August 17, 2015 – Day 7


August 17, 2015


Today we are driving to a little homestead called Karaliskis, which means ‘many kings’ where we will stay until Friday morning for the Minister’s Meetings. It is a remote and quite place with a beautiful lake, a perfect spot to turn aside.

It would be too much in this journal to capture all the Word that was laid out during these four days; so I will just bring out some of the highlights from each day and session.


The Overall Theme For All The Minister’s Meetings Is:

Christ In The True Church Is A Continuation
Of The Book Of Acts


Session 1
Brother Pavel:

The objective, the reason for my invitation for Brother Vin to come was to strengthen my church. I am glad that we can gather together and I am glad to see each visitor, but my emphasis is on my church and I thank Brother Vin so much that he responded. I believe each one will receive the things that he needs. If you have any questions, I would like you to give me the questions first, so that I would be aware of the questions. If you have personal questions, then you can take some personal time with Brother Vin. I believe God will bless our fellowship. I am already grateful for the services we had.

Brother Vin went into the Book of Hebrews and brought us into the first verses of chapter 11, which is called the faith chapter, where we can see the faith Abel tapped into, the faith Enoch tapped into, the faith Noah tapped into. They had the revelation, that helped them to express the life, which God wanted to see on display through them. And I would like to read this time from Hebrews 12, after they had received faith, they had God’s faith, and in Hebrews 12 Paul tries to warn them who didn’t come to that faith yet. He was saying, what consequences would follow in their lives.

Hebrews 12
18. For ye are not come unto the mount that might be touched, and that burned with fire, nor unto blackness, and darkness, and tempest. 22. But ye are come unto mount Sion, and unto the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of angels,

DSC_7959Today we have to come to that supernatural faith civilization. May our vision, our thinking, our concept be focused upon this supernatural civilization and that we not just read it, but may we enter by the Holy Spirit in this.

Exodus has a twofold meaning, coming out and going in. It’s not a problem to go out, but to come in. And the problem was not their physical ability, but the problem was their thinking. In order to come in, the biggest problem is what we got in our own minds, and we do know, just like in the first and second exodus, that the problem was existing, and that problem is still today. As we are looking at those principles, the type of the exoduses, God was desiring to lead them into the land of the fathers, and He had an objective why He wanted to do it.

Was there something bad about Egypt? It was a science civilization, satan’s eden, and that’s why God would not bless Israel in that satan’s eden. It was the unbelieving civilization, science, politics, religion, economies. He brought them out to bring them into His own civilization, His economy, into His culture. He wanted to give Israel a total different civilization. And they went out of that civilization, but their mind was still the same. They came out of the system, but the system didn’t come out of the people. When Israel came out, they wanted to go back to those old concepts.

Today, we went out of the world, out of the systems, out of this satan’s eden, but in our minds we tend to go back to our former concepts. That’s what never brought them in. Paul said, we are approaching something, its a supernatural economy, civilization. We have to get rid of everything that was there, because we cannot come into the new land with our old concepts. They came in and they remain the same Baptists, Methodists, Oneness, they remain in there with their old thinking. I apply it to our church in particular today, and we have some families, and we are supposed to bring our children into the supernatural, in that civilization of faith, into that reality. Our thinking needs to be changed, our vision has to be changed, we have to die out to the old thinking, and get rid of the old influences we had before.

God wanted to bring Israel in according to the heavenly pattern, He gave them a heavenly vision. Moses was shown the image, and he couldn’t dwell in satan’s eden. Moses built everything according to the heavenly vision. It’s not my thinking or understanding, it’s not what I feel or think, we want God to dwell among us, we want the perfect faith to manifest, we want Jerusalem to be on display, but to do that, we should get rid of the old things. That’s why God sent us a prophet, so that each person, each family, each church would be arranged according to the heavenly vision. Whatever we do, whatever we express in our church, if it’s song leading, music, in the office of elders, in the office of deacons, in the office of trustees, in the office of the pastor, it doesn’t matter what office it is, we should not take it according to Egypt. We need to build it according to God’s pattern, according to His heavenly order. We want God to shake out everything, that He would empty us out of everything, so that our own earth could be cleansed. This third exodus should be finished with a blessing, that our children could come in.

It needs the Seventh Seal, and the Seventh Seal produced something in my life. We have the opportunity today to get rid of everything. We don’t have many years now, our time is limited, this is the final time. We need to focus all our attention on that. Today we have to express this great City, the general assembly, and we understand how to become partakers of these things. But He only comes down on a City, which is built according to His pattern.


