ECUADOR October 9th, 2015 – Day 3

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Continuation Day 3

October 9th, 2015

We just heard that Ecuador’s restive Cotopaxi volcano has been spewing plumes of ash and gas far above its crater and volcanologists say its activity has been on the upswing.

This 19,347-foot (5,897-meter) volcano is just about 30 miles (50 kilometres) from where we are right now and a sizeable eruption could affect tens of thousands of people. The last large eruption was in 1877. The country’s Geophysics Institute says Cotopaxi shot out a plume more than a mile (2 kilometres) high on Wednesday, and an impressive new emission burst from the volcano on Thursday. And it says incandescent material has been seen in the crater.

The brother who is driving us makes us aware of the green lines on the roads and mentions that this is the escape route, in case the monster is really loosed. But God has made a different way of escape from any disasters which might ever strike this world, and we have a red line, that is invisible to the unbelievers.

Tonight is the first service at Brother Felipe’s church, and when we arrive, the church is already packed, while it’s pouring rain outside. The song service starts at 6:30 with songs, which are familiar to us, and with some wonderful specials, but everything is in Spanish, yet by the expression and the rejoicing of the people we know they are blessed.




Brother Felipe gives an introduction and welcomes all the saints from the different places who attend these meetings.




Brother Vin comes to the pulpit at 7:45 p.m. and Brother Atri is translating.









The following is an excerpt from my notes:

Title: Living In The Realm Of Revelation And Vision

Subject: Living with a conscious realization of the unseen world in this final quickening unto the rapture

It’s a joy when we see God is blessing members of the family. God’s people can have confidence, because in times like these, you know, many others could come. God certainly added to the church our precious brother. We are so thankful to see how God moved on his life. Its wonderful what the Lord is doing. We want to greet God’s servants, who are in attendance of the meeting tonight. I know Brother Ever, we love him so much, and other precious brothers. I certainly would like to meet them and shake their hands. Some of my friends I have not seen them, but I trust that all my friends who are not here, are streaming the service. Our church at home tonight is streaming and so we are thankful, that that great faith that God has given unto them, it could cross the waters and be all around us here this evening.


And when their faith with our faith here is uniting, it’s unlimited what God can do in a meeting like this.

We are in the stage now, that when we come to a meeting we come praying; we want the Lord just move among us, nobody wants to be a spectator, everybody wants to do something. Your grace and confidence could accumulate in this building, that God would heal the sick, the Holy Ghost could have the liberty in the meeting. I believe in signs and wonders and miracles, and this is the hour that God could fill people with the Holy Ghost. I believe we are living in the age of the fullness, seven seals are open. Paul was speaking to the Thessalonians, For the Lord himself shall descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: this is the threefold mystery of the seventh seal. He began to tell them, Quench not the Spirit. Despise not prophesyings. Because if the Lord has descended, and after all these hundreds of years, or these two thousand years the Hoy Ghost was bound in the church. He couldn’t work through creeds and dogmas or private interpretations. But the prophet said, that Christ in the true church in this hour, after eating the message, which loosed the Holy Spirit, that Christ in the true church will be the continuation of the Book of Acts; Page 15 in your church age book. You believe the prophet? What he has spoken as a promise I am under expectation to receive it, because he saw the plan of God for this age.


When the Holy Spirit is come He will bring back things to remembrance, and show us things to come. He will reprove the world of sin, and of righteousness. That’s the evidence of the Holy Spirit; knowing the purpose the Holy Ghost has been given for, what He has come for. The Holy Spirit is the Angel of God. The prophet says, ‘I am not the gift, He is the gift.’ And the Holy Spirit has come down in the form of the Angel of God. The Voice speaking to the prophet as a seven year old boy, this One comes as a light, speaks in a still small voice, came in the cave in the form of a man,  in form of a pillar of fire, in the form of seven angels in a cloud. I believe that’s Jesus, and He is here tonight among us. Could that be? Revelation 22:17 says, ‘And the Spirit and the bride say, Come’. The Holy Ghost in the early church was in Peter in form of the Angel, and in Philip; and in form of the Angel He led Peter, and took him out of prison. Did the Angel come to Paul in the ship? Acts 27:23 ‘For there stood by me this night the Angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve.’ He served an Angel? The Angel came to Mary, to Peter, to Brother Branham, to Moses, to Daniel, to Gideon, to Joshua. Did the Angel come to Moses in a flame of fire in a bush, and he asked, ‘What is your name?’ What did the Angel say, ‘I Am that I Am.’  Paul met the same light that Moses met. ‘Who are thou, Jehovah?’ What did the Light say? ‘I am Jesus.’ In Hebrews 11 it says, that by faith Moses bore the reproach of Christ. When did  Moses see Christ? Christ was the Angel.

