August 23, 2015 – Day 13

Today is the last great day of the feast here in Lithuania, and after these 13 days of services and fellowship we are so filled with the Word, that it is almost painful to go back to our normal daily lives and duties. This world has become strangely dim and even the most beautiful things have lost all their attraction. What more can I say? We are blessed beyond anything, and just want to dwell in this atmosphere forever.

The faithful musicians here create such a wonderful atmosphere for the worship and praise of the people; and being in one mind and one accord, God is dwelling in our midst.


The children are singing ‘We too have a theophany… Russian and also some verses in English!



Brother Vin:
Although these days were very hectic, but they were also the most enjoyable times in my life. I am certainly enjoying being in your midst and partake on the blessings, which God has so graciously bestowed unto you. After 14 years I have come back, and I am now walking into a watered garden. In the beginning just little herbs were coming up. It truly has been a wonderful time. May God bless all that is connected with you. What we see we will share with many. That’s how it was in the time of Solomon, and way down in Ethiopia the queen of the South heard, that there was a little kingdom there, so small, but supernatural things were happening and God was among His people. It’s just the grace and power of God, who is able to do all that has been done, and that I stand here still this morning to preach this last service. What a feast it has been. We have seen all the sacrifices, all those who came from far and nearby, and all those who are identified. We have meetings like these ourselves, so we know what is behind the scenes. Every place we went, so fine tables, sisters behind the scenes have been cooking all these things, doing everything. The brothers, officers, everybody is executing their office and everything is going smoothly, all the musicians, the hours of practise and when we come and gather together, it’s such a fine atmosphere. It certainly has been complimentary to the prophet, all his labour and sacrifices, running with a message, humiliated, opposed, rejected. This fellowship was broken, he was wounded, but like a wounded Dove the message came home. What a translation! His own nation rejected him. The flag that he lifted high, they have cast aside. But he looks over the banister this morning, and he can see the blessing. It was worth it all, that he stood faithful to the Word. Because he sees the believers are coming in this quality and caliber, I am sure his heart is satisfied.

The title of this message today is

The New Name, The Hidden Manna And The New Body

Revelation 2
17. He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.  A new name written in white stone.

Revelation 3
12. Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of my God, and he shall go no more out: You are part of His temple, no earthquake, no hurricane, no man can take you out of your place, because this is His plan concerning you. He has put us in a day where we don’t go to the grave and I will write upon him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, which is the new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from my God: and I will write upon him my new name.  I will give him a new name; one that identifies that you are part of His family. You are an attribute of your Father; you have His nature, His characteristics. …and they took note, they have been with Jesus

Revelation 21
10. And he carried me away in the spirit to a great and high mountain, and shewed me that great city, the holy Jerusalem, descending out of heaven from God, 11. Having the glory of God: and her light was like unto a stone most precious, even like a jasper stone, clear as crystal;

The prophet said ‘I call you no more church, I call you bride.’ What a thing! When you call yourself how He calls you, something is happening. Confess what He made you.

The prophet had preached in the morning Sirs, is this the time of the end. He had seen the great healing revival coming forth, and from 1958 to 1962 he began to open up things in the Bible that the reformers left because they didn’t live long enough, and he started from the ‘serpent seed’, from the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, and he went all the way to Revelation 10. In 1960 he opened the first three chapters of Revelation and preached The Seven Church Ages. And the Pillar of Fire came down and wrote over what he had drawn to confirm his teaching.

In 1962 there were six dreams in his church, from February 1961 all the way to 1962, and all these dreams were that something was fixing to happen; God was moving in the assembly. Not in church people, that’s why the message is in the condition today, because people have not moved on, they think he just preached a sermon, and have become church people.

In 1964 he is preaching The Mighty God is unveiled before us, he asked ‘How many were there at the river that day when the Angel came down? Oh yes, the Wright family, Hattie, my wife’ and they saw that boy preacher become God to a generation, just like Moses. God told Moses, ‘I make you God.’ And while the Word was in Moses to be given out, he was God. He talked about it when he went out in the healing revival, leaving the tabernacle, didn’t even have a good suit, no good shirt. His wife had to turn the collars backward, because they were eaten up with sweat. Two thousand years ago Jesus spoke that His servant at super time will go and call the maimed, the lame and the blind, a healing revival. It’s supper time, evening time. It’s not servants, it’s servant, singular. And here this was going to be fulfilled. He didn’t have a good shirt, a good coat. He was going out amongst all the polished scholars, and they must have had a little pity and sympathy for him, but when he stood up there and gave his testimony about the Angel of God appeared to him, he said ‘I preached all the time with the hand on the patch,’ he was so self-conscious. When God came down and began to heal the people, everybody was rushing to touch that coat. Like the woman in the Bible who touched the hem of His garment. You think God just told us things like this of his humble beginnings and his complexes? He just rotated around Indiana, and now he was going into the world and he became the leader of the greatest healing revival the world had ever known. I am telling you that, because when you are in church, you cannot just come by attendance. You have to be sensitive of what’s going on in your church.

