August 18, 2015 – Day 8


August 18, 2015

The Lord wakes us up today at 6 a.m. and we have such a wonderful view of the lake, seeing the mist lifting by the rising of the sun. This is what’s happening in the spiritual, too and all we can do these days is to praise and worship the Lord for His grace, His abundant outpouring of the Word to make us ready for dimensional travel.

After breakfast everybody is ready and in expectation to receive a deeper understanding of the Word, and the Lord has been so faithful through all these meetings, be it in the hall in Vilnius or here in Karaliskis; He never fails.

Karaliskis (41)


Session 1

This Message has become our lives as shepherds. God has put the sheep under the care of the shepherds. As He said to Peter ‘Feed my sheep, feed my lambs.’ When he was crucified they were shattered. They loved Him so much, they followed Him and they didn’t expect for Him to be taken away in that form. If we would have lived in that day to walk with Jesus, the Son of Man, and to sit in the meetings of Elijah, because they had seen John first – John’s message was to introduce the Messiah – they would have not known what to look for, or how to look. Their parents were in the systems, but when John appeared on the scene, his ministry was to turn the hearts of the fathers to the children. The Sadducees couldn’t do that, the Pharisees couldn’t do that either. Because they had the wrong concept of the Scriptures. They had built a system, because God had sent them prophets down to the Old Testament, and when they were taken in captivity in Babylon, they had the law, the prophets, all these things and they went down into Babylon, but when they came out they had Rabbis, synagogues, traditions; they had became another specie. And for four hundred years, from Malachi to John, they became whitened sepulchers, full of dead men’s bones. When John arose, he called them ‘snakes in the grass.’ Jesus told them they made the Word of God of none effect, preaching for doctrine the commandments of men. He even told them, they were of their father, the devil. And yet they thought they were faithful to Moses. They felt they were authorities, real leaders of the people. He said ‘In vain do they worship Me.’ They couldn’t see themselves that way. They became angry when He was showing them how God was seeing them. They had a wrong concept, and the light of the hour, John shook them, they couldn’t handle that kind of preaching. And Jesus said ‘What they do unto John, so shall they do likewise to the Son of Man.’ They had the people under their influence. In John 9, when the blind man’s eyes were opened, they excommunicated them from the church. Jairus was a secret believer, holding on to the meal ticket, and when God brought sickness in his home, and his daughter was about to die, he got desperate. And God was forcing the issue. They became so characterless and soft in their organizations that they didn’t see the importance to identify with the vindicated Truth.

Karaliskis (53)

In this day the prophet said ‘Many of you sit in your studies, listening, knowing it is the Truth, but you wouldn’t walk in it, because of a meal ticket.’ Nicodemus came by night in private, not in a service. He was the master in Israel, one of the man they thought would know the Word, and Jesus said ‘Marvel not, you must be born again.’ His first doctrine He preached was to be born again. He preached it to the priest, a man in his moral perfection, a man who considered himself a great theologian. And when Jesus said ‘You must be born again,’ he didn’t understand. ‘Are you a teacher in Israel, and don’t know these things?’ After two minutes Jesus had pulled the rug already from under him. In other Words, ‘If you have all those people in your synagogue, you cannot take them to a new birth. What really is your message? You cannot lead them in spiritual things, you are like a dead hen sitting on eggs; not one is going to hatch out. Not one could get a birth. Your church is in order, so nice, and everybody only has one birth.’ Yet Ezekiel said ‘I will give you a new heart, a new Spirit,’ speaking of the Holy Ghost.

The first thing when John came, he preached repentance, and a promise of One coming with the Holy Ghost and fire. When we see these things and we are in the second coming, this one in this day introduced Christ. There is a man here that can turn on the light, Who do you say this is? The presence of God unrecognized. God misunderstood. He was introducing this Christ to us. What is the sign? Did he know the secrets of the heart? He did the same things, and they couldn’t see it. I see all these people today, who say, they love Jesus and follow Him. If they would have lived at that day, they would have rejected Him then. And he indicted them for the second crucifixion of Jesus Christ.