God above us in a pillar of fire and in a pillar of cloud; God with us, when He was made flesh, and God in us; one God. He is in the meeting tonight, Jehovah Rapha, that’s not a created Angel. That’s the Jehovah Angel. The Angel came in the woods and said, ‘That Scripture is true like all other Scriptures. Speak the squirrels.’ The Angel came and rebuked him and corrected him, when he got his lines all tangled up, trying to teach Pentecostal babies supernatural things. He said, ‘I told you not to do this.’ That Angel used him to create, taught him the mysteries, healing the sick. That same Angel, the Eternal I Am, was in the first exodus, the second exodus and is in the third exodus.

He was the one feeding them in the wilderness, Jehovah Jireh, Jehovah Rapha, healing the sick, Jehovah Raah, the Lord, thy shepherd, leading them, Jehovah Nissi fought their battles and won the victory over Amalek. He manifested every compound redemptive name, and all seven compound redemptive names are in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. He is the leader, the guide, the healer.

The same God came in a whirlwind to Job, in a light to Mose, in a dove to John, the unchanging God, enmorphe. He could change His form, but not His nature. He comes in the form of a rainbow, in the form of a dove, pillar of fire, whirlwind, light, cloud. That’s why we have faith in this message, because it is manifested. The same God that is healing the sick, reveals the Word and gives the Holy Ghost. If you are a believer, if you are a part of the bride, you were chosen in Christ before the foundation of the world. When that gene of God is in you, there is only one form of eternal life, and that’s God’s own life, and God is supernatural. So you start off with supernatural life, even before you were quickened. When we are supernatural, do we limit ourselves to these three dimensions? How could this God say, ‘I never leave you, nor forsake you. I will be with you, even in you till the end of the world?’  You shouldn’t go back home sick and full of tension and pressure and strain. You should have joy and faith, because we have twelve hundred tapes plus the Life Story and A prophet visits South Africa. In that ministry of the prophet we see all nine fruits of the Spirit, promised in the Bible, even in creation, manifested in this day. God is showing us who He is, what He is, and He is the God that is with us tonight.

If He wouldn’t be here, the service would have no value. We can leave here changed. I believe, that’s why I am confessing my faith. I don’t want to come and preach a sermon, we don’t travel all this distance to preach a sermon. I come to tell you, that He lives. Because He says, ‘In that day, this day, you will know, as I was in the Father, and the Father in Me, so I in you. And greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.’ That even cancer cannot stand before you. We don’t say, ‘Do you fear cancer?’  But we say, ‘Does cancer fear you?’ When you are in the bride, cancer fears you. In this hour we have to have faith. If things begin to get worse…everybody has the opportunity to follow that green line and move as quick as you can to the refuge. We are living under a government, who is interested in your safety, and they are interested of making a way of escape for the people, whose life could be threatened and they have marked out a path, so that they could follow clearly.

Thats the same for us, it’s a red line, that speaks of redemption, and in the time of Moses, when the prophet was there and the wrath of God wanted to kill everything, God made a way, and they had the sign on their houses so they wouldn’t be caught in the plagues. And that was in Egypt and Moses called them out, and they entered into Canaan when the people came into their inheritance, and Rahab believed, and those men were very concerned, the men that was sent, and they gave her a scarlet thread, because the wrath of God was striking that place. And God is interested in your safety. The prophet says, ‘He cares,’ thats why He has sent a prophet, ‘do you care to receive the Word?’ Hearing, recognizing it to be the Truth and then acting. I believe if we could cooperate with the Word we could receive what we have need of the promises in this hour. The song says, Can’t you see, why I am happy, I accepted the Word of the Lord, the revealed,Word that was spoken by the prophet of Malachi 4.’


