We serve a great God. God is in plain view for us. When that which is perfect is come, that which is in part shall be done away. Then you shall you know as you were known. Knowing what He has made you, what He designed you for, your place in the body, where you can operate and function as a living organism of the bride united with the Headship, in the age of the intelligence. Seven church ages; they didn’t have the time of the eyes. But when God brought a prophet on the scene, the evening light came, and all the hidden things of the Word were brought forth, because God had a prophet, who could see into those things. But He took him from the scene December 1965, but we are here today, October 10th, 2015. From 1966 to this present time, 50 years, and here is a church in this hour, and how we need to understand what God has been doing, and what He is desiring to do.DSC_9947

Because that prophet prophesied of the church and its condition; what kind of church would be here and then we must be able to look and see, if we are matching that Word. What an awareness. You shall know, as you were known, seeing face to face.DSC_9948

Brother Branham tells the story about the little boy, who longed to see himself, but where he lived they only had a small piece of mirror, which only could reflect his little toe, or his hand, but he wanted to see what he looked like. One day he came to his auntie’s house, and walked up the seven steps to the door, and there was a big mirror.

DSC_9934At the end of the seventh age, we have the full mirror of the Word, seeing face to face, seeing the kind of church, Luther and Wesley wondered about it, because they only had a little truth. The Pentecostals spoke in tongues and thought it was the full restoration, but the prophet knew it was not, and he began to show the real church. The real church is a super race.DSC_9939

So let’s lay aside all carnality; let’s come into perfect love, let the Holy Ghost quicken us and give us what is lacking. Let’s believe and expect what God promised. But first let us understand clear, what God has really promised and let’s look into the Word, and see how God interprets His word. He is His own interpreter. He interprets His Word by bringing it to pass. How many know the Word of God is of no private interpretation? The manifestation is the interpretation. This is our expectation, our faith. I came expecting that the Spirit of God will move. Last night was a quickening time, sensitizing us, that when we stand in the building, the Angel of God is in this building, the presence of God. And we sit in the meeting with that kind of consciousness and prayer in our heart.


I understand that today is your pastors 14. church anniversary, and we don’t just have meetings, but that God is releasing something special. May we open our hearts and receive it.

I appreciate the brother who came last night with a group of his congregation to support the meetings and he told me that he came here since the first time that I came here to preach, but last night we were able to talk face to face.

The carnal mind is enmity with God, but we are spiritually minded, to have the mind of Christ, His mind, His peace, to think the thoughts of God, and a word is a thought expressed. And if you have the Word in you, you can speak it. That’s why this bride is the final voice, the spirit-filled church with the mind of Christ, speaking back the same thing that the prophet spoke.


The Book of Judges is the mystery of Samson. Seven churches, whose life and service is recorded in the Book of Judges, but special attention is given to Samson. The last judge is spoken of in the Book of Judges. Four chapters are on this one man, from his birth to his death. And when we look at his birth, it’s connected to angelic visitation, and when we look at his death, he did greater works than in all his life. May God open it for us tonight.

The title for tonight’s service is:

Samson’s Seventh Seal Secret

Judges 13

[1] And the children of Israel did evil again in the sight of the Lord; this phrase is spoken seven times in the Book; that was the seventh time right here; the people were fallen away from the Word, the church was going in apostasy and the Lord delivered them into the hand of the Philistines forty years. The punishment is always 40 years, and they got a full sentence, because it had to be some grievous sins. [2] And there was a certain man of Zorah, of the family of the Danites, whose name was Manoah; and his wife was barren, and bare not. God is bringing our focus and attention to a barren woman, just like in the Book of 1. Samuel. It started with a barren woman Hannah and she moved from barrenness to fruitfulness, bringing forth Samuel, prophet, priest, and he also judged the people. He was a type of Christ, an intercessor. And here we see a barren woman again. He loves to take something that is nothing, can produce nothing, and brings something so glorious out of it, to show His grace, His mercy. He is not just looking at the fruitful woman or the beautiful woman in the land alone, His eyes are on the barren woman. [3] And the angel of the Lord appeared unto the woman, and said unto her, Behold now, thou art barren, and bearest not: but thou shalt conceive, and bear a son. He is the one who can give life. He is not asking her, but telling her. We have seen it on the platform many times,; He is only declaring what he sees in the vision, when the prophet was on the scene. He was telling them, that was the omniscient God. He said, the evil is on this tribe, but out of your womb will come deliverance. [4] Now therefore beware, I pray thee, and drink not wine nor strong drink, and eat not any unclean thing : the Spirit of prophecy went forth, and then giving her instruction in the Word, giving her requirements that go with the promise. It’s not just the promise, but requirements that go with the promise. She had to eat the right things to bring the child in the right condition. Christ is formed in you, and we are becoming the pregnanted bride, and we will reproduce Christ, but we have to eat the right things. We have to have spiritual food in due season, to eat the divine revelaed mystery truths. Touch not any unclean thing, that’s private interpretations. [5] For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: Samson is the first recorded Nazarite in the Bible; he is the seventh judge and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. [6] Then the woman came and told her husband, saying, A man of God came unto me, and his countenance was like the countenance of an angel of God, very terrible: but I asked him not whence he was , neither told he me his name: he didn’t come for a social visit, but God was concerned about the deliverance of the Danites. Dan is the eagle, and the seventh judge was from the eagle tribe; the seventh messenger in this day at the end of the Pentecostal age, when the priest’s eyes went dim, and the candle stick went out, because Samson was contemporary with the blind priest Eli and his sons. At the end of the seventh age there came the eagle prophet and out of Dan came deliverance. She here testifies to her husband, a mystery of the pastor and his church. That’s why I say, entertain strangers, they might be angels unawares. [7] But he said unto me, Behold, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and now drink no wine nor strong drink, neither eat any unclean thing : for the child shall be a Nazarite to God from the womb to the day of his death. That Angel knew that child before he was formed in his mother’s womb ; He knew all about the child, from birth to death.

Last night we were talking a little bit about angelic visitation and the prophecy of Manoa’s barren wife. Samson is mystery in the book.The secret of his power was connected with the seven locks that he had; the sign of his Nazarite-ship to God. He was to be a Nazarite from the womb. In the Bible, in the Old Testament and in the New Testament it speaks of three Nazarites who were Nazarites for life; Samson, Samuel, and John the baptist. The Bible tells what they are, how they lived and everything else and then the last one, Revelation 10:7 Malachi 4 ‘Do not smoke or drink.‘ Even when he wanted to do it out of his self-will, God stopped him.


The bride of Christ is a Nazarite to God, a glorious church without spot or wrinkle, because the fulness of Christ is in this bride to manifest the promises, to finish the work, and she will not even go into the grave. We who are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord, we shall not all sleep. God has a certain people in His mind, who will not go in the grave, a sin free church. The days of Ananais and Sapphira will come back. She under her messenger becomes the final voice in her final age.The woman of this bride, she carries her long hair, a sign of the Nazarite-ship unto God, in an age where the modern woman cut their hair and those things. You watch the condition of the woman and you see the condition of the church. Christ’s church without cut hair is a sign of her submission. When the angels come and see the woman with their bobbed hair…who are those angels? Men carrying the Word. Through the churches in Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea…wherever people were gathered walking under the light of the hour, saying they believe Elijah, the son of man, when those angels were moving in them churches, He went and called and anointed men, carrying the Word for the hour. And as she nears the Headstone she will be in His own image in order to be united with Him. What a great thing and we look and see the church in order with godly respects, the love for one another, establishing the truth. We read in 2. Peter 1:12 Wherefore I will not be negligent to put you always in remembrance of these things, though ye know them, and be established in the present truth. [13] Yea, I think it meet, as long as I am in this tabernacle, to stir you up by putting you in remembrance;

We were eye witnesses of His majesty, when that Cloud came in the holy mountain; men who were associated with the Son of Man, men who was given the keys of the mystery truth, who had separted from denominations, and ministering an entrance abundantly, to bring them into the new birth, that they might be in the Kingdom, an established and changed people.

DSC_9963These people don’t preach church joining, politics, they minister a people in the revelation that they don’t fall short. They know their age, the promises, they could know the anointing, their position in the body of Christ. Not just come to church, where the fears and the doubts could be taken out of the people. Where they know how to apply the Word to every circumstance, in every situation, where they know how to operate the Word, because they have faith to operate the Word. Not just to quote the Word, but to operate the Word. They are not ashamed of the promises. Because they know the certainties of these truths. The message came with vindication. Not just a message of Word only, but with power and demonstration of the Word. It was ministered by a ministry, that believes in five offices, and the nine fruits of the Spirit. Ministers with the King’s sword ministering the message. God-called and God-trained men to bring the revival among the people. He promised a revival.