And when you have found the right message church, there He is; you have to see it. Not sit down and watch it, but you roll up your sleeves and become part of it. Because the church is not our flesh, not our money, not our jobs, it’s the mercy of God who connects life with life. This is dirt, but there is a seed in this dirt, that is to reproduce Christ in you, the hope of glory, Christ being reproduced in human beings, and the risen Son rose up in these last days, the quickening power. What is He coming to do? To quicken the seeds in the dirt. When you put your plants, your vegetables, your flowers in the earth, you cannot make it grow. That risen sun, that light will bring it up.

A man is like a tree planted by the rives of waters, but before it’s a tree, it’s a seed, and then it will bring forth its fruit. One is a medicinal plant, may be eucalyptus, others are fruit trees; God gives each one a place and when you come together, it’s a garden, and there is a river, and a river went through Eden, to water everything. That’s the Holy Ghost in the church, a tree by the rivers plural, water singular, one type of water through apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, evangelists, and the garden is flourishing. And the husband man is cultivating it. This is the assembly. Called out of organizations, from the desert, dry and dead, barren, and brings us to transplant us. As God took a wine out of Egypt – Israel was a wine, and God carried him to Canaan. God took us out of the world, and transplanted us. Now we live not for the world with its evil, but we live for the glory of God. And each tree begins to understand his properties. And that’s when you take your place in the assembly. Solomon had one gift but the people rallied around Solomon and they had the greatest age in Israel. Moses had the gifts to bring forth flies, frogs…but the people murmured, and after 40 years God had to smite a whole generation.

In the time of Solomon; he didn’t shut the heaven, didn’t call no flies, but he came with wisdom, with something Divine, and the people began to see, how God can take a young man and before you know it, the kings of the earth bringing their glory. The queen of the South came, but she said, not the half was told; she had so many questions, and there was no spirit left in her. How did it get there? The people weren’t ashamed, and God so loved them that He gave them such a gift. And when they recognized the gift God gave them, they cherished it and told others. And when the caravans came through, doing the trade and the commerce, they said that something in this city was special ‘What is happening here? It seems like a revival.’ They were blessed because of Solomon. Wherever they went, the world was getting to know; the caravans – that was God’s internet – brought these great news.

Brother Branham had a dirt floor, took the offering, 80 cents, but the whole church gathered to put the lentils and peas together and everybody was contented in the days of the depression. They rallied around the gift. Under that little church was once a lily pond, and the critics laughed and said, it would turn into a garage. But look how these things were hidden in the Bible before the foundation of the world, to bring a church from mortality to immortality.

From there he preached ‘God In Simplicity’. God in humility, farmers, people who worked in the gas stations; look where he opened the seals, because seven angels were to come. He did this among a people in an age where everything is super, super market, super highway, but it’s Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever. Get in and take your place and refuse to be shaken from your place; otherwise you are a dead socket in the church. But the power of God needs to flow through the members of the body and the church is in one mind and one accord, focusing in one direction, marching with the symphony, moving in rank and file, a great army, soldiers that God has raised up. This is the bride, a moving organism. Those other things are seminaries and cemeteries; dead, and artificial. When it’s life, the joy in Zion, healing, blessings, so that people can come from all over to be among you and light their fire. And this fire, Angels, Seraphim, flew to the fire, living fire, took that living fire and cleansed a young man ‘Who will go for us?’ It had something to cleanse. And that’s what the church is today. I make you a pillar in the temple of God. When the glory filled the temple, the pillars shook, not as if they were weak. The kind of temple this is, it vibrates under the power of God, happy, and satan is powerless. The Holy Spirit moved through the trees like a mighty rushing wind, and they knew the Lord was there. That sensitiveness, that brother is a tree, that sister is a tree, and the tree is responding under the winds of the Holy Spirit, moving in the garden. We don’t just like the natural trees, which are just a shadow. The church should be like that. And when the former rain and the latter rain comes down, the teaching rain, so the Word is living in the people, it’s a tree with fruit, and the life comes forth in manifestation, because the fruit is the manifestation of the life in the tree. And the rain is keeping the tree healthy and strong, and the harvest rain brings out the fruit, then it bows in humility. You are a bride, a fruitful garden and there are certain trees, they have a fragrance, sweetness. When that is happening, you want to sit in the garden now, so you could take that in. Then sitting in the service, in the garden, the Lord comes down among His people, because the sweet fragrance comes up to Him. He tells His angels, ‘I am going down, I want to go amongst them, eat from the pleasant fruits, and He comes and eats.’ And the Lord Jesus said ‘A good sower…’ He planted. When you open the Book of Genesis… and the Lord God planted a garden. I just throw a few words in for you as a church.