He knows the needs and He has made provisions, and what you have need of is already provided. And faith comes by hearing by the Word, and you could take ahold of what God has provided for you.


(Brother Vin gives at this time the title and the subtitle of the service, which I placed for the sake of better understanding for the reader in the beginning.)

The supernatural must be among the people in this hour. If we don’t have faith for divine healing, how can we have faith to be changed in the body? And God must show that this faith is among us. Because faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word, and the Scripture says, many entertain angels unawares. That’s the problem in the message today; that’s the unawareness of the unseen realm. Because the ones that do walk by sight, they say ‘I saw that sister, that brother,’ but they didn’t see Jesus. Did you see how the Holy Spirit moved there? Did you see how the Holy Spirit is making a certain move on a certain part of the Word to awaken the people to a certain consciousness to get us focused in a specific area? And they could catch that. In the message Looking away to Jesus, the prophet says, ‘When you look ,what do you see?’ What are you looking for?

Hebrews 13:1

Let brotherly love continue. Thats the virtue of the seventh seal. [2] Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares. Why does he put angels in here, and makes the connection with brotherly love? And watch Paul, the prophet messenger of the New Testament, he is writing ‘Let brotherly love continue.’ The prophet puts the Holy Ghost in there, and then the Headstone. Nothing can come in here without perfect love, because God Himself is love. Love is greater than knowledge; you could understand all the mysteries, and have all knowledge; and all faith, so that you could remove mountains, and have not charity, you are nothing. Charity, agape love, never fails. Paul brings this in connection with ‘Don’t forget to entertain strangers.’

When Jesus was walking on earth, whom did they see? He asked them, ‘But whom say ye that I am?’ And Simon Peter answered and said, ‘Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God. And Jesus answered and said unto him, Blessed art thou, Simon Bar–jona: for flesh and blood hath not revealed it unto thee, but my Father which is in heaven.’


A lot of people are looking at one person, and many people show them Brother Branham’s picture. They say, ‘Oh, thats Brother Branham. I like the tie he is wearing there.’ They could see Brother Branham and they are certain, but they are uncertain who that Light is. It is Jesus. But you show them the picture that Hoffman draw, they say, ‘thats Jesus.’ Thats humanistic. Thats somebody walking by sight. That kind of confession is without the inspiration and revelation of the Holy Spirit. When Jesus walked on earth, people were guessing, ‘It could be Moses, others said, may be He is Jeremiah, the prophet.’ They were trying to identify Him, but Brother Branham said, Christ is revealed in His own Word. He is the mystery of God, that was sealed with seven seals, now revealed. It was sealed up until this day, and when the seals were being broken then we can correctly identify, God is identified by His own characteristics. And His characteristics are supernatural. And the prophet was teaching us The Identified Christ Of All Ages. To identify Him we have to know what He did yesterday, to know what He has promised for today, and we have to see the characteristics of Him, because He said, ‘I am God that changes not.’

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He said, ‘The mighty God has been unveiled before us. He is in plain view.’ And the Pentecostals couldn’t see Him. Great theologians, they didn’t know how to look. they were preaching about Jesus, and yet Jesus,  the Son of Man, was being revealed in a son of man. The mighty God veiled Himself. When they could not recognize Him, he said, ‘The Presence Of God Unrecognized; A True Sign Overlooked; God Being Misunderstood.’


They looked back in the past, praising Him for what He did in the past, and for what He will do in the future, and stumbling about what He is doing in the present, revealing Himself in simplicity. That God of the Bible was veiled in Brother Branham. We are understanding that, after he is dead and gone. We never had it tested like the Pentecostals. They said, ‘That can’t be a man, that has to be God.’ Our test is now! You didn’t live in the day of the prophet. Real faith is recognizing Him in the present tense. Because when he is dead and gone, it’s history. And we could learn that. It’s easy to recognize things of history, it’s learning. That is learning a historical fact.