Samson is a mystery. I want to show you how many times the prophet preached on Samson, One More Time, Just Once More, Deceived Church By The World. And while he was preaching this, Cecil DeMill produced the Ten Commandments and while people watching the movie back in history, the Moses in the third exodus was on the scene, whose signs confirmed his commission and the spoken Word of healing; he was going in the Cloud and coming back out with the Word of God.DSC_0001

While he is preaching about Samson, here they were looking back at Samson many years ago, but the prophet is bringing a revelation of Samson, and everywhere he preached, he tells them, ‘Rise to your feet, and say JUST ONCE MORE, LORD!’

In the hour of restoration, the power in the church of God came back. Because Samson represented the church complete. So, I want to open something here and show that God has put a secret in Samson’s life. And the prophet said, ‘Now we see the body is made up of many members.’ The body of Christ was coming from the feet all the way to the Head; Paul the feet, Irenaeus the thighs, Martin the abdomen. Then Columba… the church is coming up, then we come to Luther, Wesley… coming up, then to the mouth, the Pentecostals speaking in tongues, and after the Pentecostal age a prophet, the eyes. What good is if there is light and no eyes to see? That’s why God said, it will be a long and dismal day, but it shall be light in the evening time. Luther and Wesley and the Pentecostal age were the long dark and dismal day, but at evening time, the light has come back, because of the eyes.DSC_9980

The eyes is the seer, and that light reveals and makes manifest. When we take out these lights here tonight around the building, the whole place is in darkness. When the light comes on, we can see who is here. The light has come, because there is a Man here that can turn on the light. What was hidden in the darkness of the long reformer age, nobody had Paul’s gospel. They baptized wrong; men went to bible school but when the light came, Elijah came to restore, turning the hearts of the children back to the faith of the fathers. He is to get the people to stand, JUST ONCE MORE! Because Samson had come to the place where he was doing great things, but then the time came, he lost the eyes. Because the people around him were Pentecostals. They sold him out, because of jealousy and envy. It was Samson’s own people that delivered him to the Philistines. Remember, even when they tied him with robes, and he killed the thousand Philistines, they couldn’t recognize the gift that was among them. They didn’t understand that this came by angelic visitation, they didn’t know the purpose of the coming of that one, that it was for their deliverance. Brother Branham saw that the message was rejected and that he will not see the coming of the Lord, that the eyes had to go. The body was still there, Samson is still here after 1965, but without the eyes. When the messenger left, the body had the sevenfold secret to the power, but they shaved those seven locks off; they shaved it off in the message churches. They say ‘That is too deep, it confuses the people, just keep them in church, hold the congregation together,’ but them seven locks were coming back. Even though the eyes went, the locks came back, but not the eyes. In the resurrection we will see the eyes, but right now the body has the locks without the eyes.

The prophet left us a prophecy in the message

Deceived church by the world – 59-0628M

47. So revival in our day? How can we have it when the regular revival Giver is bound by the world? Look,what is all happening in the message. People live off the life of the message, but they are bringing forth no fruits, that’s not a revival. God won’t come in where the world is; you can just depend on that. You associate with the world, then it’s–it’s all of it. When you let the world creep in, you go to acting like the world, then you are finished. But when you’ll cut loose every fetter from the world and come to God, God will use you until you go to flirting again.

Here’s the only hope that I have this morning to wind up my message, is this, “While Samson was bound, a new shock of hair growed out.”  

The prophet saw the bride in the vision, and while they were marching, some started to look at the Pentecostal church and were going out of step. Many people like to look at the Pentecostal church, and they get methodical how to manipulate the people. They are the shuck, not the grain. The seed will not be heir with the shuck. The prophet knew there was restoration of the bride tree. Then the original faith has to come back. Jesus promised, ‘Elijah truly shall come and restore all things.’

He had to bring one lord, one baptism, one God, one church, one body. And this is what the message is. And so, he had no more hope for the Pentecostals, and he is looking for the true revival to come.

Here’s the only hope that I have this morning to wind up my message, is this, “While Samson was bound, a new shock of hair growed out.”  

