August 22, 2015 – Day 12


August 22, 2015

What can we say to these things? The Word brings such a joy and deliverance to the people, and is made so plain, that even the little children can grasp it.

God is pleased in the praise and worship of His people here, who are inspired by the preaching of the Word, and we can see a mighty marching army forming in this part of the world.


Spiritual food in due season changes everything.







Brother Pavel, as the shepherd of the flock here in Vilnius, speaks before and after every service, which I couldn’t capture because it was in Russian. But seeing the glow on his face, the excitement in his voice, and the response of the people in praise and worship… says it all.



The following is not a transcript of the service, but I am trying to capture the essence of it, and sometimes it’s hard to leave things out, because everything is so important and links to the next thought.

Brother Vin:
We are looking away to Jesus. He appeared in these last days, the Great Headship. I believe we are invisible united together, the Intelligence comes down in the body. The Bride is the final voice in this final age. Did He not say ‘At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.’ You are born to be a super race, a super church. What did He say the super sign was? God in man, being united; Christ and His bride. Is not this the promise to be a super race, a super church? That’s what we are confessing. We are Abraham’s Royal Seed.

Konf_Vin_204‘May we be glad and rejoice, this is the day that the Lord hath made.’ ‘He hath made me glad.’ ‘The Marriage of the Lamb is come,’ ‘His bride has made herself ready.’ He gives us a message of preparation. Elieser came with the gifts, power, camels, didn’t he come with the raiment? ‘I will go with this man.’ ‘Let the damsel speak for herself.’ She said, ‘I will go with this man.’ And when they came to Canaan and were getting close to the home of the bridegroom, she looked in the field and saw a man. ‘Who is this?’ ‘That’s my Master.’ She started the journey, from Faith Is The substance all the way to Communion. She took her veil and veiled her head, testifying that she had no head. That’s why a woman, when she is getting married, she covers her head. It’s in Genesis 24. Every bride, who walks down the aisles, and covers with the veil her head, is reflecting that mystery. People did it all through the ages in the natural as tradition, whether they came in submission or not, but in this hour His bride has seen the Head. Who is this? Jesus, the One Who created the universe, to unite us. Do you feel united? She has the wedding band, the marriage certificate, that’s her name in the Book; she has the wedding gown, that’s His promised Word. What a great thing! The bride; all things are ready. May He speak to us today and quicken our faith, so when we walk out of here that we can have confidence, that you know you are one of them, that is soon to be caught away. This is the hour. We get what we expect, and what we ask for. Ask for faith to look away from all circumstances. He is mindful of your other needs, but He said ‘Seek ye first the Kingdom of God,’ the Word made Spirit and Life in you.

Science brought me through the first heaven all the way to Toronto, then with some more scientific achievement, a bigger aircraft, from Toronto to Frankfurt, then it brought me to Vilnius. I believe a mystery has come down to move us into the final transportation. Science has taken men from one country to the next, then put men on the moon in the second heaven, but it takes God to take men into the new Heaven. God took Elijah, He took Enoch, it was a transportation beyond civilization. How we ought to walk close to the unseen world, where He will come for us. One of these days your angels, that you live under the influence of, they will pick you up, and you will be united with it. You are not just being blessed and feeling charged, but you bump into them angels.

1 Thessalonians 4
13. But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren,he would drive the darkness out concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.  14. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again,and we believe thateven so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.  15. For this we say unto you by the Word of the Lord,it’s not our mind saying this,… that we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent them which are asleep.  16. For the Lord himself shall descend from heavenit would not be sacrileges to say that He has descended in this day. This day this scripture is fulfilledwith a shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: 17. Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord.  18. Wherefore comfort one another with these words….In this hour what a great thing; there is comforting power in these words.


