Siberia November 29th, 2015 Day 4


November 29th, 2015

Day 4

The Service starts today at 12 a.m. and I am sitting in the very back of the church to write some notes. The worship service brings such a powerful atmosphere, that I have to put my notes down; the presence of the Lord is so strong.











The people here are in unity and oneness of Spirit and yet in simplicity, humility and sincerity, and God shows that He is pleased by coming down in our midst. The song leader, Brother Nikolai Kadurov, DSC_1255who also led the banquet for the 20. church anniversary yesterday, is full of the joy of the Holy Spirit and creates the right atmosphere.






















I just want to share in this journal a few highlights from the service today, because to get the full picture it would require to listen to the entire service.


God keeps all His promises. We come to the realization, it’s you He is speaking of, it’s you He is seeing. And He so quickens us in this hour to bring us into this realization. We recognize our day, our promise, our message. We are the ones, we have been waiting for, not for somebody else. We look in the Word and seeing that Word is being interpreted in us. In that day you will know as you are known, you look face to face. The amnesia is gone. This brings a joy, you made it. You were chosen before the foundation of the world.









We have personal identification. We see Ruth at harvest time. We see Rebekah called by Elieser at evening time. This is the evening time, Elieser came and called you out, brought you to the bridegroom. You begin to realize that’s like me. It’s different than joining a church or I am in the message, but the message is in me. Isn’t this the secret? The Word is in the Bride. God made you what you are and the time comes, He shows you your picture and you begin to realize, you are chosen.DSC_1273








TheTitle for the service is Restoration By Enforcement

The subject The time of the Restitution Of All Things

Matthew 17:10-27

[10] And his disciples asked him, saying, Why then say the scribes that Elias must first come? [11] And Jesus answered and said unto them, Elias truly shall first come, and restore all things.

When Jesus is speaking this, three Elijahs had already come and gone, this was a promise of the fourth coming. [12] But I say unto you, That Elias is come already, and they knew him not, but have done unto him whatsoever they listed. Likewise shall also the Son of man suffer of them. [13] Then the disciples understood that he spake unto them of John the Baptist.

Acts 3:19-21

[19] Repent ye therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord; [20] And he shall send Jesus Christ, which before was preached unto you: [21] Whom the heaven must receive until the times of restitution of all things, which God hath spoken by the mouth of all his holy prophets since the world began.

From the time Adam and Eve had fallen in the garden of Eden, the promise was given, that the woman shall receive a Seed that shall bruise the serpent’s head. That was the first prophecy given and every other prophet gave more information, unfolding this prophecy. Until He came, everything spoke of Him. Christ, revealing Himself in His own Word, proving that He was the Messiah. When Jesus came, it was difficult for the Jews to recognize Him, because they were prophesied to be blind in that age.










They couldn’t relate in that fashion to the Word because the teachers made the Word of no effect. They were blinded by private interpretations of men. Today it’s the same. Then we see what great grace has come to a person, when God can come and anoint you, when the Spirit can teach you from the scripture. You have perception. Why? Because you have been taught what time you are living in, what is promised for that time, and what will be the identification.


Watch Brother Branham when he came, God Is Identified By His  Identification; The Identified Masterpiece Of God. He is teaching us how to look. He is teaching us our time, the condition of the time; The Flashing Red Light Of His Coming; Uniting Time And Sign; End Time Sign Seed; Recognize Your Day And Message; A True Sign Overlooked; God Misunderstood; The Presence Of God Unrecognized; God Is Identified By His Own Characteristics; Let Us See God; The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us; Who Do You Say This Is; A Greater Than Solomon Is Here. What is he doing? Waking up a people to see their day and message.


They were all united together until the mighty Angel descended. When He descended, then the confusion started. There is no war or disagreement, people don’t fight over the first, second, third, fourth, fifth or sixth seal. All the disagreement comes when the new day dawns and the mighty Angel descended.



In those fourty days in disagreement He found them and pulled them together and brought them into one mind and one accord.