That new crop can only come after the eyes are gone. Samson’s seven locks were an outward symbol of the mystery of the Sprit of God, that was moving with great power and demonstration. The seven thunders uttered their voices and called a group in the last days. These seven thunders will show us how to prepare for great translation faith. It will give the bride a revival. He is looking for a revival.

DSC_9978He has planted the seed for a revival. He is showing us, he was the eyes in the body, Malachi 4:5. He was going to reveal the mysteries that were sealed up. It will literally turn the hearts of the children back, restore their position, showing them their name in the book, showing they were in Christ before the foundation of the world.

Continuation of quote: Deceived church by the world – 59-0628M

48. God, send us another church just before the end time, that the power of the Holy Ghost can come into her in the demonstrations of the Spirit, And Mark 16 can follow the church, Acts 2:4, Acts 2:38, all of it will be following right along with the church. Signs and wonders accompanied the apostles. Great signs of His resurrection accompany them. While we’re in prison, surely God’s growing a crop somewhere, for the last great kill. I believe in Ecuador some are coming forth. There name is in the Book. Jesus said, ‘Your very hair on your head is numbered!’ Hair is a mystery. Numbered, not if some fall off, and you brush and you say, I lost about fifty – that’s counting – but if its numbered, He says, number 23 fell, number 30 fell, and so is it with the names in the Book. He knows each one by name. The Bible tells us that the stars in heaven are numbered and named by God. Science sees trillions of them. God knows everyone of His elect, one in a million. How many million are in Ecuador? About 14 million, it will be 14, one in a million. That faith, that you are one of them, has to be in you tonight, do you have that confidence? It’s not playing church friends… it be you, my Christian friend here this morning; may it be your strength has begin to grow. When you see Brother Branham, the revelation comes to the prophet, and he goes in the Book of Judges, opening a mystery, may be you feel strength coming in? There is no prevailing power than the revelation of the Word by giving you revelation showing you your picture in the book, showing you what you are manifesting in this hour, and that you are part of this last great move of God, I pray that this message this morning, and out into the land to where this will go, I trust that this message will help bring the vitamin to your system that’ll grow a spiritual power back into your life again. Sometimes like Samson you go through your battles, you are walking after the lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, the pride of life and you loose your power.


But he was from the eagle tribe, is that where the revival is coming from? Would it be connected to a sevenfold mystery, not from the belly, but from the Head? Is this the coming of the Headstone, seven thunders bring the power back in the church? Could it be my brethren? Sirs, is this the sign of the end? Could he love those who hated him, could he open the scriptures, did he know the mystery of his name in the book, did he have the King’s sword, was he in connection with the Angel of God, seeing the theophanies beyond the curtain? He had it. Nobody else had it. And when he went, everybody was preaching water baptism, but then the locks begin to grow back out, years after the eyes were gone. Did he say, it will be a second ride, a ONCE MORE, LORD, I will ride this trail once more? Did he say, in the hour of persecution, watch the third pull then. Where we should be looking in our lives? Look at the antichrist, went to spiritual Israel before he went into natural Israel. Who knows America is a picture of Israel? Did they come and cross the Atlantic ocean? Did they drive out the Natives, did they have great leaders like Washington and Lincoln? Then they had an Ahab, a Kennedy, did the Jezebel power come into the White House?

Did Elijah come back, did he turn the hearts of the children back? Is that Jezebel and her Ahab trying to steel Naboth’s inheritance. Did they pass laws, was Jezebel coming after Elijah? Is Elijah is a type of the raptured saints and Moses a type of the resurrected saints?



Are those laws being passed and we see what is happening? But even though the prophet Elijah left, Micaiah had a seven seal vision. The spirit of Elijah and Elisha was in the land. Elisha had the mantle. Watch what I am telling you. What is the condition of the church tonight? The pope went straight to the United Nations, speaking to them, to the Congress, went to Ground Zero and had an interfaith service with Muslims, Protestants and Hindus. Why there? Because that’s where the deception was, where they took down the twin towers. Look what happened! It brought fear in the people and started the war on terrorism. A new age, ‘Take your shoes off, you could be one, go through the scanner, you could be one’ and it has put fear on the people. And they show ISIS, and people flee to the States to protect themselves and the State is taking away all their rights. Now they can trap them with a bank card, they have all their data, and listening to their phone calls. And the message churches sit down there, looking at the Cloud, and the only Cloud they see is a photograph, and the only Pillar of Fire they see is a photograph. Is the Cloud dead, the Pillar of Fire dead? No, it’s the living God. I will be always with you, never leave you, nor forsake you.