We had a lot of teaching and opening of the Word, and now some little admonitions and exhortations. If somebody would say ‘I work with the ministry of health; I come and check the garden. I was checking on YouTube, but now I come in the cool of the evening, and walk through the garden.’ He takes note, pray for this, that tree is attacked with fungus, it drops the fruit. This one is attacked; he is confused with the doctrine. But here are some oaks standing strong, they are not shaken, established, the roots go deep, and you see the olive, the lily, the rose, sisters, brothers in the garden. You say the garden is doing good, just needed a little spray; this kind of spray will heal the fungus. This one will take care of that tree there, where the fruit is falling and then the garden is beautiful again.

You see, one of the things I have noticed first in this part of the world, everybody has a little kitchen garden. And when they sit around in the garden, what they have planted and watered and harvested, they just sit and eat, Matthew 13 and Mark 4, Songs of Solomon. All of that talks about a garden, how you plant and how you grow your crop, seed for the sower and bread for the eater, a mystery of the church. Paul said, ‘I have planted, Apollos has watered,’ nothing is being neglected, everything is prospering, this is the church. This is when the church comes in this condition. But when we come from organizations, they go and come out, they keep their religion; I don’t feel to go up today, may be tomorrow;’ there is no commitment. God has come down and He wants us all to be part of the assembly. Through these believers God wants to light up this part of the world.

And the people relate to it in a conscious way, not in a religious way. God has given us a consciousness; He opened the Scripture and opened our understanding. Without faith it’s impossible to please God, not without attendance, without faith.

‘As I love you, so love one another.’ The endeavours to keep the unity in the bond of peace and be fitly joined and compacted together in the measure that every joint supplies for the effectual working of the body. When you break into this, this is our church. The way you love your home, your children, your family, and work together in your home and family, that’s the church family and we bring it here. And so we have a happy church, that’s why we call each other brother and sister. This is the church home. The church family, we are all born by the Spirit and we unite together. Because God wants us to be witnesses in this part of the world.

The sick will come and leave healed, the sad and wounded will come in and be healed in the presence of God and the love of the people. The old will leap and run again. I tell you the truth, I turned 64 a couple of days ago, and I think I am 18. When I see the young boys, I passed there. When I see the young sisters walking like Ruth, taking a stand like Esther and you can find something that they can hold themselves together and you can go with confidence. When you find the old and weary, I say ‘Come with me and sit with Abraham and Sarah a little bit.’

I just feel I couldn’t preach, and I needed to say a few pastoral things before I leave. Like going in a home; they treat you nice, then you want to leave some blessings or something, you can express your gratitude, and this is what is happening.

I had the privilege to sit with some of you, but didn’t have the time to speak in person with everyone, and I talked as much as I could talk, with whatever available time I had. I felt good, and the sisters treating us so nice, and we feel so relaxed, overwhelming us with hospitality, and we feel special. When friends need to depart, we want them to know, you did enjoy yourself and appreciate every moment. When you are among family and I feel I am part of the family, then there is more than just preaching.

When I stand and look at you, I wish I had more time. I would like to spend time with the young men, hear some of their experiences. They bring a revolution, which means change, and revelation brings revolution. Revolution shakes up things, and throws over the old government. Sometimes satan is governing our lives, and then He comes in, throws satan out and you have a revolution.

With what I have read here about the new name and I hear the songs about seeing your new name in the Bible; I know they are not talking from the first birth. So when they are singing, and they see their name, that is a birth to the world of faith.

First you live in the human realm; when you speak of your identify, you think physical and the world you are living in, but when you receive the new birth, you come into a new world, new desire, new expectation, old things pass away and all things become new; a new walk, new talk, new nature and you go to a new earth and a new Heaven. God wants to give you a new body. When you hear them singing, I see my name, something happened, this is a new consciousness, a new realization, and so that is in the Bible.

