Summary of Europe Trip in June/July 2018


JULY 2018

First and foremost, we want to thank all faithful prayer warriors for keeping us before the Throne of Grace.

It was an exciting journey, compact and intense, and it hasn’t been always easy travelling from place to place, sleeping in different beds with very little sleep, eating different foods, and living from a suitcase for 3 weeks. But in all of this we are very happy, because the Word of the Lord came forth in such might and power that we have a feeling of accomplishment by knowing how much the Bride in this part of the world is blessed.

Whatever place in Eastern Europe we visited, big or small cities, we could see the subtile deceptive trail of the serpent going though like a red threat. Be it in Prague, Vienna, Katowice, Dresden… just to name a few, under the Communist regime the Catholics displayed their riches and it surely was and still is impressive to the people of this world.

Everyone of our team had a certain assignment in order to achieve the purpose for this journey to the desired end, and we believe, that the Lord is pleased.

God doesn’t depend on our ability, but on our availability.

God has answered the prayer for our Sister Sniegon, which was brought before Him on June 29, 2018, and He has healed and delivered her again from the hand of the enemy, manifesting His Promise by confirming His Word in a mighty way. Great, great, great is His faithfulness! 





To learn more about this exciting journey you may watch:

Testimony service Wednesday 11th July 2018


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