So, you see how Jesus operated, the same ministry of the Son of Man has been reincarnated in this day. The first incarnation was in a virgin born Son, the corporal body, the second incarnation is in human flesh. When God came to Abraham, that wasn’t in the corporal body, that was a body, that God created and stepped in. God in a man, dust on His clothes, performed the sign. Genesis 18 gives a promise, that the Son of Man, who is revealed to Abraham in the beginning of the Bible and to Abraham’s natural seed in the middle of the Bible is going to be revealed to Abraham’s royal seed at the end of the Bible.

In this day we have the promise, we who are alive and remain, shall be changed. What happened to Abraham and Sarah in the beginning of the Bible, what happened to the natural seed in the middle of the Bible? These things will be happening here. When we watch the continuity of the Bible we realize the importance of being lined up and have discernment to see what the Word is. Because the message was presented by the prophet in a certain way and when we miss that, then what Jesus did was history, then we hold to Brother Branham here. We don’t realize, everything what is happening here is the same thing repeating. Back there it was in a little area, called Palestine, but this is happening on a global level today. And this is the realization and that’s why it’s so important to conceptualize these things.

Yesterday we spoke a little bit about the Book of Acts, which followed the ministry of the Son of Man. The key thing to get is the concept. Everybody has a different make-up. Like they had the twelve birthstones in the breastplate. As Israel was placed in the Holy Land so is the bride to be placed in the Holy Ghost. As they were given a measure of the land, today everyone has been dealt a measure of faith.

In that land were forests, mines, sea coasts and all the fish industry, in that land were the pastures for the cows, but it reads ‘land flowing with milk and honey,’ its poetic language, describing the orchards, all the fruits, rich and fertile. It’s describing the richness of the land. And so in that land, when Joshua divided the inheritance to the people, he placed them according to their birth. And gifts and callings… you are born with these. The shepherds didn’t get the sea cost, but the fishermen got the sea coast. So they were placed according to their gifts and abilities. And every tribe’s contribution made the economy strong. That’s why we don’t have the musician to do the janitorial work. We don’t place them by favouritism. We place them by gifts, because the gift is connected with the birth and it’s God who makes them what they are. They have to be in the place where God designed them for. This is the mystery, to look and see the equipment that God put in a man’s live, because God preplanned the man’s birth. The men who followed the star, followed the birth path. One man brought gold, one frankincense, one myrrh, and when God united these men, they had the appropriate gifts to reveal the birth of the Messiah.

That’s why denominations are cursed. This man pays a lot of tithes, thats why we have to find him a good place in the church. But God doesn’t do that, men just do that. And when a man has fear and is insecure, then he tries to be shrewd. This is manipulation and exploitation of people. That’s a curse, because the Spirit doesn’t lead in that channel. So, this is why the message is suffering, because we have so many people in the message, but the message is not in them. They get under that kind of influence, because they fail to see the line in which God is doing these things.

This is the age, satan could bring 99.99 % of the Word, but the supernatural element, which takes the operation of the Holy Ghost, is missing. That’s why nobody never had a break-up in the church for the opening of the six seals. There is no argument over the six seals; everybody is united. All the apostles were united until the mighty Angel descended. And when Mary came to Peter, James and them and said ‘Jesus is risen,’ and they said ‘Woman, you had seven devils.’ Why is this mentioned at the resurrection? Mary Magdalene had seven devils cast out, it doesn’t tell that before. Why it mentioned there? Because He was delivered for our offences, and He rose for our justification. When He rose, He came to the one, who had the fullness of devils, seven. And He appeared to her first. And then she went with the testimony and they couldn’t handle it. And Jesus came and rebuked all of them for disbelieving her.

We look at the order of things, and we realize we are in a similar time, just as it was then. She turned to Thomas, ‘Thomas the Lord is risen.’ He would not believe, ‘Keep that revelation to yourself, I don’t believe that. I believe the first six seals, but not that, except I don’t put my finger in His wounds.’

The men on the road to Emmaus they tell Him all the history ‘Haven’t you heard? He was a mighty prophet in Word and deed. His ministry had three phases,’ and they tried to convince Him but they couldn’t see Him. They seen a stranger and give him the Word. He said ‘Why are you so sad? You have all this knowledge and are sad?’ The condition of people.