Revelation 2
To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth it.

‘I write upon you the name of my God,’ this writing is not by pen and ink, but by the new birth. By your first birth, through the DNA inside of you, He writes certain things there, so people who could read that signature would tell you who your father is. They can see your identity, your ancestry line, because the life is in the blood, and in that life there is the character identifying that life. God has designed things like that. When God said, let there be a horse, let there be a lion…God is very specific. God’s spoken Word, which is to express His thinking and His thinking are His thoughts and when it’s spoken it becomes Word, and then when that Word is manifested that’s the character of that seed, and that life comes to expression. This thing is called lion and you start to study the lion, or the life of the lion, how he roars, his courage, his bravery, you begin to see all what was in that seed, when God spoke it.

When God says prophet, that’s a man flying high, seeing far, it’s a seer. When He says pastor, it’s an ox, a burden bearer, when he says teacher, that’s someone with wisdom to rightly divide the Word and lay it out.

When we go back to Genesis 1, where God made the first woman; this God who created the universe, He is going to make a woman, and there is no specie like this. He is looking for material. He doesn’t go to the earth to take more dirt to make the woman. He is specific about the material. He puts the man to sleep and he goes to the man, looks at his head, and He says no, his feet, no, but He is going to bring out this mystery and goes to his ribs. But the choice of material is going to unfold what He is thinking about a woman. ‘I will make him a help, an appropriate help I am making this for the man.’ So God takes something close to the heart; why a rib? It will teach us something about the role and function of the woman. Let’s look at the rib a little. Why this man has ribs? What is the purpose? First when he would remove the rib cage, he only has a little spine, then the man has lungs and kidneys and a heart, this all is the life support system for the man. These are vital organs, your heart, your lungs, your kidneys, and it’s so important for the man’s health and existence, that it is protected by the rib cage. So right here we see ribs are for protection and support. God is taking material that has to do with protection and support to make the woman to show that she will be a protection and support to him. He didn’t take it from the man’s head, so she would boss him around all day, or for her to rule him, neither from the feet, no, God took it from close to the heart and this material has to do with support and protection and God made him a help, opening the mystery of Christ. When we see what we are unto Him in this hour, God can work through us. The woman and the man had a name. The family in heaven and on earth has the same name, the Lord Jesus Christ, because you are born in your family; by birth you have the same name, because in the seed is the blood and in the blood is the life.

So, a name is not just telling something with a nice make, it’s the identity of the life. The name of God is the Word manifested. If a man calls Himself Christ’s and He doesn’t have the life of Christ, that’s cosmetic. God doesn’t deal in cosmetics. They are claiming something and they don’t have the identity of what they are claiming. A donkey goes and takes a lion’s skin and put it on, and he is walking around. And those who have no discernment get scared. And a little boy wants to hear the lion roar, and he says heehaw, he looks like a lion but inside he is a donkey, a wolf in sheep clothing, a wolf is coming in disguise. Outside he is looking like sheep, but when he begins to speak, you know that is dangerous for sheep.

So every life has characteristics. The identified Christ of all ages, God is identified by His own characteristics. Watch the prophet, how he is identifying something. He sees two birds; same size and colour, but watch what they are eating. He sees the life manifested, and that confirms what it really is and not what it appears to be. That’s why when we say bride; Eve was bone of Adam’s bones, flesh of Adam’s flesh, and faith of Adam’s faith. Today it’s Jesus Christ in bride form. ‘In that day you will know, I in you and you in Me.’ She is Him revealed. It’s Christ. That’s why this bride will not fall. The name is the Word interpreted in you.

You say ‘I see my name in the book.’ You only can really see it, if you in your life are seeing the identification, seeing the characteristics, matching that Word. This is a reality.

The rock in the brother’s dream represented the Bible. We had only the ecclesiastical interpretation, but when the seventh angel came he tied all those loose ends together, and in ‘Sirs, is this the time of the end’ he said, it’s all interpreted, and there was only one thing left, where light never had shone upon.

Is this sign of the end sir – 62-1230E
127. Junie, I want to take your dream. Look, Junior, before the pyramid was ever preached, months before it, seen this dream. You say, “What about a dream. “Nebuchadnezzar dreamed a dream that Daniel interpreted, told the beginning of the Gentile age, and when it would leave. And it’s done just exactly that way. Not one bit has failed. You notice, the writing that the–was on the rocks; I was interpreting it for them. They were elated. That’s the mystery of God that’s been not understood for years. Could that be that? And then notice. In some mysterious way, we picked up out of the air a sharp tool that opened up the top, and in there was white granite, but it wasn’t interpreted. There was no letters. I didn’t interpret that, Junior. I just looked at it, and said to the brethren, “Look on this,” and that’s fulfilled tonight. While they were studying that, I slipped towards the west. What for? Maybe to understand the interpretation of what’s written in the top of this. Could it be?