You could read A Man Sent From God; A Prophet Visits South Africa, what a great healing revival it was. You believe it from pictures and photos. That age is past. You can recognize God in the form of Brother Branham, because on a photo you can see Oral Roberts, Jack Moore, Brother Branham, and you would say, which one is Brother Branham? That was the one, God was in. It’s not a test when you look back at something historical. That is the same when Jesus came. They said, ‘We are Moses’ disciples, Abraham is our father,’ and He was opening the Scriptures, finding Himself in the Bible, what was promised for their day, and they couldn’t recognize Him. If they would have known Moses by revelation or Abraham, they would have known Him. What they manifested was reflecting Who was coming, He was the reality. That’s without spiritual discernment. We must know Him by His characteristics to make a positive identification. If we are members of the bride, should we be looking around for a move of God or should we be looking here (Brother Vin is pointing to the heart) and looking for a move? Is the move of God in the bride or in the church? And if we are certain, that we are part of the elect, shouldn’t we expect God to come to us? Did Brother Branham understand, He was the prophet by revelation or did some minister teach him who he was? What gave him faith to believe? What gave him faith to drive 2000 miles to Flagstaff and preaching from the Bible, that seven angels will come to him? What was the basis for his faith? Why did he expect those things? What did he understand about the Word of God, of how to operate that Word, how to quicken the Word and bring it to life? Why did he read the Scriptures the way he read it? Was it because he was in contact with God? Why God elected Him? Why God revealed his name and life in the Bible? Why could he trust God so, while hundreds of ministers told him that it was false. What was the basis of his faith? Why was God so real to Him? If we have to do the things, that he said the bride will do, we have to find out, how he was able to do those things. He said, this third pull, when the squeeze comes, will be used and it will do great things in our midst. If he was conscious in his life how God was training him, even when he made mistakes, God was correcting him, if God was so interested in him to fulfil the Word, is God not interested in you? Because he said, ‘You will do greater works, you will be a super race, a super church,’ in other words, shouldn’t we be having visitations? Have we entertained angels unawares, not seizing what is happening? Lets read from

Judges 13

 And there was a certain man of Zorah, of the family of the Danites, whose name was Manoah; and his wife was barren, and bare not. She should have recognized Him, because He told her all things. [3] And the angel of the Lord appeared unto the woman, and said unto her, Behold now, thou art barren, and bearest not: but thou shalt conceive, and bear a son. He didn’t say, you will bear a child, but He specified the sex of the child. [4] Now therefore beware, I pray thee, and drink not wine nor strong drink, and eat not any unclean thing : [5] For, lo, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and no razor shall come on his head: for the child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb: and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines. Why didn’t He go to a woman of Judah, why to a woman from Dan? How does this Angel have knowledge of the child, of a Nazarite, of the ministry he will do and the condition of the woman? Where is He getting this knowledge from?  This is a specific woman who is barren and never bare. How did He know where she was living? Is that the same One who came to Sarah, to Elisabeth or to Mary? He told them the time of the birth, and the name of the son. [6] Then the woman came and told her husband, saying, A man of God came unto me, and his countenance was like the countenance of an angel of God, very terrible: but I asked him not whence he was , neither told he me his name: she is testifying to her husband now [7] But he said unto me, Behold, thou shalt conceive, and bear a son; and now drink no wine nor strong drink, neither eat any unclean thing : for the child shall be a Nazarite to God from the womb to the day of his death. She knew the child would be born and die, the child was not even conceived yet. What kind of foreknowledge this Man opened up to that woman? Through that little visitation she is getting insight what will come out of her womb and she is being instructed concerning her responsibility to bring forth that promise. And this woman is under prophetic inspiration. And the foreknowledge of God, the plan of God for her life, and the life of the son that is coming, is being opened up to this woman. He had such authority and she was afraid to speak in that Man’s presence. She was entertaining an Angel, but she was unawares, that is is not just a Man.