The Title for today’s service is:

Preparation for Dimensional Travel

Subject: The Mystery Behind The Five Raptures In The Bible

We know, the Bible shows us five raptures. It begins in Genesis and it ends in Revelation. The first rapture is revealed in the first Book, the last rapture in the last Book. One of the great things about the Bible, every time a truth appears for the first time in the Bible, that’s the root of that truth. And every time it appears again – because the Book is a Book of continuity – when that subject appears again, it is divinely given by the Author of the Book to further unfold the original revelation; so that we can see what this great promise of God holds for us, and we can understand it. As we think on this; there are five raptures, and I am sure everyone here should know those five. Two in the Old Testament, two in the New Testament, and one in the middle that ties the two on that side and this side together. Enoch, the seventh from Adam, was taken up, then Elijah was taken up, both without seeing death.

Then in the New Testament, Jesus and the resurrected ones, and ‘The dead in Christ shall rise first, then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air’….air is not like air, it’s another dimension. We are just not going in the air, we are changing dimensions. This is what the rapture is.

Many people speak about the rapture, they are looking for the rapture, they see how dark the world has become. But you can’t go in the rapture just on desire, because back in Eternity the works of God were finished before the beginning of the world. He never had to improve on His works. If there was going to be a rapture of the bride of Christ – to every purpose under heaven there is a time and a season – then God had to arrange what time and season it would be. It involves categories of people; one is called the dead in Christ, and one was living when those dead in Christ were raised. We who are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord will not prevail or hinder…they would rise first. And we who are alive and remain, will be caught up together with them. Now seven messengers and seven groups of overcomers are already in glory, from Paul to Brother Branham, the messenger of the church age, and in every age there is a group of people, who has an ear to hear what is said in that age. Faith cometh by hearing. And in every age ‘to him that overcometh.’ Faith is the victory to overcome the world.

We didn’t end up in this by chance, our names were put in the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, and God had already fixed who would be the messenger for a particular age. So in every age there was a Word allotted for that age. In every age there was a messenger to whom that Word would be revealed to. Because in every age it was addressed in this manner: to the angel of the age of Ephesus, Smyrna, Pergamos, Thyatira,Sardis, Philadelphia, Laodicea….and so that angel, God had to put him in that age. And when he received that revelation – God had a predestinated people who lived in that age and who would recognize their day and message. We are in the seventh age. Did we receive a prophet, did we receive faith by that revelation? He gave us faith for rapturing grace. Would it be a message who would open the whole secret of God, what He had in the back part of His mind, when He was not even God, but the Eternal Spirit, the self-existing One, all the way to the future home, in the new Heavens and the new earth? We had such a messenger, and we recognized him because he had the character of God as specified in the Scripture. So we will know and be able to identify that messenger as being the one promised in the Scripture. And then God is obligated; when God promised such a thing, then He is obligated to point it out and vindicate it.

God has done that in every age. Did He tell Moses to give him two signs to vindicate his commission, so the people would know? In each age, the elect of God heard the Word of God. They may not know that’s the messenger, and which age they are living in, but the thing is, the elect know the Voice of God, and the Voice of God was being reflected through earthly men, but that Voice was coming from the Throne. The earthy men were only a mouthpiece, they had no message until God gave them a message. They couldn’t demonstrate nothing, until God worked through them. His children would recognize when this day has come. This one said, ‘I take every Spirit under my control.’ And God began to vindicate that He accepted this man. And so it was in every age. God doesn’t send a man without vindication.

‘As the Father sent me so send I you.’ How does He send them? He goes in them. How can we believe the works of God? Believe in him that God sends. This is an angel to the age, the pastor is the angel to the local church. Angel means messenger. If that gift is a foreordained gift, and God has five office gifts, apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, and evangelists in His church, then God speaks through them for the perfecting of the faith. What a great hour we are in, when God has come down in this day, and we have recognized our day, our messenger, and our message. We have seen the vindication of God, and we are growing in grace and knowledge. At one time we were babies, from different walks of life, and then we went into baptism, and then one day we got a baptism that no man could give.