When the prophet came, they had one Bible and thousand denominations, all saying, that they are the church of God. People in the systems don’t know the Word by what is happening. They learned Luther’s teaching. He didn’t start an organization, but when he died, they made one; Wesley the same. They learned his teaching; Pentecost the same. He began to show now that there can be no more organizations ‘the promise is the Son of Man, we are expecting a prophet, the days of organizations are finished,’ and he began to tell them ‘you are healed of cancer.’ And they realized, it’s true. Then he said, ‘your baptism is false, it’s is of the devil,’ then they reacted. They could take the healing, but not the teaching.

When seven angels from heaven would be saying something different than Paul…they have to be accurate, that’s the Bible. Paul is a prophet, this man became the Bible. In the Scripture we are now going back to the original foundation, because the same, who laid the Foundation stone, is the same who brings the Headstone. The same Holy Spirit of the first messenger is the same Holy Spirit of the last messenger.

The one, who came in the first exodus, is the same in the third exodus. And this one said ‘We have the perfect interpretation of the Word. And now he was taking His elect above blasphemies names, which are all them denominations. The name is the family; it has to be written in your forehead. You come from His loins.’ Every man’s name is written on his thigh. A euphemism is a soft word, so you don’t say that word. A man’s family is in his loins; God’s family was in God’s loins. God’s thoughts, His mind are His spiritual loins and all God’s Spirit sons and daughters were in His loins. We are not a body with a spirit in it, that’s only in animal life; but we are Spirit sons and Spirit daughters of a Spirit God, expressed in flesh. This is totally different. God made the first man a Spirit man, and He made him in the image and likeness of God. He is an offspring of God. That’s why Elohim changed His name to Jehovah, because He now existed with His family. He made a little one like Himself. And then God came down to the earth and they fellowshipped, Father and son, and this was God unfolding His mystery.

The Name of God is Jesus. Jesus says ‘I come in my Father’s Name.’ Every son comes in his father’s name. Because the father who has the seed, the same seed comes down through the son. That’s why it says, the son of this one, the son of that one…

The thought of God is the real you, and it’s not the body that you are in; this is the earthly house of this tabernacle, the real you lives inside of it. If this body deceases, you are not deceasing, but you are just change dwelling places. ‘When ye pray, say ‘Our Father, which art in Heaven.’ Call no man father. Father on the earth is the father of this body. Father and mother produce a body. But the soul comes from God; comes to be expressed in flesh.

So in the system that you are living in, they give you identification for the body that your father and mother produced, but not one for the inside. But God’s Word, when the children are expressed, and the Holy Spirit brings them to a birth, they recognize the part of the Word that speaks of them and the purpose for them to be expressed on earth.

Here is a young girl brought up and Gabriel comes and says ‘Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.’ She is startled,’ what salutation is this?’ ‘Behold, thou shall conceive and bring forth a son’ that’s the Bible. ‘The priest has been preaching this last night, what is this? Wait, is this Isaiah 7:14? He spoke this 700 years ago. Did he see me, is this my name? He is saying, this word is going to being interpreted in your life. You are this,’ and she says ‘Be it unto me according to thy Word.’ It happened and then she realized it by the evidence in her body, and now she has an understanding that something was written in the Bible, that this scripture that was spoken to her is now being interpreted in her life. So she went and testified. She tells Joseph, ‘I had an experience. I am with child.’ He was shocked. They are espoused, and he says ‘Come on, Mary, I’ve been faithful to you, you know I love you, you know what they do with young girls like this. If I report this, they will get you to be stoned for adultery. How could you do this?’ And the Bible says, he was thinking to put her away privately. He didn’t want to make her a public shame, to be stoned and killed. Even he felt disappointed, broken and hurt, he didn’t understand. He was the closest person to her, they said they love each other and this strange thing comes up. He knows the Scripture, and says ‘You are that virgin? You are from a poor family, and an Angel came to you? An Angel came to you?’ She says ‘didn’t an Angel come to Sarah, to Hagar, to Manoah’s wife?’ They had a baby, three examples. He says ‘So, an Angel came to you?’ He is questioning that this prophecy is being made actual in her life. This is our problem. People look at you, they look at us, we testify, but they can’t see that the prophecy of the prophet is made actual in our life.

