January 9th and 10th, 2018

Working together for the Kingdom of God, working together in one accord

Come help me, I’ll help you, there is so much work to do

Working in harmony and love under the leadership of the Dove

Joining hearts and hands until we all stand in the stature of a perfect man.

The time here in different parts of Africa was amazing in every aspect and well spent. It is bitter/sweet that we are leaving our precious brothers and sisters for a season, the ones who received the Word with such joy and respect. We wish, we could have stayed a little longer, but at the same time we are also glad to head back home. 42 days is quite a long time for being away from home, and God kept every one of us healthy and strong, though a bit tired. We are especially grateful for the saints, who have kept the team in fervent prayer.

Souls were saved, people baptized, the sick healed, miracles performed; a true continuation of the Book of Acts; the Scripture of the second-fold mystery of the Seventh Seal has been fulfilled.

It was a real great experience for everybody to have a preview of part of the African Bride. Everywhere we went, we were treated with great love and respect; many hosted angels with awareness, not any more unawares.

The greatness of this journey was the Presence of God; He was always with us.

We thank God for what He is doing for His Bride worldwide, because the third woe cometh quickly, it’s an urgent cry! Certain scriptures are still to be fulfilled, and then He will take us home.

16 And when life is all over here on earth, the last prayer has been prayed, the battles are all done, smoke’s dried up, gone away, arms is stacked, the Bible’s closed, and we come up to Your house… That great morning, breaks eternal bright and fair, when the chosen ones shall gather to their home beyond the skies, as the poet said… Lord, as we see that great table stretched out there for that supper, thousands of miles long, looking across the table to each other, battle-scarred veterans, tears of joy running down our cheeks… The King come out in His beauty, holiness, walk down along the table and take His own hands and wipe the tears from our eyes, saying, “Don’t cry no more, it’s all over. Enter into the joys of the Lord.” The toils of the road will seem nothing then, Father, when we get to the end of the way.

54-0624 – “The Deep Calleth To The Deep”
Rev. William Marrion Branham


The services on January 19th and 21st are dedicated to personal testimonies of the saints and can be watched on the Third Exodus website.

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