When the Son of Man is revealed in this day, in this dark hour, He says ‘Shalom.’ The darkest hour is just before dawn. ‘Good morning, Shalom’, and after Shalom, It Is The Rising Of The Sun, it shall be light in the evening time. The evening and the morning were the first day. When the evening light came, then from evening it went to midnight, then at midnight ‘Behold the bridegroom cometh’, then from midnight to daybreak, and then from daybreak to Shalom, it is the rising of the Son. When the evening light came, we begin to walk in the light and that light brings us through a great dark time, but then that voice is announcing to us, the bridegroom cometh, He is on the scene, it’s lamp-trimming time. And then He separated light from darkness and we live in a new day. The cold stiff body is quickened, is raised up in the new day.DSC_1307

God started at the evening time. ‘Let there be light.’ That light came at evening time. At the end of the seventh day the light came and a new day is broken. What we had in the beginning is coming back to us in manifestation. And watch Jesus for forty days. He is talking to them and He set them in order to receive the benefit of what was achieved. From the rejection of the Son of Man, the second crucifixion, when the churches came together and said ‘Away with Him, crucify Him,’ and they rejected the message, it became a difficult time for the believers.DSC_1296








It took a Gethsemane and a Calvary to make an Easter. And we have come through a time after all organizations came together and put Christ out of the church; they rejected Him, a total black-out, and the seventh age went into apostasy. But under all the darkness, light has come for the elect and God has quickened them. And when the Spirit started to move at that new day, a perfect man and a perfect woman in a perfect Eden are standing there.DSC_1318









The church is moving into a sphere where it’s coming to a sin-free church. God is restoring back the oneness. At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in Me, and I in you. Together we are all in one. And it’s in this hour here, when the Spirit of God is moving.

When the mighty Angel came down, the battle started. Everybody had an individual revelation, but they all were coming to it, because they were elected and called.

He has designed us and He knows what and how to deal with each one of us to bring us to peace and confidence. He knows when we are disappointed what we are going to do, He knows who likes to worry too much and He says ‘Don’t worry, all is well. Worry can’t change anything. Nothing is going wrong.’ He is passing you through places to let you see, He will supply all your needs. He already has it all prepared. He knows time and season, but He wants to make Himself known to each one.DSC_1306

We are now under preparation for migration to an extra-terrestrial civilization. Heaven is a real place, a civilization higher than this. The message shows us how to prepare for great translation faith. Jesus rose in a glorified body, where He appeared and disappeared. Did He say, that we will have a glorious body like His body?


What fallen men are looking for out there on other planets is right here. We have extra-terrestrial life; the gene of God in this terrestrial body. We have vision beyond the Hubble Telescope. We have come to discover hidden resources in us and we can rise into another realm and we can lift the fellow man, which might be confused or indecisive. And then they begin to see that God has put resources into them.DSC_1265

The little eagle in the barnyard, he hung around too many chickens. He had a law to fly. The chickens make him feel miserable, laugh at him and he gets so discouraged.



And one day he sees the eagle fly, and he screams out seven screams ‘Junior, I come to unseal the vision of the prophecy. I come to explain to you your strange and misunderstood life. You were an eagle from the egg. Chicken cannot teach that, they only have maybe four seals. The law to fly is already in you, set your wings. That’s what I am telling you. You were always an eagle. In this day of your visitation I’ve come down.’

And the chickens run to pastor rooster saying, ‘Little junior, the ugly chicken, another ugly chicken came and captured him.’ And they say, ‘Look how happy junior is, look at him flying.’ They start now questions and answers. ‘Pastor rooster, can I fly?’ ‘No, that’s fanatism. The Bible says, believe not in strange doctrine.’ ‘But remember the time you were on the barnyard post and you tried to fly… he can go further than the post here.’

He discovered a law to fly, the equipment was in him. But nobody ever told him that he possessed that. Nobody who never flew was able to tell him what flying is. And then one day at evening time, Malachi 4:5 and Revelation 10:7 came flying.DSC_1276

He began to discover hidden resources in him, but not until the opening of the Seventh Seal. You had a barnyard-stage of your experience, but you lived out that time. The message is not about who is going to church, what church you are going to, but the elect begin to recognize who they are, discover secret passages that lead to immortality, to get back to that civilization, far higher than this.

