HAITI – Day 12

Sunday, March 5th, 2017

Day 12

This is the very last day of the great spiritual feast here in Haiti and the service is in Pastor Conserve’s church in Croix-des-Bouquets. Needless to say that this little building, which is just adjacent to his house, is packed to the very last seat and the saints are in great expectations what the Lord has in store for them. The angels are all around, and the Angel of the Lord is here to minister to the heirs of salvation. What a great thing!

The service starts with the song, Love lifted me and how it reminds us where we came from and what the Lord did and is doing for us.

The saints create such a lovely atmosphere, and everybody is full of joy and happiness. Sister Martine kept her promise and she came and is singing             

Worship the Lord! 



Brother Vin:

It’s been a great time for us and the things we have seen give us understanding of the things we have not seen. Just after a couple days of fellowship we begin to discover we are one family, the family of God. We certainly feel in our hearts to be knitted together.

When we open the Book it seems time stands still and we enter into Eternity. We are thankful that we see things in the Book today, because it was sealed all those ages, but not only that. God asked us to take and eat It. Anybody whom God gives His inheritance to, they have a Title Deed. Adam was God’s only created son, He came outside a woman without sex. Jesus is God’s only begotten son, coming through a woman.


It was not good also that the second Adam was to be alone. We are standing here as the Bride of the second Adam to be married to Him. Adam had an inheritance but because of the fall he lost it, which is also part of the plan of God, so He could reveal redemption. Six thousand years God held the Deed. Two thousand years ago, the Head of the new creation, He became flesh and He redeemed back everything. And then after His purchase work – we are His purchased possession – He came to claim His purchased possession. All 7 messengers are in glory and they went to a celestial body and they have to come back to take up their bodies. We are the last few names in the book. They all had a new birth, but they don’t have their glorified bodies yet. Their bodies need to be raised up. But we who are alive, we are not going to the grave. We have a new birth and a new body. This mortal shall put on immortality.

And one day we will change dimensions, like Elijah, who was walking and began to ascend in a higher order. You want to go beyond coming to church. And like Enoch we want to walk with God and to please God. And without faith it’s impossible. Because this church shall live by His faith. What a place it is for us today. And this day the Lamb stepped forth at the end of the seventh age.

What a service! Brother Vin is preaching about:

The Names On His Thigh, The Names In The Book And The Name Written On Our Forehead, with the subject:  The Two Sections In The Book Of Life

“We are not following the crowd, but the Cloud.”                  

God wants to move in individuals, overcome in individuals; its the age of personal life.

Christ in YOU is the hope of glory. You bring forth fruits like the original tree. This is what we are called unto. We see brothers of like precious faith. 

It’s not our natural name, but our characteristics written in the Bible. We are God’s attributes, expressed in a certain season.


This is the day of  realization, to break into that supernatural realm, and recognize unto what end we are born. God has left us back for the last days, when the seals are open. The greatest thing that happened to you is when God brings you under the Voice and let you know who you are. God called you, anointed you and placed you. Don’t loose sight of what God has done for you. You are called for last; He gives you the revelation that under no circumstances you can be lost.

After the earthquake, hurricane, and pestilence I have come. All those things are happening to the nations.”

The service ends with wonderful worship. At the end of the service, Brother Antonio Conserve presents Brother Vin with a gift in appreciation of his ministry to the saints here in Haiti.


A little lunch is following the service in Pastor Conserve’s house and he gives each one of the team a hand-crafted piece of clay and for each sister  a nice scarf. 

One last photo before we leave:


After dismantling the equipment we make our way to the house, where we fellowship and reflecting back on what we have seen and what we have heard. God is doing tremendous things in the life of individuals, we can see Him moving in His supernatural way. Haiti had it’s timely visitation.

Time goes by so quick and before we know it, it almost midnight. It was again a tremendous day in God’s presence.

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