The Lord from Heaven is a quickening Spirit, and this quickening power came to us, the Seal of promise claiming our bodies for glorification. When the Holy Spirit came upon you, He knew He purchased you, and so He follows you and He seals you unto the day of your redemption. He claimed that body for glorification. When He quickened that soul, that soul brings that spirit and body under subjection and there is a power inside, controlling that spirit, so that reasoning doesn’t run off crazy, that the imagination doesn’t become vain imagination; He is controlling you to the Word. You have a power of conviction, principles. ‘I believe this, I stand for the truth, I don’t do this, my body is His temple.’ You carry yourself as His representative, and as that Holy Ghost is increasing, baptism after baptism, surge after surge, quickening power all the time. Because the challenges around you are changing. You get more revelation, you are maturing, you don’t run and sew up the place, you have tactical war fare, not as one that is beating the air.

When the enemy sees you, he knows you are not a fresh recruit, but a trained soldier. They think before they run into you. You don’t trick the devils, they are not stupid. They are very intelligent. Many times they watch you, and say, that’s a bag of hot air. But when you know the Word and you are not playing church, and you know the Word is Spirit and life, when you have principles, when you know who you are and when you try out the Word and you know it works, you are walking in a place from the time you begin to move, satan knows this one. The enemy knows who the threat is. All hell is against this truth, not in books and tapes, the truth that is in you. That’s the reason the devil is howling; his scheme has been uncovered.

Whatever city he went in, when that prophet walked in there, he wasn’t some man sounding the violin. When he picked up the violin and played the bow, the people who were saying ‘five dollars’ before, they kept quiet, because they started to realize the value of the instrument, and when that prophet opened up that Word, they could see the requirements of God, the anointing, the goal and the objective. And this is moving the church up to a next level.

That’s why you worship God in a different way, you speak in a different way, because God turned the message to the right angle. You see He is the I am that I am. When you come to church you come with expectations, the Holy Ghost in you is not the third person of the trinity, it’s God, the Creator. It creates a supernatural atmosphere that binds the enemy.

He is opening up the Word of God, the plan for your life, that you can walk in union with God. He has come for union, and He shows you how to work with the Word. Didn’t Elijah teach the woman how to work with the oil? The children were going into captivity, but she had the power for their liberty. She didn’t know how to work with it. She thought the man of God was going to come and smite the creditors blind, and they couldn’t see the boys. But when he came to her, ‘What have you in your house?’ ‘Nothing.’ ‘Nothing? Go, search again.’ ‘Yes, I have that oil.’ ‘Say it with confidence.’ ‘Oil.’ ‘You know what oil is, sister. Get empty vessels, then bring it into your house, shut the door, take from that little oil and start to fill, do exactly how I say to do it.’ She emptied all the vessels, and threw everything else out. She had all sentimental things stored up, but now she is under supernatural instructions.

The objective was to lose them boys from captivity, and to raise her living up to another level. She will never have to go begging again. She will never have to go back in debts. And that’s what the Holy Ghost is doing for us in this hour. We might just have a little bit of oil…but if you have that to work with, then what you have is sufficient to meet every circumstance. Sometimes what you underestimate, the value of what you see as little, is just in the humanistic realm, you are thinking of it in a faithless way, but the prophet is watching it in the reality what it is. And that Holy Spirit in you… it will amaze you, what God can do for you. Sometimes it’s sickness, some need healing, sometimes it’s leadership to make the right decision, sometimes you are in a hard place, because fear has you feeling insecure, but the Holy Spirit, that oil in you says ‘Be not afraid, stand still, greater is He in your house, greater is the oil in your house than the circumstances that you are faced with.’

Work with your oil, with the Spirit; from that anointing will come instruction what to do and how to do it. When you recognize the source, what it is, ‘I have oil in my house, I have children who need deliverance,’ and you begin to go to work. Yes, I am living in the days after Elijah, but the Spirit of Elijah and the teaching of Elijah is still in the land. He can still work with the oil. I have a need, and that’s how you open the Word. It’s a great thing that God designed for us.