We are talking about the Book of Acts, because that’s were we are. Everybody here baptized walks in the light, recognizes the gift in his live, and his responsibilities.,But as we put the microscope on the Word, it’s for us to see, if we are operating by scriptural laws and principles to achieve the things that we are looking for? None of us ever passed this way. We never brought a church to perfection. No church age ever took a living people into glorification. All the seven messengers have finished their earthly journey and are in glory. They sit back and relax and we are in hell on earth. And when this church has come to perfection, they are coming back. We really need to be under the Headship. The invisible union of the Head and the body, the Word from the Head has to come down in the body. This is Uniting Time and Sign to unite with the Head, that the Head and the body could be one, and that the body could move under the intelligence of the Head. This is the hour and so we have to have true expectations and true confidence. It cannot be an emotional confidence, but we need to see, that we are operating by scriptural principles. Because the Holy Spirit will not leave the Scriptures. And the third pull is the opening of the Word, the Scriptures. Because the Son of Man opened the Scripture, Luke 24:32 and in Luke 24:25 He opened their understanding. 1963 He opened the Word, but for many the understanding is not opened yet to the Scriptures which are open. When He broke the bread in a certain way, their eyes were opened. Then they run back and said to the disciples ‘The Lord is risen.’ He then appeared to them and opened their understanding.

Karaliskis (54)Our understanding is still not being enlightened, though the seals were opened in 1963. Reading is not revelation and because it has to be revealed, and if it’s truly revealed, it has to be something in our lives, that it produces a faith, because the apostles did the work they did, because the revelation brought faith. By faith Peter… by faith Paul… by faith Philip was translated, by faith Enoch was translated. And so they lived in that realm of perfect faith, because they understood what God had made them in Christ. And they didn’t have to convince the people, they didn’t preach ‘Walk in our shadow.’ The people were conscious, that the life that was in Jesus was in them. And they responded in that positive manner. They could believe on him whom God had sent to them. And in this age this is the big struggle in the minds of people. Many are leaning on their own understanding. A thinking man is the man who has the mind of Christ, he has the desire to see the Word manifested in his life, to see this Word live inside of him. We are in the mind age, and the mind has come down, because the eyes were the prophet, the seer, and then the intelligence comes.

The prophet showed us what kind of men the early church was. The mind of Christ coming down to us, who have been dealt a measure of faith. You get your ministry, your anointing, your commission, you know what your ministry is, the sphere of service, in the area where God lights that lamp and put it on a lamp stand. When God raises up a man in a certain area, it’s God lighting a lamp.

God doesn’t put all the men of God in Lithuania. He has His men in all different parts of the world. Ministers are light bearers. And the nature of the work that has to be done, the challenge would be in that area, and God has to anoint them in that way for the benefit of the elect and the success of the Word. It’s not slicing bread. In the old days they broke the bread, in this day they slice it nicely. But the Kingdom of God is not so. God designed a man for a little work or for a bigger work with certain gifts for a certain type of work. This is the sovereignty of God. So sometimes some people want to pull this man down, because they find, he is going up too high. ‘You are confusing the people. Brother Branham preached God In Simplicity, preach a simple message.’ For two-thousand years nobody could read the Book of Revelation, and then He opened it, and now you must preach about it.

People today have convention after convention; you bring a man to polish the car, but the car cannot move. ‘This is the man;’ they just want to gather people, they don’t know the needs of the church, but they want to be a leader of men. A leader has to know the need of the hour, how the battle is going. If soldiers are dying and the enemies’ weapons are more powerful, then you have to get the weaponry to bring more capable weapons, so you can put up a fight. But the generals are only giving orders on the battle field, and they try to tell them ‘you must die for the cause.’ A good general will know how to win the battle. So, you look around and see, a lot of men are out of their position, they want to do a lot of things, they have no respect how God set up His Kingdom.

People have not gone far enough in the message and they think the message is an advanced denomination. The message brings us back to God’s provided way. ‘You will see face to face;’ ‘In that day you will know ‘I in you and you in Me.’ Our partial realization is becoming perfect realization in this hour. You hear from your theophany; its a realization. You are the eternal attribute of God and the Spirit of God opens the mystery of your life, and he is teaching us what the Angel was teaching him.