This world is like a testing ground, you come here through kindergarden, then through elementary level, then high school, then university to a spiritual evolution to get ready to live in another civilization. Science is trying to find this. This earth is a template, a pattern for the whole universe. All the creatures have their habitat. Different people in different nations look different, different kind of civilizations.

The gene of God links you to omniscience, Invisible union, uniting time, this higher intelligence. We have about 1200 tapes by now, and out of all those tapes, that one ‘Looking To The Unseen’ was speaking to me. When the plane was landing at the airport Saturday morning, I said ‘God, I could never think back there to be in a place like this. What am I doing here?’ Our path was predestinated to come here.

Like last night, three men coming from three different birth path and each one is linked to the star, and we are walking in that light.IMG_2228 Your mother and father could only produce your body, but not your soul. Your soul comes from God. This here is temporal, but inside of you is the eternal. This one here gets intelligence from the educational system, but this one inside here is linked to a supernatural intelligence.



When we leave this building, God is communicating and showing you the cruel world, hostile, but you have the love of God in reality. You have spiritual discernment. It’s not church going. Yes, we come together to sing, to pray… Eternal life is not in religion. Eternal life is in an elected people. When they open the Bible, they can find their picture in it. DSC_1279 No matter where you live or what your education is, it has nothing to do with eternal life. Peter was uneducated but God gave him the key to the Kingdom. Paul was highly educated, but he couldn’t understand what publicans and tax collectors understood. What God can do with us, when He can get us under His influence, when we can open our heart to let Him lead us, what kind of church we could be! I am sitting here in amazement with admiration and respect, seeing the species, the quality. Looking at my brother Eugene this morning singing the jubilee song Freedom, and standing there knowing this is the hour of restoration, we are going back to our inheritance, going back to the beginning.


I am trying to talk to you to let you see the message, to walk with the Lord Jesus outside of an organization. He is on the outside. After the mighty Angel came down He went to Tiberias, and He looked for everyone one of them. He can talk to us in the way we can understand Him. He deals with us many times, but we don’t recognize that it’s Him. When that perception begins to get refined, you realize how true the word is ‘Lo, I am with you always, I will never leave you.’ The Rock is in speaking distance, in hearing distance. Brother Branham said, that you are bumping into angels and don’t realize. Sometimes we feel goose bumps, it’s angels you bump into.

The healer is here, the deliverer is here, the comforter is here, the one who enlightens is here, the baptizer with the Holy Ghost is here, what we have need of is right here. But it takes faith, the super sense, the faith that reaches out and takes a hold ‘I believe you, Lord, I receive it.’ Why? Because ‘Where two or three are gathered in My name, there I am in the midst.’ We entertain angels unawares.

In this hour God lifts His church to be more sensitive, because the message has opened up to us, angels are all around us. We have to live in the understanding of what has opened. We have to step in there, let go the church world and come to live in the realm of the Word, in the realm of faith, not in reasoning or imagination, but in expectation, where all things are possible.


In our family from Adam all the way down we have been in contact and communication and have been visited by extra-terrestrial intelligence. Extra-terrestial intelligence picked up Enoch, extra-terrestrial intelligence picked up Elijah, and brought him back on Mount transfiguration with Moses, extra- terrestial intelligence was with Paul in the ship. Fourteen days and nights he couldn’t see the sun and the moon, nothing, the ship was falling apart and Paul said, ‘For there stood by me this night the angel of God, whose I am, and whom I serve, saying, ‘Fear not, Paul, thou must be brought before Caesar: and lo, God hath given thee all them that sail with thee.’

Sitting in His presence, that’s the value of the service.

Brother Viktor concludes with Psalms 103:19-21

[19] The Lord hath prepared his throne in the heavens; and his kingdom ruleth over all. [20] Bless the Lord , ye his angels, that excel in strength, that do his commandments, hearkening unto the voice of his word. [21] Bless ye the Lord, all ye his hosts; ye ministers of his, that do his pleasure.

‘Who do you say she is?DSC_1313

We worship and pray more than one hour after the preaching of the Word. It’s really hard to stop and leave the atmosphere.DSC_1311DSC_1315


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