When the Angel of God comes, He comes in the form of a stranger, of a man. He said, be careful to entertain strangers, to have brotherly love, because you are entertaining angels and you don’t know. How hard is this in this modern age? People become so insensitive and they live in the cosmos; busy, busy, busy and they don’t have the perception, or the Spirit of discernment, who is this, what is this?

 DSC_9885What is this tonight? Could this be the Angel of God? Angel means messenger. Your pastor is the angel of this church. Those seven local men, those seven churches represented seven messengers. Abraham was God’s prophet, he was God’s Angel on the earth, and then three men came walking, Elohim coming in the form of an Angel. Moses was a prophet, an angel calling the exodus; he had met the heavenly Angel. Daniel was a prophet in Babylon, and Gabriel, the I Am,  came to teach the prophet the mystery all the way to the consummation, at the time of the evening sacrifice at the end of the seventh decade, in the hour when the elect had to to come out of Babylon to be restored to the land of the fathers. And the heavenly Angel and the earthly angel were associated. The Angel of God came down.

Heavenly beings are associated together, giving direction in service, ‘Philip leave this revival, I send you to Gaza to a man of Ethiopia.’ He opened the Scripture to him. He had an access and insight to the will and plan of God. Farmers, tax collectors, normal every-day people, but they lived in the age when Elijah had come, and he was to forerun the first coming and he introduced the Son of Man, it was an age at the end of the Old Testament. Those men He called and made them apostles. They recognized their day and their message. They had the Holy Ghost and God has set in the church apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. God has set them in the body.

Brother Branham was a game warden, a man who wanted to be a cowboy, but he was foreordained to be a prophet. He was a nobody, uneducated, poor, and God came down and he became the voice of God for the last age. Because when that Angel begins to deal with you, dove leading eagle, and giving inspiration, you live in the realm of the Supernatural, you live in the realm of revelation and vision. Fisherman, simple people, just catching fish, when they got connected with the Headstone, they got connected with the Son of Man, they received the keys to a new world, and became candidates and associates for the supernatural world. The Angel came to Sarah, to Hagar, Manoah’s wife, to Elisabeth, to Mary.

In this age we are just contented to go to church, believing the message.  Junior was an eagle from the egg, but he thought he was an ugly chicken, and he thought he was a deformed child of his papa. Yet he was built to possess a law to fly, but in that atmosphere and in that barnyard nobody is preaching about flying. But papa eagle is going for him and he is flying and when he saw him, he calls him by his name, he is breaking the seals of the book of his life.IMG_1863

He begins to reveal to him what was happening in his earthly journey and took the fears and doubts out of him. He opened up to him that inside of him, that he has a law to fly. He was showing him, that big long peak, and the long feathers, and the big eyes are no signs of deformity, but characteristics of the royal family. He began to take the amnesia away. He started to fly, he always had it in him. The One who put the law in him, the One who build him for flying, came to turn on the light.

He heard seven screams; when the seven thunders began thundering, he woke up and he realized who he is, and nobody after that could tell him, he was a chicken. He was operating in a realm, and all the quotations like What I do, you shall do also, came to life, while the light was turned on in him.

Manoah, the husband had the seed to produce the one, of whom the Angel was talking about. And now the husband and the wife, all the years they were talking about the rabbi and the synagogue and the law and the sabbath, but now Manoah and his wife is talking about the Angel, and the visitation of the Angel and they begin to understand that in the economy of God they were elected. Out of Manoah and his wife’s womb a son would come, who would have the strength to take the gates away, who could take a jaw bone to beat a thousand Philistines. A son that brought deliverance, that’s what message churches need today. A woman in the Bible represents churches. Elected message churches have to give birth to the Son for deliverance, with healing powers, not the law and the rituals, they need an angelic visitation. If you have to bring the Son, you shall not eat certain things, you have a specific diet. The Angel is instructing you to eat the Word to bring forth the Word under the seventh seal. In an age of denominations all tables are full of vomit, false vines and intoxications. In order to prophecy you have to eat the Book. Then it’s a continuation of the Book of Acts. Take the Book and eat It. The earthly angel in connecting with the heavenly Angel, and then the elect eat the words of the Angel. The supernatural God has come down and operated in the supernatural to a foreordained prophet and brings forth a message to teach the bride how to come out of the humanistic realm into the realm of revelation and vision.IMG_1868