And if we stay in that line and that continuation, we will see the things promised being made manifest in our lives. This is what we are planting for by God’s grace. Believers, sons of God, this is our expectation, our desire, because the Spirit of God is finishing the work through God-called men to carry this message. The message is full redemption and full restoration, because these things must be manifested before we go, to proof there is a literal restoration. People come to total deliverance, living in perfect faith and perfect love, they are striving for that.

With all the principles in the message, I am sure, after these days we have here, we will be able to look and see, that everything is in the message. This message is to make a certain kind of minister, an apostolic man. Brother Branham was an apostolic man among reformers; he was an eagle amongst roosters. He had to go beyond the camp, but they were not willing to go beyond the camp of organizations, they preached a more intellectual gospel.

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Session 2

I take a different approach many times. May be sometimes right now you think, it might be a lot, but in the days to come after the meetings, when you sit quietly, it will open up in a far greater way. I try to wait on Him while speaking. I speak like opening a vision. As ministers we are walking in a vision of the age, of the promises, of what we are called unto, what was fulfilled in the prophet and what is left to be fulfilled in the bride.

From 1946 to 1965 was a one-man move, and he was prophesying also things which would be fulfilled in him, but he was planting things for a bride. God speaks of a glorious church without spot or wrinkle. The book of Ephesians opens up this revelation of this church. If we are living in 2015 we must be able to look and see from 1965 until this present time, that these prophecies are fallen in the hearts of an elected people, out of whose lives is coming forth this interpretation. If God inspired the prophet to speak it, and he was speaking the evening time promises, then God is His own interpreter and when that Word is spoken, it cannot return void; it will perform according to the purpose for what it is send. The message fell in your part of the world, my part of the world, in many parts of the world, but wherever that message falls, there must be a people to catch the Word and bring this Word to life.

This church must be there. Because the preaching in the first age produced that church. Jesus planted that church, and a church came forth and wrote a Book of Acts. And the same ministry of Jesus Christ in the hour of restoration is reincarnated, a bride coming forth from around the world, the restoration of the bride tree. He was speaking about this great thing and she has all nine fruits.Sshe will be a continuation of the Book of Acts. That Word cannot return to God void. These are scriptural seeds and every seed brings forth after its kind. This is our focus. God is building a master piece, and the master piece is Christ revealed in sons and daughters. And this is our concern. I think that’s why we have a meeting like this. We just don’t want to be only in the message, but we want to see a real church in order, anointed, with God having the preeminence, oversight and leading. Not a church which the Galatians started and ended up in the flesh.

And so this is what we are striving for. I speak a little bit this evening out of John 3:16

John 3
16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. This Son here is God Himself in form of the Son. God is giving Himself. 17. For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved. And God sent another son in these last days to reveal that first Son, because the Son of Man should be revealed in this day in a son of man. The God prophet came down and was revealed in a prophet. There are prophets of God, but there is God, the Prophet, there are priests of God, but there is God, the Priest. He is eagle, lamb and lion, prophet, priest and king. Every prophet of God said, ‘Thus saith the Lord,’ but he said, ‘I say,’ because it was the Lord Himself speaking.  18. He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.  19. And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.

As we think on this subject a little bit, all the prophets were part of the Word, Moses was not the full Word, Elijah, Abraham, Jeremiah, Isaiah were not the full Word, none of these men could redeem man kind. Noah took a people out of the old world and then ended up being a drunk. David came and fought the giant and ended up committing adultery. Solomon ended up in idolatry. Moses brought the people out, spoke into existence, then he glorified himself, and smote the rock twice. He couldn’t take the people in. All these great men came and failed, because they were not the full Word. It took the fulness of the Word to redeem, they were just shadows of the One who was coming. Moses was a mystery of Christ, Joseph was a mystery of Christ, Abraham, David, and Solomon, they were part of the Word, they were not the full Word. But when all His Word was gathered up into Christ, He was the fullness of the Word. He came without sex and this One was able to redeem men back to the Garden of Eden. A greater than Moses is here, a greater than Solomon is here, a greater than Abraham is here, because they all were just types. Abraham went from one country to the other to deliver his lost fallen brother Lot, who was taken into captivity. When Abraham heard the news, that his kinsman was taken into captivity, he went to deliver him. He spoiled principalities and powers, and he slaughtered the kings and he brought back his kinsman with all his possessions. That’s what Christ was doing for us. Jesus came down, spoiled principalities and powers and He brought a people back and redeemed us back with all our possession. Brother Branham was living out this mystery and then Melchizedek appeared to him, who is Christ before He is incarnated, and gave Abraham bread and wine, elements of sacrifice. This was a mystery; Melchizedek who is the Word, was showing Abraham, He was going to become flesh and blood for redemption.

