September 23rd, 2019

The meaning of this beautiful song is a mystery to us during this time of preparation, but hopefully at the end of this journey we’ll be able to tell! Meanwhile we listen over and over… Enjoy!

In just one week from today, September 23rd 2019, a team of 8 brethren from Trinidad: Brother Vin Dayal, Brother Timmy Dayal, Brother David Dayal, Brother Gideon Boisson, Brother Wrenrick Bishop, Brother Neil Keizer, Brother Steve Ramdeen and Brother Isaac Dasent, and two of us from Canada: Brother Burkhard Kraas and myself (Sister Doris) will be on our way for a four-weeks journey through different parts in India, God willing and we live.

Meanwhile Sister Patrice Dayal and others are labouring in the background to line up the flight connections, making sure everybody has a valid visa and vaccination, and coordinating things.

Each one of us has his assignment, as God is using the different gifts, that He has deposited in us, and like an army in unity and purpose we’ll be His Hand extended.

These little reports are written to give you a sneak peak behind the scenes, and certainly all of us rely on the grace of God, that is released by the continuous interceding prayers of the faithful saints, especially for God’s servant, who always without any reservations and consideration of time and space is sharing all that God has given him.

A couple of days ago I went through hundreds of photos from our last India trip in 2012 and it really filled my heart with great joy to look on the faces of thoseĀ believers, who are displaying such sincerity, a hunger and thirst for the true Word of God, and to see how the preaching of the Word effected them so deeply.

At this point I can’t wait to see them again, especially also the children, who by now have become teenagers and young adults.

The long flight time for the brothers from Trinidad on September 29th will be about five hours from Port of Spain to New York followed the next day by another 14 hour flight to Delhi. Our non-stop flight from Vancouver, Canada on October 1st will also take 14 hours, a real long weary time to sit in a small aluminum cage, so to speak. But God will carry us through, because He is mindful in all things.

As we start packing our suitcases, in our minds we already travel those jammed dusty roads again…

…or dragging our luggage and equipment through over-crowded train stations. So many memories pop up from our last trip in 2012, where we had to buy chains to fasten our suitcases together and possibly also to ourselves while riding the train through the seemingly never ending dark night. However, when the darkness finally disappeared, we could admire the vast blooming white cotton fields, that bordered the train tracks at the dawn of day, while clean fresh air came through the open window.

First and foremost we want to be a help in every possible way to the saints in the capacity, that each one of us is designed for.

It’s a great privilege to be part of this team once again, and I will try to write the journals is a timely manner as internet connections allow.

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