When He took Moses, came the Angel to Joshua? When He took the prophet, where did the Pillar of Fire go? Who is manifesting the gift, who is revealing the gift? Jesus Christ. Oh bride, wake up, be sensitive to the hour, understand the hour, see your promises, every inch of ground is given to you, it’s not without fighting, but to him that is overcoming in this hour.


Continuation of quote Deceived church by the world – 59-0628M

 O Lord God, Creator of the heavens and the earth, the Author of Everlasting Life, and the Giver of every good and spiritual gift, take these words this morning and place them into the heart, and water them, Lord. What words! The prophet sees it in the Bible, he is pointing us to the promises and now he is praying to God for it. May the people pray over these things, seeing that the world has wooed the church they had seduced the church and has finally found its power, found its secret place, found where its secret lies, and has shaved it off. Pentecost had a little power, speaking in tongues, but the principle power is wisdom, then knowledge, faith, discerning of spirits, working of miracles, healing, then speaking in tongues, interpretations and prophecy. Three vocal gift that say something, three gifts that work in a miraculous way, power and demonstration, healing and working of miracles, and then three gifts that reveal something, the revelation gifts, discerning of spirits. In the last days the two spirits would be so close. If that gift is not in the church, there is a problem. Men with their human mind going on false information and gossip, they don’t have discernment, but the gift of suspicion and rumours. It has nine and one is not suspicion, that’s the human mind influencing. But there is a true discernment of Spirit. Because every life is identified by its characteristics. Knowledge to reveal the will and plan of God, you know your time and season and your anointing. It’s a great need in this hour that men work these things, how to reveal the right approach to receive the blessings of God. Some say, we don’t need the gifts, we have the Word, but if you don’t have wisdom you cannot divide the Word, if you have no knowledge, you don’t know your time and season, if you have no discernment, you are calling God the devil and the devil God, if you have no healing, you run to the drug store. The Book of Acts tells you who Elijah was, the Son of Man was, they received the Holy Ghost. But the devil shaves this off, and they pluck out their spiritual understanding, and then the church is formal. They look for the rapture, and say ‘I know this sister is sure to go.’ Tell me if you don’t have the Holy Ghost and don’t see your name in the Book, how do you know somebody else is going? All these are spirits that came into the message.


Look what he is looking for, look what he is finding in the Word that should be in the church this day. Because he was the prophet; he saw the plan of God, he knew all that God would do until the resurrection, and he laid it out in the messages, and then we have to look for it. In that message, the reason he says, JUST ONCE MORE, he speaks of a restoration and it has to be here. He had it in his life, he spoke into existence, he knew the Shout came through him, he knew he was Revelation 10:7 and that’s why he had authority in a world of perfect faith. And if the bridegroom has six cylinders, the bride has the same. The Pentecostals rejected the message and look at them today. Everything was shaved off, and God removed the candle stick and Laodicea went into a total black-out. In the vision of the preview of the bride the Pentecostal church was a witch and Brother Branham began to weep and said, ‘Is this my labour for you?’ And the Holy Spirit said, the Bride will come again and the first bride was coming back. And then she began to break the law of gravity, and she had the token, proudly displaying the blood, the message of the hour.

I am preaching with confidence that you all are part of that bride, and that you believe the promises, and that you are looking in your life to see the identification. Some people call it a revival to what is going on in the church building like the so-called Seven-Thunder people, reading the quotes and shouting and turning the church into a gymnasium. Watch the prophet; he had the revival and he said, ‘the revival is in me.’ You are the bride’s revival. When the restoration is in you, you are the bride’s revival.

Paul was teaching the wisdom of God, not the wisdom of men, only the Spirit of God is searching the deep things of God.

The Scriptures are encrypted, and only He has the decrypting key. The last part of Samson are the eyes and the new crop; Revelation 10:7 and Revelation 10:8-11. The prophet is looking inside of the Book, seeing himself in the Word, seeing that he had to go.