Brother Vin:

It is a very honour and privilege to sit in your company once again and have some fellowship around the Word, and we are here in such a meeting because you don’t just want to come to church and sit on a bench. I believe because you are already catching an understanding, that because the church that is being raised up in this hour, God has a bride in this area of the world.


If God has sent a prophet, it was because a prophet was needed, because a prophet was promised, it wasn’t an afterthought. Elijah was spoken of to come in the last days, even before Jesus came and died. The book of Malachi, where we read the prophecy, is four hundred years between the Old and the New Testament. If God would promise Elijah to restore before John came, before Jesus came and died and rose and achieved redemption for us, then we were mentioned as the children that God has brought up to see this. In Matthew 17:11 He says ‘Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.’ He was speaking about the one would come to restore and the original faith wasn’t yet established, because Jesus hadn’t gone to the cross. The Holy Ghost hadn’t come yet. And Jesus is telling them, Elijah would come and restore all things, showing that Jesus understood that was the church, which He was calling out of the system of Sadducees and Pharisees, because Jesus was a prophet like unto Moses. He was calling out an exodus, bringing them out of Judaism into the Holy Spirit. And yet He is teaching, that a sower went forth to sow, and an evil sower came after him and began to sow tares, and let them grow until the time of the harvest. Jesus knew the church, which He was calling out was going to fall.

Because He is getting that in the Bible. Adam was a figure of whom who is to come, and Adam’s wife was in Adam. And then Adam’s wife was taken out. And they were in perfection. And then the serpent came and Adam’s wife fell, and there were two seeds in her. Cain was coming forth, two vines. And Jesus knew Adam was a figure of Him who was to come. And He knew when He was on the earth His bride was in Him, because John was teaching that. John said ‘He that hath the bride is the bridegroom.’ He knew, that they were talking about Elijah to come before the earth was burnt. John said ‘I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness.’ How did he know that? Because when Gabriel came to Zacharias; he said ‘You will have a son, he will go forth in the Spirit of Elias, and turn the hearts of the fathers to the children.’

Jesus read the first half of the prophecy in Isaiah 66, and He stopped. He didn’t read the second part, because that was for the second coming. John was sent to forerun the first coming, and he brought the Old Testament fathers to recognize what they looked for; they all believed the Messiah was coming according what Moses had said, ‘The Lord will raise up a prophet unto me, according Isaiah, a son is given…behold a virgin shall conceive and bear a son and call His name Immanuel.’ They all were speaking about His coming. Malachi said, ‘Behold I send my messenger before my face.’ Every prophet testified, ‘He is coming, He is coming.’ Zechariah said ‘Behold your King is coming, meek and lowly…’ they all prophesied of the coming of this great One. The woman shall receive a seed, and the woman’s seed will bruise the serpent’s head. They looked for that promise. But when John came, he didn’t preach ‘He is coming.’ But He said, ‘There is One standing among you, He is mightier than I, and the latchet of whose shoes I am not worthy to unloose: I baptize you with water, but he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost and with fire.’ And John said, ‘I saw and bore record, the Spirit of God coming in the form of a Dove.’ So John saw that he was forerunning the coming, but the thing was, this revelation was not known to the church. Because when He read Isaiah, when He went in the temple, it says, ‘He searched the Scripture and He found the place.’ He was looking for a specific place to read. Isaiah is a miniature Bible, 66 chapters. It goes way back, from eternity to eternity. If He would have read Isaiah 9:6 that was history 30 years ago. If He would have read Isaiah 53 that was prophecy yet to come. But when He found the place in Isaiah 61, He said ‘The Sprit of the Lord GOD is upon me; because the LORD hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound;’ and He stopped in the middle of the sentence, closed the book and gave it back. He was the fullness of the Word, He came in the volume of the Book, He was the Word Himself; the full Bible, 66 books and He was going to reveal Himself in the Word, and He knew that He was anointed for it in that season, and so He wanted to make known to the people what was available to them in that economy of God. He said ‘The Spirit is anointing me,’ and everybody with a broken heart could receive it. Because the economy of God was going to be revealed through Him and He was the anointed Word to meet the need of the people in that hour. And He knew where in the Bible that was written. And now He was identifying that to the people, so the people could come to know the time and season, what is available to them and what will that do: That will line up the people with God’s desire and they will know, that is the access to them right there.