You might say, ‘I am going to die, they cannot do more for me.’ Do you know who you are and the time you are living in? There is a people in this hour, there is an appointment. Healthy people die in accidents, some from a straight bullet. It’s not about health or sickness. Sickness doesn’t kill you, your allotted time just will be up. There is a time to be born and a time to die. He has the keys of hell and death. Either He has the keys or He doesn’t. Nobody can go to the grave except He does it. And then we have cowards, they die many times before their death. That’s fear. You cannot die until the time is up. In the Bible God tells people, with what death they will die. Herod killed James with the sword, he wanted to kill Peter the same way, but he wanted to make a great show of it. But God told Peter already what death he would be going to die with. This signified by which death he would glorify God by. When Peter was in prison, they had cut off James’ head, and they got ready for Peter, too. Then the Pillar of Fire came down and took him out. In 2. Peter he said ‘I am ready to go’….Peter was not worried. Everybody is allotted a time.

We had one who turned the back and discerned the heart, the heart-time, then the opening of the Word, the Word-time. What followed that? They turned back young, the young-time. Did we see the last sign, the opening of the Word, receive a message that brings faith, did He hide these things from us? Did He hide the Seven Seals from us? No. ‘I make it known to Branham.’ The elected church, we get our heart and mind around the Word. That is why God in human flesh turned His back. If all of this here is perfect, this part is going to be missing? What is the first thing He spoke when He came in Genesis 18? Where is Sarah? It perfected her faith. Because the promise is connected to her. Here we see in this hour, this thing that is moving amongst us. We have to stay in the drama, in the symphony, and realize, we are here now.

In the message ‘Shalom’ he tells us about Peter and the Wolf, by the way a Russian musical, and they are playing the music, and he used that to show to us, how to get in the symphony, how to get in the spirit of the director and in the spirit of the composer. Revelation 10:7 was the director, and Revelation 10:8-11 are the members of the symphony. And she knows the junctions of the music and she is in the right swing. When the music goes this way, the first pull, the second, then the opening of the Word. We are just about here, the drums are supposed to come in for the finish.

But when you are in the drama of the symphony, everything becomes so alive. This Word is being interpreted inside of you.You are not going to church, have a picture of the cloud on the wall, no, you are in the drama, you are moving with God in the season, and you are quickened, you know you are God’s bride, the elected. We have the revelation, the presence of God is among us, leading us forward, inspiring us, we have something real. It is happening among you.

934-58 Now, the first thing happens when we’re resurrected… The ones which are a-living will just still remain… The resurrection will set in first, the resurrection of those that are asleep. There’ll be a wakening time, and those which are asleep in the dust now, not those that are asleep in sin, ’cause they sleep right on. They don’t awake for another thousand years. But those who are–are sleeping in the dust will be awakened first, and they’ll–these corruptible bodies will put on incorruption in the rapturing grace of the Lord. And then we’ll all get together. And when they begin to get together, then we which are alive and remain shall be changed. These mortal bodies will not see death, but just of a sudden, there’ll be like a sweep go over us, and you’re changed. You’re turned back like Abraham was, from an old man to a young man, from an old woman to a young woman. What’s this sudden change? And after while you–you’re traveling like a thought, and you can see those then who are already resurrected. Oh, what a hour. Then we’ll gather with them and then be caught up with them to meet the Lord in the air.

Elijah and Elisha walked together, crossed the Jordan, Elisha could feel, he knew and counted …..five, four, three, two, one…he was no more, where did he go? One of these days, may be you are walking going to the pastor’s house, they pick you up. People have not even caught the revelation. We have been visited by extraterrestrial intelligent beings. Living waters come on you, you start to feel your body is too small for you. You feel like bursting out of this pest house. The wine begins to ferment, and the skin is stretching. As the wine begins to expand in you, you have to let it out in a shout to God ‘Thank you Jesus, glory!’