 In the Seventh Seal he said, ‘This is the third pull. And there’s three great things that goes with it, and one unfolded today, or yesterday, the other one unfolded today, and there’s one thing that I cannot interpret, because it’s in an unknown language.’ Did you ever see a church split over the first seal, over the second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth seal? But the seventh one, that is the one that causes all the problems and brings the contentions. When that mighty Angel descended and broke the seals and the Word was unsealed, Matthew 28, from the time that happened, the seventh day, the sabbath is finished. He appeared to Mary Magdalene first, from whom He had cast out seven devils, not to Peter, James or John. She is the one coming, ‘Oh Brother Peter, John and James, I know you all know the Lord, and not to disrespect you, Brother Peter, you have the keys, and you John leaned on His bosom, but he appeared to me.’ Then the problem came, and they rebuked her. ‘Woman, who are you? I am Peter,’ he is weeping, and he hears the testimony. All the speculation went to his heart. He looks at the two boys, James and John, ‘who is this woman? Tell this woman who I am. He came to you before me with the revelation that the mighty angel descended?’ She went away.

Then to the two on the road to Emmaus, they said ‘Are you a stranger? You look sad.’ They had six seals, they didn’t know the mighty Angel descended with the seventh seal. They said, ‘Some of the woman got a vision of an Angel.’ They couldn’t recognize Him. He opened the whole mystery of the Bible, but the presence of God was unrecognized. Thomas, when they started to testify to Thomas, he said, ‘I will not believe. Keep that revelation to yourself.’ It’s not a group revelation. ‘The world will not see Me, but you will see Me.’ This revelation comes through visitation. ‘I will come to you and manifest Myself to you,’ and when you see it you begin to see yourself in the Word, you are part of the mystery.

Continuation of quote Deceived church by the world – 59-0628M

49. He had taken the peoples that once shouted the victory, once had the victory, and has shaved them off to staying home on Wednesday night to watch a television program; taken the joy out of their hearts, and give them more love for the world than they have for God; has give them more world, for worldly, more desire for worldly entertainment than to have the preaching of the Gospel. If there’s not a great band and a lot of carrying on, and whooping and carrying on, then they don’t want the old Gospel anymore, that brings tears of joy to the soul, that brings Divine healing back, that restores the apostolic gifts to the church, that brings in the risen Christ, the Messiah of this day.  50. But as Israel was bound by–by their kings, that they could not follow the real King, and the real King, when He came, they didn’t recognize Him, so is it today, O Lord, the King of glory has appeared in the form of the Holy Ghost, and, Lord, they don’t know it. They don’t recognize it. They’re so organized so tight, that they do not understand it, because it’s not in their organization. Lord, this is a work of the Devil that’s done this to the people.

May the Samson of God, may the true in heart, those who are longing and crying, and pleading and holding on, may they stay with it, Lord, until this new crop grows out, until there comes forth again a joy in Zion, and there comes forth a group that can recognize and understand, that can see the Messiah and the hidden power that’s hid from the world, that they will not understand now. That was back in 1959, where he had created the squirrels and spoke the salvation of Hattie Wright’s sons. Grant, Lord, that they’ll see this. For we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen. 

When God showed the Pentecostal church, she was a witch, naked dancing to rock’n’roll. Then if it’s not them and the promise was for Brother Branham alone, because Samson did the greater works after the eyes went. It had great works when the eyes were here. 25000 were healed in Durban, South Africa. In India 10000 Mohammedans run to the altar, when he had the showdown with the Hindus, and these things. He opened the eyes of this blind man. When he opened the boy’s eyes, they came running, 10000. Great works down in Mexico, when the baby was raised back to life. In Finland the dead boy came back when the eyes were here. But the eyes are gone. But a new crop is coming up from the head. There is no further stage than that.   The intelligence comes down to the body, it’s a promise, a revival. And He called out the elect ones, Revelation 18 ‘Come out of her my people,’ Revelation 19 the Marriage of the Lamb.

Let us see God. We see God in creation, in Christ, in His word, let us see God in His people, seeing a super race in the last days. Christ in the true church is a continuation of the Book of Acts.’

Can we see a picture of the church, that kidn of church, that kind of believers that needs to be here in this hour and the rvival, that the prooeht prayd for? If you are a message reader I am sure you are familiar with this quote.

Indictment the – 63-0707M

May there come forth a revival of the just and a great power come among the church just before Its going. It’s not hard to pray that, because You promised it. And we’re looking, Lord, for that third pull that we know that’ll do great things for us in our midst. 