DSC_8069When you look at the ministry of Jesus, one time the woman came in, anointed His feet, washing them with her tears, anointed them with her perfume. Then in another season, she anointed the Head. You have to know what season the Word is in and what part of the Word is to anoint. It had a season for justification, sanctification, and for the restoration of the gifts, for Elijah, the prophet to come, to reveal, and it has a season for the bride. When we know what part of the Word to anoint, that is the part from where we will receive the benefits.

That’s when Brother Branham came, he said, ‘Recognize your day and your message.’ It was just like in the time of Jesus. They said, ‘We are Moses’ disciples. Abraham is our father.’ And He was trying to tell them ‘This day the scripture is fulfilled;’ He was trying to show them ‘If you don’t believe Me, believe the works.’ He was trying to bring them to see the hour they were living in, but they were obeying a past hour. The body was present, but the mind was back in Abraham’s time, back in Moses’ time. They were obeying a past hour.

From 1946 to 1965, we had the Spirit of Elijah bringing to us the fullness of the Word, the Son of Man, but the Methodist looked at it; they were in the meetings, they had missed the Pentecostal age. The Methodist age was from 1750 to 1906. The bodies are sitting down in the meeting, but their minds are back in time past. They are trapped in their minds. When Paul came, 2. Corinthians 3, they were reading Moses. They knew Moses’ life story, they could read how the Angel came and commissioned him at the burning bush, they knew the history of Moses, the works of Moses, knew Moses’ prophecy and Moses’ prophecy was becoming history, and they couldn’t see it. Moses said ‘The Lord will raise up a prophet like unto me.’

Jesus was telling them, ‘I am the Light of the world, I am the Bread that comes from heaven.’ Jesus said, ‘Your fathers ate that manna in the wilderness and are all dead. But I am the true Bread.’ He said, ‘As Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up. I will give you water you will never thirst. Moses brought water out of the rock, but you got thirsty again.’

Moses was in shadow, but they didn’t know the Scripture this way. Because they didn’t know it that way, they said, ‘Abraham was our father.’ He said, ‘Before Abraham was I am. Abraham rejoiced to see my day.’ He was Melchizedek that came to Abraham, He was the pillar of fire that passed through the sacrifice, He discerned Sarah’s heart, and He told Abraham, ‘You will have a seed.’

So they knew Abraham’s history, but they couldn’t see the mystery and the promise that God had given to Abraham of the son, who was coming and the blessing that would come. And so the presence of God was unrecognized. God was being misunderstood. They couldn’t recognize their day and message. It’s the same today. People in the message sitting 50 years after the going of the prophet and they look back at the prophet’s history. But we have a message, the eternal Word of God. Heaven and earth will pass away. You can’t add one word to this. Why does somebody put their faith into something else when we have the vindicated word? Why do you need somebody’s handkerchief? There is no prevailing power over the revelation of the Word. The handkerchief doesn’t go nowhere. It shows, the church in this hour, they put the value on the wrong things. He said ‘In that day, you will know, I in you and you in Me.’ You have the substance of God in you.

When we look and see in Jesus’ time, then today you have to bring the people to see the Word, that was promised for this hour, because God allots His Word to a time and a season. God had a Word for Paul’s age, and for every age, and God has a people predestinated for that age, for the elect in which age to manifest that Word.

When the mind gets focused then we know what we are looking at, then we strive lawfully for the mastery and we are working by spiritual laws to achieve spiritual things. Not just preaching this one day, and then another thing the next day…we move into a certain direction to advance the church.

Break time






Session 2

It is such a peaceful atmosphere here; the brothers are in one mind and one accord and want to hear more about the Word, which God has so freely opened in these last days. There is truly a fountain open in the House of David to whom who would believe. Sometimes the picture has to be turned in the right angle; and that’s what we experience today.

Brother Vin starts with reading from the Book of Acts, chapter 18, to show how Paul went to Corinth and how the Corinthian church started.

1.After these things which had happened in Acts 17 Paul departed from Athens, and came to Corinth;  what we are looking at here is the movement of the prophet messenger of the age, and how the Angel of God was leading him.  2. And found a certain Jew named Aquila, born in Pontus, lately come from Italy, with his wife Priscilla; (because that Claudius had commanded all Jews to depart from Rome:) and came unto them.

