DAY 15 – Wola Piotrowa/Poland

June 29th, 2018


When we arrive at Brother Pietro Sniegon’s house today, who is the pastor of this little group of believers here in Wola Piotrowa, and they are so happy to see us and it doesn’t take long until Brother Vin shares precious memories about this very place, where the Lord has blessed him already 29 years ago; and many old friends, time-tested memorials have a special place in his heart.


In those early days, when the nation was still under the communist regime, he preached about the judgement of the Ahab and Jezebel system and two men from that regime were sitting in the meeting that night. After the meeting Brother Ladislav was frantic and told him, that he couldn’t preach these things here, and it would bring them in danger to be locked up. But when they realized the importance for the people to know all this, because in this nation those things were happening, they told him the next day, that he must preach about it. So many things happened here, Pastor Artur Cieslar from Gliwice was saved in those days, Brother Pavel was delivered from a tumour and his precious wife received the Holy Spirit in these meetings. 

When Brother Sniegon came here in 1966 from Czech Republic, it was a wilderness and they started to built their homes, and this little village consists only of one street, but people from Russia, White Russia, Lithuania and Romania and from all over the world gathered here for meetings over the years, and God’s servant ministered here many times.

This is such a nice fellowship before the first meeting today, and those memories seem to be so fresh like it was yesterday.


Brother Vin was here the last time seven years ago. At that time Brother Sniegon’s wife was so sick when they had meetings in Trinec and God healed her. At present she is very sick again and bedridden, and Brother Vin and the brothers pray for her today, expecting and believing that the Lord will touch her just the same and deliver her completely.

A group of about 18 believers with their shepherd Brother Pavel from the church in Vilnius arrive today for the meetings, and many more battle scared warriors like Brother Zalisz from Chezia gather tonight, where spiritual food in due season is ministered.

Brother Joel Poblocki, a genius for many languages, is interpreting Brother Vin this weekend.







Here is just a little excerpt from tonights service:

“These times are appointed even before the foundation of the world, and God knows and meets every need, if you believe with your heart and confess with your mouth. Know the things that you have need of and be convinced He will supply that need, because He promised. 

Title: The Responsibility Of Having Power And Operating Gifts

The Body of Christ is an anointed body and God equipped every member in a certain way and with a certain quality. God has dealt everyone a measure to operate, so this Body of Christ could be a living organism, this mystical Body.”

Brother Vin takes the Scripture from Psalm 106:7-8, his comments are in bold writing, which gives us the direction where the Spirit is going.

7 Our fathers understood not thy wonders in Egypt; they remembered not the multitude of thy mercies; but provoked him at the sea, even at the Red sea. David says here, that they didn’t understand the wonders and how they cried out to go back to Egypt. And they began to reproach Moses. That generation was so priviledged to see that prophet deliverer, that Angel that appeard to the prophet and commissoned him, that was born by a special birth, proofed that He was a prophet sent from the living God. As David read, he began to ponder, how could they witness these things, and didn’t understand what God did.

 8 Nevertheless he saved them for his name’s sake, because they were an elected people. God looked beyond all of this and saved them for His Name’s sake. God wants His people to know Him, to have confidence, to love Him that he might make his mighty power to be known. 

“This is the hour that the Lord is to pour out His fulness upon His people. To go in the Rapture is changing dimensions, it’s not to be raptured from Poland to Australia or from Poland to Canada, but it’s from this world, that is in a negative form, where there is sin and sickness, old age and death, this is upon the race of people that are on this planet. But God promised to take a people out, that He would change them, to restore them back to their youth in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, and He gives examples in the Bible.

There are five Raptures in the Bible. We see a fiery cloud whirling, picking up Elijah and we know it’s the same God. Even though certain details are not given with each manifestation of the Rapture, we know God is unchanging. When He does something the first time, it’s perfect to begin with. Because He is infinite, the omniscient God, He is not learning anything. He knows all things and all His works are perfect.

Sometimes you get revelation, but you want to be certain of God, you want to step out into what God is revealing to you, and you asked Him to confirm this to you. It’s a great thing to be in harmony with God. He is showing us, He likes to confirm, and do what we ask, so we can have assurance and consolation, that it’s not your emotion or imagination, but your faith is giving witness, because God promised these things for this hour.