The prophet was tormented, criticized, an eagle in the Laodicean barnyard, and Doctor Davis and the ministers told him, the visions were of the devil. He was frustrated when he was in the cave. Seven years before that, he tried to commit suicide, to electrocute himself, to shoot himself in 1937, then Jehovah eagle came, told him ‘Son, you are not crazy, come out from them church people, you are an eagle, I carry you in the family album, I show you your lineage.’ He began to wake up, he walked away from the cave anointed and commissioned to start the greatest healing revival the world had ever known. What caused it? When the Angel came, he went straight to his birth, ‘You are born to pray for the sick, I make known to you your misunderstood life,’ and He introduced him to himself. I came to give you skill and understanding. Consider the matter. That connected him to the supernatural, now he was out of the humanistic realm. And the Angel of God, the Holy Spirit, the divine revealer of the Word, was teaching him the Scriptures, different then the bible school and organizations were teaching him how to operate the Word. You say, ‘Brother, is it that, why we have so many problems in the message, so much misunderstanding and confusions?’ That’s men associate with men.

Watch the son. I wanted to show you what Manoha’s wife brought forth. Isaac was a type of Christ, Jacob was a type of Christ, so was Samson; a son that came from the womb. Now remember the first pull were little birds, the second pull were doves, and the third pull angels. Abraham, before Sodom was burned at the end of the Pentecostal age, the Angel appeared to him. Shall I hide from Abraham that thing which I do;’ and he opened the mystery to Abraham.

‘And I return according to the time of life,’ and Sarah was a type of the church, that struggled with the supernatural, ‘Abraham, you bring me under pressure. I will be a good wife, iron your shirts, cook the meals you like, forget all the supernatural, let’s be a normal family. You preach to me and everything is supernatural, how the rain is falling on the crops, how God multiplied the cattle and now we have some wealth in the family. That I can understand. You telling me I come back young and have a child, and all that thing with the new name. My parents named me that, and who is changing my name? You see me, I like Sarai, why call me Sarah?’

God wanted to get them a little higher. And they lived contented in the humanistic realm and they had a supernatural God and were specially chosen for special service. What kind of woman the bride is? Out of thousands of denominations, God bypassed all of them and God tells you about the Holy Ghost and the mysteries of God, and the spoken Word, and the rapture. You mean to say, God interrupted your life and trying to get you into the supernatural realm? How readeth thou? How understandeth thou? Turn it to the right angle. God is waiting on you to live in another place. The bridegroom lives in a world of perfect faith. The bride will live in the same world with her husband. God doesn’t make a mistake. The bride is part of the bridegroom. What He is, she is. When He said, ‘You are a super race,’ He is the Super One; He just tells her, ‘What I am you are.’ ‘You are an invincible army,’ because He is the invincible One. ‘You are life of my life, Word of my Word, works of my works, Spirit of my Spirit’…..its because what He is, she is. Do you catch the concept? ‘Because I have overcome, you will overcome and sit in my Throne.’ What is He telling them? ‘I am not making a mistake. You have supernatural qualities in you, but you didn’t make the discovery yet. I came to lead you into the discovery of what is inside of you. You only need teaching, you have all the potentials.’ But he wasn’t led to discover it yet. But the Word came from above, and it quickened him and raised him up and he began to understand his position, his equipment. So Peter and them was led to discover. And the people could see what was in them and they walked in their shadow. The supernatural came down. And tongues of fire came down and set them in the body and they started to operate. When the Angel told Mary, ‘You will bring forth the Messiah, the Holy Ghost, the Angel shall overshadow you. That holy thing shall be formed in you, and He will be the Son of the Highest.’ She said, ‘Be it unto me according to Thy Word.’ Look what angelic visitation does. She began to understand that was the mystery of her life in the Book. She saw her name in the book, thats me, A virgin shall conceive, thats me. It changed her thinking. Everybody in the church thought, its the rabbi’s daughter or the highpriest’s daughter, but a village girl?