It’s amazing in the scripture when you read it the way God reveals things; you can even see the happenings in politics. But He sets it in the background to reveal how God got His elect in that hour. The things happening were part of Daniel’s vision. In the time of Jesus, the Roman power had occupied all Palestine, and when Jesus was born, Caesar Augustus had passed the taxation law that everybody had to go back to their birthplace. That’s why Joseph and Mary had to move back to Bethlehem.

I am taking this approach because the thought I want to bring out is, that all that history is repeating itself. And many times we read the Scripture and if we don’t catch the inspiration of the Scripture, we read it with the mind set that it is a historical event. But if you listen to me close, I always explain, Elijah came at the end of the Old Testament and the Son of Man released the Holy Spirit. At the end of the New Testament Elijah has come again, and the evening messenger loosed the Holy Spirit. Then the Book of Acts and the epistles show you how the churches were established. And the epistles teach you the condition in the churches and how the Word, the message of the hour, was applied in those churches. And in one of the services I said, that all those churches in the Book of Acts mentioned and epistles are here today. The Corinthians are here, the babies, the Galatians are here; they try to live in two ages at the same time. Starting in the Spirit and ending in the flesh, because the epistles are not organizations, but message churches. Because it was the messenger of the age who established those churches. If we can look back there, when we read the Book of Acts, it opens to us the experience of the people, who came out of the system, and recognized Elijah, the Son of Man, received the Holy Spirit and they went forth to establish their churches.

And so it means to say, if we are preaching to a group of believers then we have to see the approach that Paul used, because he is the pattern of every true minister. Now Brother Branham brought us back to the pattern. When he went beyond the curtain, he asked, ‘Will Paul be judged? If he goes, I am going.’ And it means, if we look at Brother Branham the way we look at Paul, he had the ministry of Paul and Elijah. Like Paul he met the Pillar of Fire. He was commissioned, Paul laid the Foundation Stone, Brother Branham brought back the Cap Stone. And so if we look at him how God worked in that age, it will help us to understand what God was doing in this age, because in the vision of the preview of the bride, the bride came the first time and appeared a second time, showing that Alpha and Omega is the same. God is not planting a new church, but He is restoring the original plant to original seed, the restoration of the bride tree.

So Brother Branham being a scriptural prophet, he didn’t come explaining a whole lot of things, he identified what his ministry would do and so he knows the order and the pattern is already laid out in the Scripture. And he shows that the Holy Spirit will never leave the Scripture. Because truth must be established by the Scripture. And that’s why I am reading this, because in there it brings out a city that doesn’t have a church and God sent a man in that city to establish a church in the present truth.

One time there was no message church in Vilnius, you couldn’t come until somebody believed the message, and began to sow the seeds of the message. And there had to be a people to believe it. When a message church is going to raise up you must have message seeds. If you have a Baptist church, somebody sows baptist seeds, if you have a Pentecostal church, somebody sows pentecostal seeds. Whatever seed starts the church will grow into a plant and then into fruit.

If we are message people we have to look at our pattern in the Bible, because Christ in the true church is a continuation of the Book of Acts. Titus was raised up to destroy the system, that rejected the ministry of Elijah and the Son of Man. And the church world, the system will be destroyed today, because they rejected the vindicated Truth, that came to us through the ministry of Elijah and the Son of Man. We are a people, operating with spiritual laws, just like them between the revealing of the Son of Man and the destruction of the church system, and communism is raised up to do that. And so, when we look, Peter, Paul, Philip they went out with the Word. These men learned the principles from the Son of Man. Jesus told them ‘Leave your net and follow me.’

Karaliskis (296)


Brother Branham in the vision was fishing by the lake, the ministers were catching the little fish, but in the water it had big rainbow trout, and the Angel came and said ‘I will teach you how to catch them. Your first and second pull cannot catch them; its the third pull.’ Paul and them caught the elect with that message. They didn’t go out teaching Sadducee and Pharisee doctrine. He said ‘ This Word will fall in the hands of the predestinated; he was preaching to Pentecostals, who rejected this message. But he was preaching for us.



So, when we understand they didn’t receive it, then God has put the laws and principles in our hands. So we have to be taught and established and operating with this. Paul, he was not with Jesus, when Jesus was teaching these things. He was a Pharisee, he was one born out of due season, yet his ministry was greater than those who walked with Him. 70 men were ordained, and in John 6 when Jesus began to teach ‘Eat my flesh and drink my blood,’ they went away. He didn’t take back the power, they disagreed with him on this part of the message. You could ask them, ‘Where did you get this ministry?’ ‘You know who ordained me? Jesus gave me this power, I was in the meeting. He called my name.’