It’s not you doing anything, you are just making the decision to obey God, to make yourself available, to bring yourself in surrender to His will, then He comes in by His Spirit. Then it’s no longer you. ‘It’s not by your might or by your power, but by my Spirit says the Lord. Without Me you can’t do nothing.’

What God wants is our availability. 

Too many people today just read; they believe the prophet, but the words on those pages have to be quickened, because the Spirit was speaking through the prophet. He didn’t invent those things. He was a receptacle. The Word of God came through the prophet and the prophet is the mouth piece. When he receives the thoughts of God, then he expresses the thoughts, and they are captured on a tape and then transcribed, but it’s God’s thoughts, and God ordained this man, the messenger for this age, and transmitted His thoughts to him by revelation, by vision, by dream, and he spoke these things, and it’s recorded and printed. Then we know we have the thoughts of God, and they are to reveal the will of God and we are called to believe this. And the seed has to find that bedding ground of faith in us. This is spiritual food in due season, that we have to feed upon and in this Word it reveals to everyone of us our place in the Body of Christ. You can’t be somebody else. When Solomon was going to build that temple, God had given the pattern by the Spirit. And everything was laid out and those stones had to be cut out precisely as it was specified in the pattern. God always works according to a pattern. Noah just couldnt built an ark, but God gave him the pattern and what animals to put inside of it. It was not Noah’s invention. The Tabernacle didn’t come out of Mose’s mind, God took him on the  mountain and gave him all dimensions and telling him the names of the men in the camp, who would build it.

Our prophet came and God gave him the pattern of the man, who is going in the Rapture. 

Faith, virtue, knowledge, temperance, patience, godliness, brotherly kindness, and charity; these are the characteristics of God. That’s the soul, that’s an attribute of God, part of God.

God is making known to you things that not have taken place. When He comes, He will bring back to your remembrance, what He has spoken. He will teach you all things and show you things to come. We have a great future before us.

But we have to go through treacherous waters also, very dark times. There will be persecution, and you will not have the liberty and freedom as you have now and the economic situation will get worth. At those times, He says ‘Fear not, there is a Man here that can turn on the light.’

And He will come down among us. Times like these are valuable to us to sit in the presence and be put in remembrance of what God has spoken for this day, and we can understand, what He requires of us.

Isn’t all Scripture written for our examples? How He worked in the past is to understand how He works today. As Christ was in Mary, so the Word is in the Bride. Christ is walking in our feet, working with our hands, speaking with our lips, God above us, God with us, God in us.

When God does His work He is often so misunderstood.  

God can change His form, but not His nature.

We are all cut out different, anointed different and placed different. Everyone has their position in the Body and every member of the Body has the same DNA. We are designed for certain functions. Today many people think of Christianity as church attendance. They don’t think of service, of election and calling. He doesn’t say ‘Make your attendance sure, but make your calling and election sure.’

God designed people for singing, for playing music; God made them that way and He has a reason and purpose for designing them so, and it’s the time now to come to our right place. 53 years have passed and the prophet is gone and the people don’t know how to identify their own characteristics so they can take their place. Because God is identified by His own characteristcs.

 Until we find our place we cannot function properly. The churches are still operating like it was in the reformer age, but we are in the age of restoration, not reformation. We come back to the apostolic order, because the heart of the children is turned back to the faith of the fathers.

You are waking up to that place to realize that your picture is in the family album. It’s to bring you to the awareness that you can see how God has dealt with you, what hour we have come to, how we should be in our place and position in the Body of believers. God designed you as a member of the Body, so that the Body could benefit.

Everything God does, there is an understanding with it, a reason for it, and when we fail to catch that, then we misunderstand God.

Let us understand God’s purpose, how He is getting us ready and how He is working amongst us so that His purpose is fulfilled in us. God in humility is revealing Himself in simplicity and how God wants to bring each one in, so the Body could be fitly joined and compacted together. Then there would be a true unity of the one God in His church.

God promises the fullness of His power in His church and all He puts in His church can be accessed by those whom He has given faith. We have to come into obedience of His will because the church is promised to be a sin-free church in this hour. Sin will not be able to stand amongst us. Satan is doing everything he can, to keep us divided, to bring fear and reservation. But we are ordained to overcome these things, that if we have differences we can sit and discuss it, and keep the Word before us.

Let’s keep pressing on!


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