August 16, 2015 – Evening Fellowship – Day 6


August 16, 2015 – Evening


After the service many believers meet for fellowship at Brother Dima’s house.    There is not enough sitting space, and many are sitting on the stairs. Although we had such a long service this morning, people are still hungry for more.

Brother Vin lays out the meaning about “a move of God.”

If we want to understand the move of God, you look in the Bible. Whatever God did the first time, it cannot be improved. He is perfect in everything He does. When He does it, He does it the right way. When you examine the first move of the Spirit of God, God spoke ‘Let there be light.’ Whenever there is a move of God, He always begins His work with light. Because light brings life. All the seeds which we see come up in the garden, its already there. Everybody is born with a gift, everybody is designed a certain way and sent into the earth. And when God draws individuals together and forming a church, all these potentials are in the church. It’s just waiting for the right time and season, for the Spirit of God to move. And when He began to speak, the light came forth. When He said ‘Let there be light,’ it was really calling for a ministry, because the sun was there also, but the earth wasn’t aligned with the sun. So the seeds in the earth couldn’t come up. But when God pulled the sun around, the sun is a light bearer, because the earth represents everyone of us, the earth represents the church, because the earth is a redeemable attribute of God.

The earth under the sixth seal will get a measure of the baptism of fire, that will turn it heavenly for the millennium and then the earth will receive the full baptism with fire to make it a new earth. Many of us had water baptism, we are sanctified by the blood and those who received the Holy Spirit were quickened and raised to a certain realm where they now can give expression and even though we have the Holy Spirit we are still in the old body. We have an earnest, that brought the body subject to the Holy Spirit, but the hour is coming, when this earth will be loosed from the grip of sickness and death. And under the fulness of the baptism of fire, this mortal will put on immortality. So the earth is a redeemable attribute of God and so down in the earth, the prophet says, all the seeds were there. But before the light came, the earth would struggle to free itself. But it was unable to free itself from the darkness, because the earth was without form and darkness was upon the face of the deep, but when God called ‘Let there be light,’ the ministry of the sun was coming on the scene with enough power to drive the darkness away, to break the power of the darkness on the earth, and to quicken the seed that was laying there, that couldn’t come forth until light came. That sun was the light of that hour for the quickening of the seed. Until the sun came to its place, until God raised up the sun, the rising of the sun, there was the sun with a measure of the light, and that sun was coming to an earth, that had all the seeds inside of it. Sister Olive was there, Sister Violet was there, Sharon Rose was there, Sister Lily was there, Brother Oak, and Brother Cedar was there, all those names were in the book of botany life and in the back part of God’s mind, He who created all these seeds, knew it was going to come forth, because it was to become God’s garden. But God had to bring the sun in position, where the light of the sun brought on a new day. And on that new day, all the seeds, that were calling, deep calling to deep, came forth.

Like the prophet talked about the little boy who was eating the pencil erasers. He didn’t know his body was lacking sulphur, and when he saw the pencils something come over him and he opened a box of pencils and ate the first eraser and it tasted so good, he ate one, the next one, he ate all. When the mother came now and the little girl is crying because her erasers were all eaten, and they see Jonny, who ate all the erasers, he said ‘Mommy, I was hungry.’  ‘There is fruit, chocolate, why do you eat all the erasers? Don’t do it again.’ Jonny did good in school. Daddy bought a nice bicycle for him, riding around the house and this crave started again. The father came home and he saw one of the pedals missing. ‘Where is the pedal?’ His head was bend down, he was guilty, so he said ‘We better watch this boy.’ The next pedal is missing. The father finds out, this is strange. Next thing they found, Jonny is eating the tires of the bike, because he found something far greater than the erasers of the pencil. This is like water baptism, church age, Godhead, but when he sees the tires, he sees the seals and the trumpets, deep calling to deep. When they check him out, they realize this boy has a crave for sulphur. So those seeds down in the bottom of the earth they were craving for a certain measure of light and when the sun is risen…to every purpose under heaven there is a time and season, and in the season, God moved the sun in position, and the light came forth, and that light is bringing up the lily. It has a voice in it and each of these species they are in the earth, but just sitting on the bench, no expression, and you do not know in this little boy may be a video engineer, is this one may be a singer and play an instrument, but he is sitting down there waiting for the risen sun, for the light of the sun to break the darkness around him, because it takes sunlight to bring life.

