Medan, Indonesia 2016 Day 15


January 1st, 2016

Day 15

A Blessed And Happy New Year To The Bride Of Jesus Christ!

The new year is starting out so incredible with wonderful fellowship around the Word and we are forever grateful for this rare opportunity to sit and listen to the present truth, until it becomes substance in us. We become what we eat!

Brother Itok and Brother Ivan pick us up from the hotel today at 3 p.m., but before we go to his house we stop for some coffee and ice crème and while fellowshipping we don’t realize how fast the next 4 hours go by. Ever since we touched Indonesian ground we have had 11 services so far, lots of fellowship around the Word, and the precious fountain never runs dry, but continues to open more and more.DSC_3311

When we arrive at Brother Itok’s house our brothers and sisters are already waiting with a surprise for us, and present us a lovely gift as a sign of their thankfulness for our coming. They have so little and give so much…







The wonderful fellowship which follows now is extraordinary and before we know it, it’s after midnight.


Just before we leave tonight, Sister Angela Banurea shares her testimony with me: “In 2004, when I studied at the University, my father called me to come back home to get baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. As being obedient to my parents, I did it. Brother Claude Poulter baptized me and Brother Itok was also there. But I did not yet completely understand  the Message. In 2011, Brother Claude and Brother Itok held a seminar in Dolok Sanggul. Bro. Claude preached about Eliezer calling Rebekah to meet Isaac, and then I started fully believing this Prophet, Brother Branham. Jesus did it for me. After that, by listening and reading Brother Branham’s messages, by listening to Brother Itok’s preaching, by listening to Message songs, by having fellowship with the saints, the Lord Jesus gave me revelation. Now I pray with this revelation, that Christ will be born in all the acts of my life.”

During all these happenings tonight, our never tired Brother Timmy is sharing his rich knowledge in sound and video with the musicians DSC_3336and our patient Brother Burkhard does some work on the computer with Brother Daniel Sitanggang.DSC_3337


The first day of the

New Year is truly

very remarkable!

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