Haiti 2017 – Day 6

Monday, February 27, 2017


Dieu, Ta fidélité va jusqu’aux nues

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

It is another very special Jubilee day today. The believers here are very lovely people and and no doubt they have learned to trust for all their needs completely in Jehovah Jireh. And I am thinking, what do we know about tomorrow? Our life is completely in His most capable Hands and our footsteps are ordered by Him alone. 

The service today is supposed to start at 9 a.m. but we get badly stuck in traffic; obviously there is an accident which is blocking everything. Meanwhile the one lane road has become a four-lane road in one direction and it would take hours to get through this. The driver has to skillfully turn around and by Gods grace finds a detour. I need to mention here that we are here during their carnival celebrations, which adds extra congestions and detours to the traffic.

The service starts with Sister Sophie and a young sister from the local church singing together  “Hide me away, Lord” and it creates an amazing atmosphere. I want to mention here that our precious sisters are real testimonies and examples in their conduct, modesty and humility. Not to forget our precious brothers, who shine their light brighter than ever. 

Many specials in Creole are following before Brother Vin comes to the pulpit.

The translator for Brother Vin today is Brother Eli Jean-Mary, Brother Bernard’s son.

Brother Vin: “The Bible opens with the Seventh Seal, and may He take us today in this great mystery. “Let there be Light”  – God is calling for a ministry, a light bearer, a son, that has quickening power to bring a resurrection of all those seeds that were in the back part of God’s mind. There was no sign of life anywhere, but then life began to come. The seeds were always there and God knew what can bring them up. God knew what brings up the Bride in this hour, the seeds were scattered all over the earth. God’s spoken Word came forth from the mouth of a vindicated prophet and it couldn’t return to God void. And that is what called the names in the Book. They were groping in darkness of Laodicea, but when that spoken Word came forth “Arise and shine, thy Light has come and the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” And those seeds under the water began to penetrate the darkness, where the seed was in the earth, because there was transforming power in that seed. And it brings forth a people that the Lord delights in. Deep calleth to deep. You couldn’t deliver yourself from the darkness, but when the Light came, it was deliverance. 

Now it’s Christ, the mystery of God revealed in you; you are the reflection of Jesus Christ. May the Spirit of God move today and seal up your life. Surrender that life.

Transforming power is locked up in the seed in the earth but it takes the quickening power of the SON to strike the seed inside of you to change you from flesh to Word. 

May we recognize and have spiritual discernment. We must have that, to see Christ identified by His own characteristics. God wants to live in the control tower in our hearts, wants to control how we speak, think and act, control us to the Word, making us a prisoner in the chains of the Word, until we overcome ourselves, then the will of others, and then become a prisoner of the Word, so the will of God could be fulfilled. God’s Word calls for a total separation from all unbelief, perfect strength in perfect weakness, not trusting in human ability, but trusting in Him. 

The first one of this age had perfect faith, perfect love… he even apologized to a bull. How much more we should respect one another! Our thinking has to be filtered. 

A denominational mind cannot understand the Message of the prophet. The people today have the wrong concept of the opening of the seven seals. We live in harvest time, as laid out yesterday and the first four seals are happening right here. Look how they depopulate nations, reshaping nations. The seals is not just a book, but the book is talking about something happening in the earth. Why are some nations rich and some poor? They are reshaping the earth. They are changing the economy on a national level, a family level, and an individual level. 









This is the age of overcoming. But if your thirst gets perverted… they have perverted the thirst of the people, but we thirst for the living God and want more of Christ, more of God to perfect what is lacking in our lives. 

All the conditions you live in are working for your good. God looks for quality believers. The church got stuck in one place too long. True teaching trains the church, and when the Book is open, they find their places. 

But churches don’t have been trained and set in order. Sometimes people cannot discern what a ministry means. We are changed into what we behold. You must be changed from glory unto glory into the same image. 

If we have seen the Word operating in our lives, then we have immunity against all kinds of teaching. The ministers need to go deeper into the Word.”

Brother Vin laid this foundation to preach his message:

The Mystery Of The Seventh Seal In The Book Of Genesis

with the subject: The Mystery Of The Five Brides In The Book Of Genesis. 

What a service! What an excitement! 

There is great jubilee at the end of the service because a great restoration is taking place and the believers are extremely happy that Light has shone on them today.

Definitely a new day has dawned on them, it makes you sing and shout and dance about!



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