That is God’s provided way for the botany life in the earth. Now in this earth is a seed, and all of us here are a part of the earth. And in every one of us, God put a seed inside. The garden was there, but not visible, it was in seed form, laying in the earth, because gifts and callings are without repentance. It is the light of the hour which is bringing up and manifests potentials that laid in that seed, because God ordained every tree, and He put the seed there. When God saw the church in Vilnius, it would take a few years to grow up. Then there was some deformed, the light at the time was not in full alignment and not in the strength to quicken the seeds. But as the Spirit of God brooded upon the earth, as the Spirit was moving, the Word moved there flattering like a Dove. The Spirit moving like a Dove on the earth began to separate the light from the darkness, God creating the type of environment, putting things in its place where it needed to be, establishing boundaries for life, that is foreordained to come forth. And now we see the light coming forth. The meetings these past couple years, the SON is risen, the SON comes in its place and everything with life, it’s impossible for it not to come into expression. Because the SON-light was designed to bring that life forth. This is God’s provided way to bring the life into expression.

Gifts of healing in the church doesn’t mean power to heal, because healing is a finished work. By His stripes you were healed. Brother Branham said many times ‘If He comes right now, He cannot heal nobody in this room. He did it already on Calvary, and He would say ‘by my stripes you were healed.’ He said, ‘I never healed anybody, because Jesus Christ has healed everybody,’ but the thing is, gifts stimulate faith. Gifts are designed to point you to a finished work. Every redemptive blessing lays in the atonement. Gifts are designed to stimulate faith. He asked ‘What are gifts of healing?’ God can heal with music. They took garments from Paul and laid them on the sick. The Angel came down in the pool to trouble the water, and the first person who stepped into the water was healed. Or you lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover. God has many ways to heal. Gifts of healing mean knowledge of healing. And the person who has the knowledge knows, that every redemptive blessing lays in the atonement.

When Brother Branham was in the woods and he sat down there, he was thinking about the Scripture from Mark 11:23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

Brother Branham was thinking about Jesus was standing there, watching the Mount of Olives and pointed to it ‘Be thou removed,’ what happened? How can a man do this? If somebody asked me, what will I answer? I will say, that’s some power that was there before the atonement.’ And the Voice of the Lord said, ‘That is in the atonement.’ Because every redemptive blessing lays in the atonement. Because the atonement brings man back to where he was in the beginning. There is no blessing outside the atonement, because Christ is the atonement and in Christ we are blessed with all spiritual blessings. There is nothing promised outside of Christ.

Satan cannot heal, his kingdom is divided. If people are going to a witch doctor, they believe in healing. They want to be healed, but they don’t know the provided way to come into the healing and in times of ignorance, God winks at the ignorance and they receive the blessing of healing.

Gifts of God are put in the body, and they are without repentance. There are nine spiritual gifts, 1. Corinthians 12, and they are divided in three categories. Three are vocal gifts, speaking in tongues, interpretation, and prophecy. Then there are gifts of power and demonstration, faith, working of miracles, gifts of healing. Then there are revelation gifts, wisdom, knowledge, discerning of spirits. These gifts are revealing something. So these gifts are in the body. ‘If any man lacks wisdom,’ James says, ‘ask God.’ He says, ‘covet to prophecy.’ Now, among you the prophet says, those gifts are in every local church. This man might speak in tongues, because this moves in the sovereignty of God. It’s called the manifestation of the Spirit. It is given for the profit and the edification of the church. It is the garden; keep that in mind. When the SON is risen, all the seeds -the seed is what? God made each one of us. Watch botany life, different trees with healing properties, trees for fruit, for shade, trees for construction, hard wood, oak, cedar, they built the temple with it, they built with certain types of wood. Then there are certain trees, the leaves have certain properties. So each one of us is designed for a certain part of the body. And Brother Branham said, that a gift is really an ability that God gives you to yield to the Spirit. Some of us can yield to preaching, that’s what I am doing right now. I want you to listen. So the pastor asked me to say something. So I picked up what he was saying about Genesis 1, but I don’t have a book in front of me, but I have the gift to yield to preaching, that the Spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Jesus Christ can come forth and the eyes of your understanding can be enlightened.

So, seeing me sitting down here, if you don’t have discernment of spirit, you don’t realize the gift is in operation right now. If I ask this brother to continue, if he doesn’t have that to yield, he can’t go there. In two minutes he is finished. But if they come and hand me the guitar to sing a song, I cannot do it. I don’t have the gift to play music. People look for the gifts, but if your eyes are closed you don’t see that. Your eyes have to be anointed, you have to know what to look for.