Joseph was so troubled, the same Angel came to him, and said ‘Joseph, what is happening, it’s not somebody manufacturing something, this is the season, the time, she is in the election and this is the Word, and what is coming forth from her is going to produce the Messiah. Healing, deliverance will come forth.’

And as Christ was in Mary, so the Word is in the bride. This is the secret.

And when she came to church, oh, they testified about that Scripture ‘One of these days a virgin shall conceive and the Messiah comes on the scene,’ and she is listening, ‘how can I tell them, that this has already started; it’s not future.’ Everybody was putting the promise in the future. They don’t understand it, because they speak by reading, they have no experience to identify the prophet’s prophecy, but you see the identification of the Word. You see the identification in your life, but at the same time, you have your own complexes and you say ‘God choose me? I am that person? I cannot even dress properly, I have no education.’ It’s not about education. Revelation is sovereign given by God. It’s prophesied, we would be a glorious church, and you begin to discover God choose you to be part of that. You see that Word, that sperm, that mystery of God sown in the congregation, and that church has a revival. God is getting people ready for a Once more, Lord, when the Holy Spirit among a people will do greater works in that hour.

She began to understand now, ‘your name doesn’t have to be there, but you have the character in your life, the evidence, that you are that person.’ After she got more revelation, Isaiah also spoke about a voice crying in the wilderness. She understood that was John the Baptist, ‘that’s my Cousin Elizabeth’s son. I always found it strange why he is not preaching in the city; he is preaching in the wilderness. He talks about snakes and scorpions. People see a preacher whose pulpit is a rock. Jeremiah didn’t come baptizing, Isaiah didn’t come baptizing, what strange thing is this? The man’s dressing leaves a lot to be desired; a piece of camel skin, a man eating wild locust and honey, and it took me a long while to understand him. He is talking about ax and root and stone and that man is rough. These nice dressed clergy men come to the meeting, and he begins to preach and say, ‘you snakes in the grass. He is telling them, ‘watch the governor and his wife’ and begins to talk about the people’s condition in the public. He says ‘Philip you have your brothers’ wife, you have no right….this man is different. Is he a loose cannon, wild and radical?’ He is in the Bible.

Some say ‘Let us go and talk to him, ‘are you what they say not the Elijah?’ ‘No.’ ‘Who are you?’ ‘I am the voice of one crying in wilderness, make straight the way of the Lord, as said the prophet Isaiah.’ Do you think he is that scripture, it can’t be? But this man saw his name, Mary saw her name. When Jesus came, He said, ‘What went ye out into the wilderness for to see? A reed shaken with the wind?’ That’s people who get moved with winds of doctrine. ‘This is he who, the Scripture says, he comes before me.’ So Jesus knew who John was in the Bible. Jesus knows who I am, who the prophet is. Jesus knew who John was; he was Elijah, who Mary was; the virgin to bring forth Christ, who Brother Branham was; Elijah. Does He know your name in the Book? It will take Him, who wrote the names in the Book, to show you your name. Did he show Mary her name, John his name? He shows you your age, your promise, your position, your gift in your life. He planned your experiences and then teaches you, why He made you that way.

Identified masterpiece of God – 64-1205
29. Remember, there’s only one form of Eternal Life, and our–even our names and our thoughts were with God before there was a foundation of the world. Because now we possess Eternal Life, and to be that we have to be a part of God. So we’d have to be as much as in His thoughts, cause we have Eternal Life and was predestined to this life. And our names were put on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, according to Revelations. Now, that God had us in His thinking, then we have Eternal Life, because then He spoke us, and we come into existence. And a word is just a thought manifested. God had us in the beginning in His thoughts.

First Seal
17. You see the Book actually was planned and written before the foundation of the world. This Book, the Bible was really written before the foundation of the world. And Christ, being the Lamb, was slain before the foundation of the world. And the–the members of His bride, their names were put in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, but it’s been sealed up. And now it’s being revealed whose names were in there, all about it.

Second seal
Second seal the – 63-0319
Let’s bow our heads just a moment. Heavenly Father, oh, I just sometimes, Lord, stand here, and I tremble. I think of that awful hour that’s approaching, and I… There’s no way to stop it. It’s predicted that it would come. Now, I’ve thought of why don’t the people come and–and–and listen, and why don’t they come and accept it? But of course I know that–that You–You said they wouldn’t, so they won’t. But there is some that’s got their names written on the Lamb’s Book of Life, and when them Seals are throwed open there, they see their name there, and the Holy Spirit speaks to them; they come. You can’t keep them away. No one can: no one. They’re coming anyhow because You’re leading them like You did those little birds and the sheep and the cattle. Thou art God. Some instinct that them animals have that they know that they must get away… If instinct to an animal could warn him to flee from danger, what should the Holy Spirit do to a church that claims to be filled with it? God, be merciful to us. Forgive us all, Lord, of our short comings.