When Elohim was made flesh and dwelt among us, He took the bread and the wine before the Passover, ‘This is My Body, broken for you, this is My blood, shed for the remission of sins.’ The Word made flesh showing the mystery what these elements were. When we see how those men were shadows, Moses, a type of Christ, born in a time of persecution, came to deliver a people, and how God preserved his life. Herod tried to kill Jesus, but God preserved Him. Then the Red Sea, a type of the blood, where all the enemies were destroyed. The enemies had them in bondage, and they were destroyed in the Red Sea. The Rock had to be smitten before the elders of Israel, a type of Christ to bring the living water out. As Moses lifted up the brass serpent so the Son of Man must be lifted up. Look and live. The serpent had bitten them and they were going to a premature grave, a type of the serpent. And a man born by sex, every man was dying, but through the brass serpent, He was showing, that sin was judged. Brass is speaking of judgement. It had to be lifted up between heavens and earth because Jesus was lifted up between heavens and earth.

Job looked for a mediator, one who could stand in the gap, that’s why God had to become man, because in Christ God and man were united. All these types are from Egypt to Canaan, the slain Lamb, the Red Sea, the smitten Rock, the Ark in the midst of Jordan. The Ark typed Christ again destroying death power, and opened a way to bring a people into the inheritance. God said to cross when the Jordan was overflowing the banks, when the river was with it’s strongest current and it was impossible to cross, the priests stepped in with the ark and a way was opened. And through Jesus’ death on Calvary, a way had opened. All these mysteries, and the last enemy, that was destroyed, was death. From Egypt to Canaan; Egypt is where you are born in bondage, a bondage where you cannot deliver yourself. But a son was born, and the parents recognized, this was a supernatural child. They put him in the ark, because the deliverer was coming. A type of us. Through our birth we come into bondage, to be born by sex with a spirit of fear and bondage, we become captive to sin and to death. Death reigned in every man, but One was coming, a slain Lamb, a smitten Rock, a way was being opened to bring us back. When Jesus came, as Moses lifted up the brass serpent in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up. And when He came He showed to them, that He was the One Moses spoke of. The things Moses did were to show that a deliverer was coming to deliver the people from bondage. They had become slaves, it took a deliverer, one that God promised would be born among them in the fourth generation.

All these things from Genesis to Malachi, these four-thousand years, every prophet was bringing forth a revelation, unfolding the original prophecy. The original prophecy was, ‘The woman shall receive a Seed and this Seed shall bruise the serpent’s head.’ Isaiah spoke about it further ‘A virgin shall conceive,’ because everybody born by sex came dead. That was the tree that men shouldn’t have eaten from. Look in the Book of Job, the oldest Book in the Bible. God asked Job, where were you when the morning stars sang together? Paul comes and tells us, you were chosen in Christ. When Job came, the Book of Job opens with sacrifice. He was offering a burnt sacrifice. He got it from Abel. They knew what happened in the Garden. The first human being born by sex, Abel and Cain; Abel came with the mystery of the lamb, he was catching the mystery of redemption, because the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world. The serpent seed made a way for the virgin birth. And the virgin birth made a way for the new creation.

Adam was the head of a fallen ruined creation, every son in Adam’s loins fell into death and death was imputed to all the human race. Adam being the head of the human race, by one man sin was passed upon all men. And sin had dominion over man. And every man born by sex is in need of redemption; he is a fallen man, with few days and full of trouble. So in the beginning, the first man was man created by God. And God created man, male and female created He them, and God blessed them and gave them dominion.