And then today, you see some of these men, oh brother, they cannot take all the Word. Yet we have First Timothy, Second Timothy. We have Titus, but we do not know one name of the 70. But we have the books, yet we can read when Paul found Timothy. They never seen Jesus. Yet they understood better, being associated with Paul then those who were in the meeting. This had no value. I talk this way, because very early in the message we met these man from up North. They came in our country and they wanted to make us do their missionary work, and I listening to them, and thank God, we all have the same books and tapes. We don’t depend on nobody. This is the grace of God. We were put on a solid footing. It’s not who gets it first, it takes God to open it.

There is a people ordained to receive the message. And in the early days, if God didn’t show us some truth, then people would have used their superior complex to control us. But when I began to see in the Scripture I was in no meeting of the prophet, but God gave me dreams about him after I came in the message. And the Angel of God who was there with him, came to me. Because that’s God’s sovereignty. If He came to Paul who was trying to destroy the church and lock up the believers, how much more He would come to us? That’s what we are about to read here; I am trying to show where the Book of Acts fit and what the Book of Acts is.

Its a group of men here who have recognized Elijah, the Son of Man is revealed, and they are beneficiaries of the achievement in that way. Seven Seals have been opened, the hearts of the children have been turned back, we are beneficiaries, if we recognize the achievement. When the light struck Paul, now it was not Gamaliel teaching him, now it was the same Pillar of Fire teaching him. Because he said, ‘I conferred not with flesh and blood, I went in the desert of Arabia searching the Scriptures.’ He was understanding who Elijah was, the Son of Man was, why He came, what was the purpose of His coming, what was now available for the church, and how to come into it. That was Paul’s message, though he didn’t walk with Jesus.

We could take the 1200 tapes, and if this is your foreordained gift to carry the Word, the Angel of God can come to you and teach you. Thats how it’s written in the Bible. If this is not written there, we all would think, we can’t have really a ministry, if you didn’t walk with Jesus. Paul didn’t take the communion with Jesus, yet in the New Testament he is the one teaching about the communion. Jesus told them ‘In my Father’s house are many mansions.’ Paul was the man Jesus took beyond the curtain and showed him the mansions. God has laid this Word out for us coming behind; we have the Scripture, we don’t need to hear hunting and fishing stories. Because I have been around in my 43 years in the message; men who hunted and fished, they don’t know the message, they don’t know the Scripture.

3. And because he was of the same craft, he abode with them, and wrought: for by their occupation they were tentmakers.

Look at the grace of God; this man comes into Corinth; he is carrying the mystery to the Gentiles. He is in a Gentile city, and he needs helpers and he meets a couple who become his greatest helpers. They were in Rome, in Ephesus, he needed this kind of helpers ; they travelled with him. He says, you stay here, ‘let them gather in your home.’ Then he said, ‘I need you all in Rome,’ because they believed the Word. But look he is first meeting with them. Sometimes God has you to cross parts with people in life, just like I am being here. I was telling the story the first night, how I met Brother Nikolei in Poland, crossed path with a man in 1989, and all these years after, I am here, because God foreordained these things.

We are men between the going of the Son of Man, and the coming of Titus, and churches are being planted and raised up in different cities. Sometimes the church is in a home, most of them have no building; little groups start in a home and God is showing us, this becomes the Bible. Just like what we are doing. I would say, the elders and the ministers are gathered in Vilnius and they went down by the lake, and in that hour, when the whole world is shaking, and the war is going on in Ukraine, and many believers had to flee for refuge, and new political alliances being formed, and Russia, China and India, and the US dollar is shaking and in those days at that time in Vilnius, what is happening?

Who are we? We have seen the Son of Man. Why we are in the ministry? Gifts and callings are without repentance. God has put a gift in our lives. I didn’t start a church here. I came and met a church here. I met believers who used to write out the Scriptures in a book, hand-written, hiding from the authorities, and God preserved them, brought them through these times. When the wall came down, then God made a way for the Word to come in. All of this is Scripture. There is nothing new under the sun. When we look at this, it’s not a story, it’s a Book of prophecy. That’s the Old Testament; Boaz and Ruth, Isaac and Rebecca, Abraham and Sarah, it’s prophecy in shadow and type, that’s what kind of Book it is. Everything is now, present.

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