QA on the seals – 63-0324M
Nothing will be saved, only those whose names were put on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, Jew or Gentile. See? That’s all; the Book holds that mystery, and the Book is only unfolding it now, not each one’s name, but what the mystery of the Book is while it’s calling those names. You find… You understand that now? See?  52. The Book doesn’t say, “Now, Lee Vayle is to be saved in time of this church age,” or–or, “Ormand Neville…” or–or whoever. No, it don’t say that. It just shows the mystery, unfolds the mystery of what the thing is.

Simeon could recognize the prophet’s prophecy, and people didn’t know these great promises happened in simplicity. Blind Anna came led by the Holy Ghost. ‘Where is blind Anna going?’ She leaves her cane, she is walking, and she stops, passes her hand, feels the young virgin, touches the baby, and begins to prophecy.

As it was with Mary; a church bringing forth Christ and God has inspired saints to come and bear witness, to look at it and identify it; shepherds, ministers, prophetess. Prophet Simeon, and they get no trouble; this unknown insignificant people, a mystery is coming forth, a true sign overlooked again, the presence of God unrecognized again, God in simplicity, revealed in humility, praising what God has done in the past or what He will do in the future, but stumbling what is happening present. Except you have the Token to examine it, it will pass right through you.

Had it not been for the grace of God to Joseph, he would have put her away. Gabriel said, ‘Take Mary, she is with child of the Holy Ghost, not with child of intellectual conception, not of a well explanation; just like Brother Branham’s friends, Jack Moore, Gordon Lindsay, fine man, bosom friends , they couldn’t see it. They were all around it, they stood and watched these things and died without it. Brother Branham was praying, calling out a lady, ‘the doctors try to operate on you.’ She couldn’t get a hold of it, she just starred at it, she was thinking about the gift, but couldn’t see it. ‘You prayed for this moment,’ and she was missing it. The Spirit left her. Another woman out there had the same thing, and she received it, she was healed. Many people don’t have the Token to examine it. They have church, put all their life in the gospel, but they never see the Word interpreted in their own life.

The things you are waiting for, God is telling you right now. Let’s see God in nature, in His Son, in this son in this day, ‘little fishy, Jesus Christ gives you back your life, storm go back’….and we see God in His Word. Christ the mystery of God revealed, the Rising of the SON. We see God in His Word, but it doesn’t stop there, ‘Let us see God in His people.’ ‘In that day you will know, I in you and you in Me.’ By and through the members of the bride He will finish the work. Everybody wants God talking from the sky, but the bride is the final voice. Let us see God in His people.

Contest the – 62-1231
26. make us fit servants. Forgive our past. Bless our future. Guide us, O Lord God, with Thy mighty hand, Jehovah. Bless these ministers here. Bless all the laity, all the visitors. Be Thou with us, Lord. We are Your servants, and we give ourselves wholly to You for 1963, that the power of Your Spirit might have more preeminences in our life and in our being. Help us, God, Forgive us and help us, we pray. Raise up mighty men. Raise up mighty warriors of the faith. Open this year, Lord, that hidden Manna, that Rock beneath the rock, white rock, where never light shone upon, no candle stick light that we might see the program of God. When this is open we see the program of God. Cap off the pyramids of our life, Lord; put the Capstone, Christ Jesus, upon each and every one of us. May His great magnificent, holy blessings be upon us all. May the fire of the Holy Ghost come upon us. May the power of the resurrection be manifested. God, how we thank You tonight. We are Yours. We give ourselves fully to You, Lord.

So he is praying, going out to Arizona, and the seven thunders opened things hidden in the Book. And he was proofing to us, we are coming into immortality, going back to Eternity, and the whole plan of redemption is to climax. He believed that this was supposed to come to the bride. A man’s name is written on the thigh, in the Book, on your forehead; your forehead is the revelation.

Jehovah of the Old is Jesus of the New. The Name is Jesus. What is the family name? The family in heaven and earth is the Lord Jesus Christ. It’s not pronouncing the name, its having the name. There is only one way to know the name, it’s to be born in the family, and it’s only those for whom the Blood was shed. Our name is written in the Lamb’s section of the Book.