Brother Branham had all nine gifts, and all five offices inside. Because it’s the Holy Spirit. The Bible says, sometimes one has one gift operating in his life, but he said, God divided severly, more than one. Look at your pastor, he did the work of an evangelist for a season, and if the need arises, he can slip in this right away. If he goes back, he can do that; he has this capability to a certain degrees. And you realize, God changes a ministry. Brother Branham preached ‘Present Stage Of My Ministry,’ My New Ministry’ changing the anointing from evangelistic to prophetic. ‘God called me off the field to store up food and bringing all this teaching for the church, making these tapes.’ And all of this were operations of the Spirit. We learn this through the message and so in the church, when God started with gifts in the Pentecostal age; He started with speaking in tongues and interpretation. That’s what the Pentecostals had the most. He started with he least gift, speaking in tongues. Then they had some prophecy, and then they had one or two men, Brother Bosworth, different ones, they had ministries of healing. They had working of miracles, but then after the second war, then the healing revival started world-wide. There was always healing in a little corner over here or there, but God with the prophet brings it on a mass scale. For two thousands years nobody saw ever truckloads of wheel chairs, 25000 or 30000 healed in one meeting. God was creating worldwide attention. Now God was adding healing in the church, working of miracles. And then Brother Branham, now the great ministry was coming, beyond miracles. Where was He going? Into knowledge and wisdom. All the years of the healings never hit the spot. ‘He told me on the river, a message is coming and I look for the message,’ and He said ‘Sirs, is this the sign of the end?’ This is the thing, the church today is seeing the great thing in their midst, and can’t understand. The first pull – healing the sick, the second pull -discernment. When the time came and the mighty Angel came down on the Sonday, and He opened the Scriptures and He opened their understanding to the Scriptures, what was that doing? Getting them ready for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and Fire in the upper room. Jesus’ ministry was going like this. From the healing to the discernment  to the spoken Word. ‘When you say to this mountain…’ ‘no man eats from this tree.’

Matthew – 24 Seven Seals, Matthew 27 – they rejected the Message, Matthew 28 – the mighty Angel descended, opened their understanding and a little elected group went up in the upper room and received the Holy Ghost. And the church is doing the same thing now. The greater thing was wisdom. Let me show you. Moses created flies, frogs, called hail, locusts, brought darkness, all these miracles, opened the Red Sea, drowned the Egyptian army and the people in Moses’ church were constantly complaining in unbelief. They wanted to go back to Egypt, wanted to stone Moses, and the church was full of miracles, the church was full of the power of God. Korah was bringing a coop in the church, they wanted to challenge the leadership of Moses; Miriam was speaking against Moses, and Aaron, the priest, was making a golden calf.

Look at Elijah. ‘All men have forsaken me,’ he is crying in the woods, ‘Lord, take my life.’ The man shut the heavens, opened the heavens and he thinks he is alone. And God said, ‘I have seven thousand.’ By all the preaching and miracles the people never came out of the Jezebel system. The greatest age in Israel was at Solomon’s time. Look the gift of wisdom is here among the people, discernment of spirit. The prophet said ‘If America only knew where the power of this nation lays.’ The days of Israel, the power of the nation, laid in the prophet. If they would have listened to that prophet, they wouldn’t need all the satellites in the sky, because Elijah is telling the secret sin in the world council. He is revealing the military plans and when they are trying to set an ambush, he is seeing right in there. When they have barren ground, he was healing the ground. When they needed healing, what to do to receive healing, he healed the water, the pot, Naaman; here was a man with the Spirit of Elijah. So, this a great thing where you can see in the church what is happening amongst us. Do not under-estimate. We don’t need somebody to come back and say ‘Your name is John Simon and you live in such a such a place,’ but what you need is somebody to tell you what your position is, what the will of God for your life is, to help you to take your position. And the Word is teaching us this. This sign in the hand never healed nobody. This discernment never healed anybody, it only revealed things. The first pull contacted the flesh, the second the spirit and the third pull goes to the soul. The opening of the Word goes to the soul, because the soul is the gene of God and the opening of the Word begins to reveals the mystery of that eternal life and begins to teach that inside man his age, his promises, his anointing, his function and position in the body. And once it is revealed in the Word, you have that all the time. It’s there.

Many times the people’s faith is weak because they didn’t come to a place where they can take their position. In the garden the seeds are coming up. You can see those gifts. You have elders, deacons holding the mystery of the faith with a pure conscious. If you want to see a church coming to a golden age, watch Solomon. He brought his kingdom into a golden age, far beyond where Moses took the people, far beyond where Elijah took the people. The church had discernment, they could pull for the right things. When they recognize the gift, they rally around the gift. Don’t try to take the ball from the man, but guard the man, who is carrying the ball.

How did the Queen of Sheba hear what was happening in Jerusalem? It had no internet, no phone, it wasn’t discovered yet, how did she hear the news there? Then she decided to make a journey to go through the wilderness. What gave her the faith and the courage, what did this woman hear? The people in Jerusalem were testifying about the things that were happening.