I want to lead your soul into deeper thinking. It will lead you to discovery, to look inside. Look at all the scientists; they are looking through the Hubble telescope to the universe for extraterrestrial intelligence, for extraterrestrial life, and they look day and night, and they have a program called SETI, Searching for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. ‘We are from earth,’ and they want them to identify their position in the galaxies. May be some of you say, ‘We are a little church in Ecuador, if anybody is out there, we are here, trying to find a higher civilization.’ Thats fallen men.

The Lamb with seven horns and seven eyes has opened the sevenfold mystery of redemption and he had found that supernatural intelligence when he had that extraterrestrial encounter. Manoah’s wife was communicating with an extraterrestrial intelligence, when the Angel came down and visited her. This alien One began to bring out an intelligence, showed her where she lived her life, and said, ‘I am the One, who came to Sarah, I am the One, who told Hagar, ‘Go back, submit yourself to Sarah,’ I am the One who heard Hannah’s prayer, when she was in travail, I am the One who opened Rahel’s womb and gave her Joseph, a son to catch the mystery. And now I come to tell you, that you are not a normal person, you have extra-terrestrial life. Outside you look like everybody else, but inside you have something.’ 

What kind of people do we need to be, a people who are getting ready to change dimensions, and before that you need to change the body. We are designed not to contact the terrestrial man but the extraterrestrial man. They are looking for life in the universe, fallen men with a natural telescope, and they can’t find nothing. But redeemed men have that law in them; they don’t come from their father and mother and their life is in the Bible.


Under the opening of the Seventh Seal, the supernatural One, the Angel of God, the Holy Spirit begins to lead you from Genesis to Revelation and shows you your potentials, that your life has already be foretold in the Book.

When that extraterrestrial One came to the prophet, He went to Genesis, ‘You are Elieser; you are like Joseph, hated by your brethren; you are Moses …as Moses was given two signs, I will give you two signs; you are Elijah, when the Angel comes, I give you power to shut the heaven.’ That man was so much like Moses, yet he was Elijah, too. He was like Joshua, like Paul who saw celestial bodies and opened these things to us. That extraterrestrial One told him, ‘You are here in the negative form, this terrestrial is the negative. You have a celestial body beyond the curtain.’ This one tried to kill six boys in cold blooded murder, that one has no hate inside of it. But it takes perfect love to get there. That extraterrestrial One brings him to a higher civilization. There was no police station there, no nightclub, no hospital or insane institution, they don’t need television or radio or internet. They have a supernatural communication. And what science is looking for, is coming down among the people. Your angel, that beholds the Father’s face, you feel the pull inside of your celestial home, that perfection…it’s the dawning of a new day. Our amnesia is going, ‘you shall know, as you are known.’

What happened to Abraham and Sarah, when the angelic visitation took place? The woman who had no faith judged God faithful and received dunamis, she was changed. She struggled no more. What happened when extraterrestrial intelligence comes down? The power of God is coming back among the people.DSC_9898

Do you understand the hour? Do you know who the Angel is? The supernatural is all around you, and inside of you. For thousands of years before television was discovered, the prophet said, television was here when Adam was here. That’s why Isaiah moved into the realm of revelation and vision, A Virgin shall conceive. He saw John, Jesus and the church at Pentecost. How did he get the experience? He lived most of his life in the humanistic realm, leaning on the arm of Uzziah. But one day in sovereign grace, he saw a vision! ‘I saw the Lord, high and lifted up.’ The Cloud 27miles high and 30 miles wide; He was seeing Him without a veil. And He said, ‘Woe is me,’ He saw a heavenly vision. He repented when he saw the vision. Repentance and confession brings the cleansing. A supernatural Being took supernatural fire and cleansed him supernaturally. Confession produces cleansing. The vision produced confession, and confession produced cleansing, and cleansing brought commission. And he wrote 66 chapters, the fullness of the Word, from the beginning to the end. He saw the rising of the Son from the West, from where the gospel came in the morning time to when the enemy is coming in like a flood…

An supernatural vision produced that. He expressed God’s foreknowledge. Brother Branham preached Influence. The vision, the heavenly vision is coming to a people, Isaiah said, ‘Who has believed our report, to whom is the Arm of the Lord revealed?