In none-seed is nothing to quicken; they go into eternal life in a terrestrial body at the second resurrection. They are outside the city and are still in time; they come seasonally into the city. But in the city is no day or night, and there are glorified bodies. But they never had a theophany, they never became the Word in their day, foolish virgins, souls under the altar, outside the city, but His attributes manifested the Word in every age, and they were sealed with the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption. Blessed and holy is he who has part in the first resurrection. Because you are born again, your change is irreversible. Before you had the Holy Ghost you had an ear to hear, to recognize the Word in the present tense.

A greater than Esther, a greater than Ruth is here. The greater Ruth comes into greater redemption. That Ruth was redeemed by corruptible things, by gold and silver, but this Ruth is redeemed by the greater Boaz, who didn’t come by sex, but by the Holy Ghost, who brought a new birth; we go to a greater home than Ruth went to. And when this is happening, they can’t recognize it, because they don’t have eternal life.

Simeon never saw Jesus walk on water, never saw Him call Lazarus from the grave, and never saw Him multiply bread and fish. He saw the Word in infancy and said, ‘Let thy servant depart in peace.’

The elect can look and something in them says, ‘That’s the truth, that’s God, that’s divine revelation.’ They can perceive – My sheep know My voice – and His voice is the Scripture, and when that Scripture comes together, they see Jesus in every Scripture. That’s what the elect do today; they are recognizing the Word in the present tense. This is the age of substance and fullness, when the Bible has become a new Book. It’s the life of the family. We had a paradise, our great great grandfather had it, and he had a kinsman who came to redeem it. We are the descendants, they are all in glory, but we have the deed, and we can show how it went back into the hands of God, how God held it, how the Lamb took it, how the mighty Angel brought it down; it came back on the earth. The Gentile prophet he is come and gone and the two Jewish prophets are fixing to come. But between 1965 and 2015 the title deed has come back in our hands. And the book never went anywhere else after. This Word is now Spirit and life and after a while, something will sweep over you, and you begin to see the risen ones and you yourself travel like the speed of light.

Your new name shows you your pre-existence, your earthly journey and your eternal destination. Abraham and Sarah, when the angels appeared in Genesis 17, the first time you hear of a new name was Abraham. In Genesis 17, God came to Abraham, and brought circumcision. What is circumcision? The cutting off the excess flesh of the male reproductive organ. Why on that organ? Death came by that organ in the Garden of Eden. Why on the 8th day? It’s a new beginning. And Abraham was circumcised on the 8th day, now it speaks of eternal life, the new birth, and the new generation.

At the end of the Pentecostal age, the coming of the angels, God in a prophet and discerning the hearts in a day like Sodom. So from Adam, a type of Christ all the way to the coming of the Son of Man, before the Gentile world is burnt with fire, He comes on the scene with hidden manna ‘I am about to change him and Sarah, and she will bring the promised son.’ God came to restore their youth without seeing death; a type of this bride, who received the ministry of the Son of Man, who opened the secret, showing the sixth seal, fire this time, everything turns into ashes.

So watch, that mystery of the Seventh Seal in Genesis: the new name, the hidden manna, the new body. What brings the new body? The seven thunders, these mystery truth. Sarah, don’t call her Sarai, and Abraham, not Abram; and that speaks of the breath of God. Abraham and Sarah now had the breath of God. Sarah received dynamos. And that great revelation gave them faith. Those seven thunders opened them seals to see your name in the book.

‘I will write upon you my new name, heavenly Jerusalem, and it’s a revelation to you. You are my bride, you have my name. I am the Headstone, you are the pyramid, it’s written on your forehead, and it’s your revelation.’ He foreknew us, called us, justified us, and we are moving into position for translation, for change.

You are chosen, your life is all through the Book. You are certified, you are the genuine thing because you wave in the mirror, you see yourself, and you find the picture. Every experience, everything promised, happened in the Bible in shadows, and it shows you, you are the substance. You are what you are by the grace of God. He is the potter, and you are the clay.

This is the end of the service, and I tried to write here as much as I could to capture the essence of it all.

After worshipping and praising the Lord, the believers here are presenting to us thoughtful gifts, so we would remember them and the time we had here. We would surely remember them without any gifts; seeing how the scripture from Ezekiel 37 has been fulfilled before our eyes.



Brother Vin receives a hand-crafted ‘Family album’ with the Tree of Life and photos with little notes from every family of the congregation. But the greatest gift is to see the manifestation of the Word in the believers.


This day ends with lots of spiritual and natural food.



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