DAY 17 – Wola Piotrowa/Poland

DAY 17 – Wola Piotrowa/Poland

July 1st, 2018


Today is the last day of the great feast here in Wola Piotrowa, where the saints from so many different places have gathered. We see many familiar faces and it’s a great joy to be together with them battled scared soldiers and their offsprings in the Presence of the Lord. The worship service creates the right atmosphere, so the Word can have free course.







God knows each and every one and knows how to break the Bread and He gives the portion that each one needs.

Everything works for the benefit of His children. We look forward to these times and then time goes by so quickly.


The title of this message today is Redemption Is A Greater Work Than Creation, and Brother Vin proofs it all the way from Genesis to Revelation, that Creation was made for Redemption, and it’s not the concept what most people have, that the fall did take God by surprise and now He had to do some damage control.

God’s plan and purpose was redemption and it was determined before the foundation of the world, when the Lamb was slain, and our names were put in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

“This Message of 1200 tapes goes from Eternity to Eternity, and its not some doctrinal things to control people; it’s a relationship, the unveiling of God, to know who He is, what was in His Mind, how and what He thought about us. We had to  be expressed in the earth, and He came to us in our earthly journey.





We know we have a body waiting over there, one that we bypassed, but the hour is coming and is near, that this body will come to us. Let us walk in the light, let us get aside and think on these things.


It takes Christianity to another level, far beyond church attendance, routine and ritual of church service.” 

What a service today, the Masterpiece of all Masterpieces!

It takes a long time till everybody has been greeted and photos are made, because this is the last day of our visit, where everyone is gathered.

Deacon of Pastor Sniegon’s church: Brother Kupka and Pastor Pavel from Lithuania





The Jursa Family, where Brother Vin and Brother Steve Walters stayed in their home in 1989 and many others over the years.












The fellowship after the service is also very wonderful, but many people have have come long distances and need to return home.

Our brothers and sisters from Lithuania leave like us tomorrow, and we meet again in the evening for a special time of fellowship, where Brother Pavel shares some of his experiences of his recent visit to New Zealand, and where Brother Vin is laying out certain scriptural laws and principles to operate in the right atmosphere.

We enjoy every moment of this fellowship, and depart way after midnight.

It was a great day!

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