An extraterrestrial Being, a supernatural vision produced the result. That is the ministry of this hour and it comes by confession, cleansing and then commission, flying through the land.

What a people we ought to be! Think of these things! See where you are walking in the final quickening unto the rapture, in the hour of restoration, when the church is called out of man-made systems, what is to come to live in another realm of existence, taken out of the Laodicean lukewarm churches to become the bride to live in heavenly places in a world of perfect faith. What God has made you, Revelation 10:1 is connected to Revelation10:8-11, not only to Revelation 10:7. The woman takes the Book from the Angel. The Angel is the Book Himself, and he is telling her what to eat and what not to eat. She is bringing a Nazarite, one who destroys the powers of the enemy, that was the eagle. This is the mystery, why this mighty Angel appeared to a woman from the tribe of Dan, and began to speak to the woman, not about what was going on in the other neighbourhood, or what the others are doing, and he told her about her, what she was born for, and about the change.


And the man-child was to bring deliverance. She dropped the hoe, put down the cassava sticks, began to run, and she ran so fast. ‘May be she is scared’ the neighbours thought. But she wasn’t, she ran to her husband, her pastor, the one with the seed. This woman was a woman who was living under the eagle standard, they camped under the eagle and the Angel was descending and talked about child bearing and conception, she would no longer be a barren woman. He is opening a revelation to bring her out from bareness into fruitfulness. Message churches need this kind of visitation today.


The Angel from Revelation 10:1 came to a bride, and the bride conceived. This mortality will put on immortality, we move from time into eternity, a Danite woman, under an eagle anointing. It’s a mystery of a prophecy for this age, when we come to the eagle age. The woman may have been barren for a season, but the Seed is to come. This man child was prophesied. When the Angel came to Sarah, it was Christ formed in her. Isaac was a type of Christ. When Abraham was going on top of the mountain, he was obedient to the father. On Mount Moria he laid down his life, a type of Calvary, and he married a bride at evening time.

When Amram and Jochebed got the son, and the Pillar of Fire was hanging over the crib, they recognized this is a proper child, it brought faith into their heart and then this child was given two signs, and was given a commission. Did He do the same with this one in the third exodus? Did he produce Christ? Was the Son of Man revealed through him? What produced it? Extraterrestrial intelligence; the One who told him, ‘You have a body over there, do you want to see beyond the curtain?’

I think we all read the same message, we all seen the same Cloud, but when the extraterrestrial Being comes, we turn the message to the right angle.

Your faith is anointed a little bit now? Is your thinking being stimulated and ready to move up to another level? It’s entertaining angels unawares. Did Sarah laugh, when the Angel came? She thought it was just a next man talking nonsense. ‘He told him, he will have the child. If this man just would know, I am barren.’ He knows everything about us. That same Angel knows us.

The government cannot stop the volcano; they paint a green line, and advise you to keep your tank full. But I am telling you tonight, come up in the realm of the supernatural and vision, into the supernatural realm where your angels behold your Father’s face. If you have the Holy Ghost and you are in the message; if the Holy Ghost is in you, if the message is in you, the message is the Holy Ghost, the token…know you not, you are the Temple of God? All that Christ was, was poured in the bride. In which economy do you want to live in? In which civilization you want to live in? The one, that the government gives you? I know One in Isaiah 9, who said, the government lays on His shoulders. That comes from the marriage ceremony in the East. When the bride takes the veil off and puts it on the shoulder of the bridegroom, and transforms all rights to him, to the One  with all the seven redemptive names, who says, ‘ I will take you out of here, I have it all under control.‘ Don’t you want put your confidence in that One, Who makes a greater provision for your safety? Trust in the men outside or in the Angel with healing in His wings? This rising of the Son, who comes among the people, quickens you from unbelief into faith.

We are blessed with all heavenly blessings in heavenly places already. Believe His word, confess the promise, and you will receive what you ask for. End of service.

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