Genesis 3 and 4, man born of a woman. The first man was an amateur god in God’s image and likeness. The second man was born into sickness and death. And that man came forth dead in sins and trespasses; in sin did my mother conceive me. David writes in Psalm 51: ‘Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me.’ Anyone born by sex is conceived in sin, dead in sin…he that is born of flesh is flesh. So then we see, the serpent seed made a way for the virgin birth, and that is the promise, the woman shall receive a seed and that being fulfilled brought the Head of the new creation, the incarnation of God.

Karaliskis (155)Now we have a new Adam. In the first Adam we all die, he is from the earth and earthy, the last Adam is the Lord from heaven, a quickening spirit. And so when Jesus came, that was the incarnation, God in man, God so loved, that He gave His Son. Then from there, the new creation made a way for the new birth. Watch the order; the serpent seed brought the fall, this One made a way for the virgin birth. The plan of God was: there must be a fall. If there was no fall, nobody needed redemption. And if there is no redemption, God’s plan is defeated, because His plan is redemption. The Lamb was slain, when nothing was created yet, it means the purpose of God was redemption, and God devised the plan how He would display Himself in redemption. So when God is creating and writing the Zodiac, the story of Christ’s death is there.


When He put the first man to sleep and made the woman a byproduct, He is fixing things for the fall. If God had made Eve an original creation, she couldn’t fall. The woman is the only specie designed the way she is designed. The animals cannot have sex for pleasure. They don’t, they have a season to mate. The female horse never lusts after the male camel. They can’t. The female cow never got attracted to the male horse, because the way they are designed is just to bring forth the young, they all have a time and season for this. They all come in the original creation. God made male and female and all the male in the animal kingdom are more beautiful than the female. Watch the deer, the moose, the lion, the rooster in the yard, the female looks ordinary. The serpent was the most beautiful being; the serpent in its first form is still so beautiful. Only when God made the woman a byproduct, He made her different to every other female specie. She is the only one who can have sex for pleasure, who has a virgin veil on her womb, and who can commit adultery. The female horse never can commit adultery, only the woman, because she is given no season. That’s why a woman represents the church. And in the last days you have the great whore and the daughters.

The Book of Proverbs tells you about every kind of woman, adulterous, vein, contentious, and in Proverbs 31 we read, ‘Who can find a virtuous woman…’ Again it’s a mystery of all the churches and the bride. And so when we look at the Word, and Brother Branham, when he preached Marriage And Divorce, he said, ‘I would like to sit down with the men in the congregation.’ The churches today, they are lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. This is a type of the woman, and Christ is not looking for this type of church And that is why Elieser was told ‘Go and don’t go to the Canaanites for my son.’ He had teaching; Noah cursed Canaan, because Canaan was a product of incest with Ham and Noah’s wife and the Canaanites were a cursed race. Esau married into the Canaanites. He was the firstborn, he had no teaching in the line of the Word. Abraham was watching the blood line. Now when they brought forth twins, the first born married a Hittite, then a next one, and when he sees the father is displeased, he married the third one, and his father only had one wive. It showed what was happening in the race. And this blood line was to bring forth that promise from the Garden, the Redeemer. We have to bring forth Christ. And as Christ was in Mary, so the Word is in the bride. This bride is knowing no man, this is God’s seed. When you see churches…if a church ends up with false teaching in her, she wasn’t faithful, she is seduced. Satan has transformed his ministers as angels of light. After his going, false anointed ones will come in, but this bride must remain virgin, otherwise there is no rapture and redemption. So the church it not a thing to play around with.


Before Brother Vin ends this session, he lays out many more Scriptures and he concludes:

God so loved, He gave you to the church. If God gives you to the bride, it’s because the potentials are in you to reproduce Christ. And through your life the life of Christ is released to your people. And your people will see Christ in you. God is not going backwards, but forward. Down through the Bible He revealed Jesus Christ. It was the Holy Ghost, Christ in that messenger speaking to the church what the church had need of. Jesus in bride form, the bride coming.

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