I am reading his prayers, to show what was in his heart. Are we looking for it? Or are we contented we are in the message? Are you looking for what is promised you as the member of the bride? What is your faith focused upon? What is your faith drawing from God? What are you pulling for? Faith looks for a promise. Abraham looked for a promise, Noah looked for a promise. Daniel and them looked for a promise, for restoration back to Jerusalem, Peter and them were looking for a promise of the Holy Spirit.

.Samson is a mystery of the church, a mystery from the going of the eyes to the new crop growing out, bringing the last great kill. The eyes went out December 1965. The last great kill will come when the squeeze comes. All the Philistines were gathered together to make sports with Samson. Satan looks at the message churches, he walks in there and just takes them over. You have some watchmen, watchman, what of the night? He can’t tell the time or the season, or the promise, he can’t see the enemy coming to get the people in position. See the bride, the last great move will not be among the Pentecostals, not in the denominational world. God is not God of the dead, but of the living.


Ezekiel said, can those dry bones live? He prophesied, bone started to come to bone, flesh came on them, a body of believers, a mighty marching army came forth. Under the first fold prophecy, under the shout, gathered them together, but it was still a dead body. When the eyes were gone, a dead body. Samson, the men who were running for their life from him before, were spitting now on him, they had no more fear for him, because the eyes were gone. Satan has no respect for many message churches after the eyes are gone. Watchman, what of the night? Wha pt time is it, sirs? They decided to make a big show of Samson. Not a big strong man, a little lad was leading him, no respect. The thing they didn’t know, that something started to work in Samson in that prison house. He used to live any way, full of pride, and now grinding corn, to fatten the bellies of Philistine children, to strengthen the Philistine army, to bring oppression on his people, although he was born to deliver them. And when he began to see himself and his own condition and what kind of condition he should have been, when he saw how they played around with the sacred things of God, he was born to be a Nazarite, one set apart for special service, one consecrated to the service of God, went into false union, brought shame upon the people, greater hardship on the people, and the hope of deliverance was gone. He looked at himself and was so ashamed and so broken. He could quote the law, the ten commandments. He just rattled it off. He didn’t have no power, only mechanics, but no dynamics. What do you want to be tonight? How do you see yourself? You can’t even lift a gate anymore. He is grinding corn in the prison house. finally they started to rejoice, because they made a feast to Dagon, because the God of Israel didn’t exist for them anymore. And they brought him out, eyes were gone, just Word, Word, Word, and the letter killing, killing, killing. But a new crop began to grow. You are that new crop. From 1946 to 1965 we had the eyes, the great acts and powers of the nazarite, but the story of Samson wasn’t finished when the eyes went. That was just the anti climax, the last great kill, the climax is coming. In the hymnology they keep the Word in remembrance to encourage your faith. But we need to be sensitive what the Lord is doing, and how He is doing it. You have to be more sincere, follow instructions to see these things.

When we get in position, we will see God move, because the promise of the revival is here. Everything that God promised He will do it.

We have been given a secret. ‘I will give you a white stone with a new name, no man shall know it, only the one who receives it.’ He gives a mystery of prophecy, a channel of communication, gives you access to God to bring Him on the scene, to wake up Jesus.


They had power over the elements, dominion, they were connected to the One, we are connected to that same One. There He was in the corporal body, here in the theophany in form of the Angel of God and we are connected with Him. Let our faith come higher tonight, where we know the ever present God is with us, to bring the unsaved children, to open the prison doors, set the captives free, tame those devils that send the people insane; habits you struggle with are demon powers in your life, but you have to expect deliverance. The right attitude of approach to every divine promise will bring it to pass. Hearing, recognizing, and then acting. Tie your soul to His unfailing Word of promise, to the Absolute in this shaking time and get your heart settled. Samson knew that all the members of the body, the hands, the lips, the nose, the ears, a new crop grew out, but still without the dynamics. You know how it came back? He began to ask for it. ‘Oh Lord, avenge me of my enemies. I should be further up the road, Lord. I let this take away and let this occupy my time. I am so tired, putting all my energy in labouring for meat that perishes that I don’t even have the time to visit somebody, to testify. Send your spirit now.’ It’s not by might nor by power, not him that willeth or runneth….he was asking for the power when the eyes were here, the same power let it come here to finish the thing. Let’s lift our hands to Him. JUST ONCE MORE, LORD.DSC_9972

Let the power of this church begin to rise, may they pull their brethren, may they see the moving of the Spirit of God in a humble people. Grant it, Jesus.







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