It’s not in a way to glorify man, but a way of honouring God. It’s God’s gifts in people. In this day eternal light has come in the city. In Him is light, and His light is the life of men, and the city is the Lamb’s wife, and in that day you will know, ‘I in you and you in me,’ and you become the light of the world. Because you are a city on a hill. You cannot hide a city when you put it on a hill. Today they can come on your website and look at that city. In India, China, they can see you. You are visible to the world and to those who craving the sulphur. It has people going from website to website for the sulphur. Sometimes they get three pencil erasers, some eating the pedal of a bicycle, they have a deeper crave, calling for certain things, and when they find it, they are always there, because they have found it. What is happening? You are coming to a self discovery.

Elijah came to the woman; she had faith, but she didn’t know how much faith she had. She was of the same calibre like Elijah, but she didn’t know she could make that kind of sacrifice. God kept Elijah at the brook until the meal and the oil came down, and when she was at her last, God dried the brook and the ravens stopped coming with food. And God said, ‘Move from here and go to Zarephath.  I have commanded a widow woman.’ He didn’t tell him, that the woman was on her last. He came and saw this skinny woman and the little boy. She had a little water, and she said ‘Let me do my last good deed before I die.’ She shared the water with him. When he drunk the water, he looked at the woman, she didn’t know, because God didn’t tell her, He is sending a prophet. She is there in that condition and he said ‘Bake me a cake first.’ She thought ‘what is the matter with that man? He shows up here, I extent some hospitality, I give you my water, you don’t even realize the measure of sacrifice.’ But God had sent him to lead her to discover the faith she had. This is what a ministry does. She doesn’t know yet. All she is seeing, ‘I stretch my food as far as I can stretch it, until it can’t stretch no more. I have a couple drops of oil and a little handful of meal.’ This is a Gentile woman, she is a mystery in the Bible for this hour. There were many widows in the days of Elijah, but God sent him to one, an appointed woman. Sometimes we don’t know that we are appointed by God, and living without knowing that He has a plan for us, a time and season, where that SON is going to rise. Elijah was her risen son and the word that he was shining down in Zarephath was going to bring in a Gentile woman. And Jezebel in the land, Athaliah in the land, Catholics and Protestants, Jezebel and her daughters, but it had a Gentile woman. Elijah put judgment on the others, but God had a blessing released to this woman. Because the Son was risen to shine the light; she didn’t know the Seed was in her dirt in the dark hour of famine and pestilence, economic depression in the land, the cupboards empty, the boy couldn’t even stand up straight. The mother couldn’t help him, but the SON is moving into position, and that light from the mouth of a foreordained son coming with ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ coming with something to quicken the faith in her. Because her mission is to keep Elijah alive. Elijah is a mystery of Christ. Elijah is Christ and she is to keep him alive. She is to minister to him. And she is coming out after she mixed the meal, the Word and the oil, the Spirit. And she mixed it and she is looking for two sticks. Two sticks to light the fire to bake the cake. Now she has the two sticks and she puts the meal and the oil on the two sticks. That’s Christ on the cross. And Christ on the cross cried with a loud voice. That was the voice of the Ark Angel, that woke up the Old Testament saints. This Gentile woman is the church following Elijah. This Gentile woman is you, following Elijah. Elijah is come and we have his message, and we keep him alive. When he was here, healing, discernment, spoken Word was alive. Everything Elijah did is to be done again in the bride; everything Jesus did, from one man to a many-membered body. In the first coming the Alpha bride followed the Son of Man. In the second coming the Omega bride follows the Son of Man. And so she was to minister to him and by ministering to Him to keep that Word alive. And that Word brings the resurrection of that dead boy that she kept alive. That Word multiplied the food in the time of famine, when the squeeze comes and the meal and the oil is on two sticks, the public crucifixion, when the Voice of the Ark Angel will wake up the sleeping saints. When the power of the church rises, it will pull them. She was an appointed woman.

He dealt with Ahab and Jezebel on the way, but Elijah was sent to turn the hearts of the children to their fathers. This is why he came. This Gentile woman is a mystery of you and me in this hour. She came into this faith. She thought she is going to die. Watch the msytery in that time, when the famine comes and how God is providing for His elected people, and how the risen Son is quickening the faith seed. She had hidden resources, she never discovered. She had potentials, she never knew she had, like the eagle in the barnyard. He had a law to fly, which he didn’t know. He had what it took to fly out of the barnyard, but he had no teaching. Until the eagle came and uttered them seven screams, the light, the message of the seven thunders, began to wake him up and led him to discover his potentials. That’s what God is doing with you and me. You have all the potentials of God. Elijah got the woman to obey, to bake the cake first, put God first, seek ye first the Kingdom of God. Watch how Elijah is setting the woman’s priorities, watch how he is setting the church in a channel to operate in her house. And this is what the Word is doing. That risen SON is setting the church in order to see that creative power.

It is almost midnight when we all depart from Brother Dima’s home.

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