Philippians 3:21; we are moving into it. When you see the Lord descending from Heaven, seven thunders uttered their voices, what will it do? It will open the Bible in a way you never saw it before. Scriptures taking on meaning, an intelligence is coming in to understand it and a faith is moving up inside of you; supernatural. The opening of the Seven Seals started with angels, from vision and prophecy to angels, to the loosening of quickening power. That hasn’t stopped. He is moving for a resurrection; John 11 all over again. Martha was swept up in such a faith, you are united with the Word right now, she was taken up in the mystery of who He is. She thought He was a healer. But she knew it was the changing of the music sheet, and He came as the resurrection and the life. ‘Yes Lord, I read it just yesterday, you will raise it up in the last day.’ ‘Come out of the future tense; I am right now, present tense.’ He took her out of the future, and brought her into the present. The vision is unfolding, the gathering first of the living ones, and then the resurrection of the sleeping ones, and then the unfolding of the supper. It’s happening, and only those that are taken up in the mystery under His Headship moving in the vision. One sister church calls her sister church ‘The Master is come, He is calling for thee. He is here, He is calling your name.’ And the power of that church is going to pull this church, to be all united with Jesus and they know they are moving into a resurrection.

We have come into the power of the resurrection. It’s not church, friends. On the inside we deal with omniscience. He is moving with us. ‘Move the stone.’ They are getting responsibility. Through the members… super sign, God in His people, the Word manifested in this end time. And He showed us He has come, gathered us, and even so sure, they will come up and go to the supper. ‘Your brother shall raise again.’ The shout, invisible union, uniting time and sign, super sign, God and man, and He is putting them under expectation for the next fold. They had to journey a little bit to get to the place. But He opens the mystery, after He gets the living ones. ‘Where have you laid him?’

We are moving to the next phase. Hear what they sing; it’s not just singing, but it’s a different kind of singing. I have come, I have sat and heard, I am blessed, I am inspired. I said, they write these songs to take you up there, taking you into heavenly places, bring them back and sing them in the church and a praise is going to come out, a transformation comes among the people. Of course, it makes others wonder. It’s a little different from the past. No man who has the old coat, desires the new coat. Turning a corner is a hard thing. And sometimes you watch it, that’s o.k. Don’t look and sit and stare at it. Taste the Lord, He is gracious. This is the mind of God. After the song last night, that they sang about the angels beholding the Father’s face, you can hardly preach anything, because these are Seven Seal mysteries. If they write in there, they have to go in there, too. It’s not something modified, but new things sealed up come back in this hour to lift the church into places, where organizations cannot go. No organization could sing about Melchizedek. They can sing about Calvary and Pentecost, but to sing about the Lamb stepped forth and took the Book, opened the Book…who did He give it to? To the Baptist minister, the Methodists? The Book went into the bride, a people connected to the prophet. The others have cast Him out. But He is riding as Son of Man again, and began to call His people out. People leave the system. When Absalom cast David out, the Gentile warriors didn’t stay with Absalom, but they went out with David. When Christ is cast out, watch the Antichrist comes in. But God gave His own a new song; nothing strange.

In Matthew 17:2; When they were on the mountain, Moses and Elijah didn’t live in the same age. Elijah was a little boy reading the prophet’s live story, how he was born in a log cabin, and Elijah used to read how the Angel came and commissioned Moses. Just like you read about the prophet. We had a Moses, too and then Elijah; read the book and see. Enoch was translated. Mommy said, ‘Elijah, sonny, you read about Enoch for the last three weeks. We’ve been reading this the last three weeks, why do you want to hear about Enoch all the time?’ ‘I would like that He does this with me.’

What is your favourite in this season? Where is your future? Those scriptures are put in the Bible for a people who go out in this hour. You know He is gathering a bride and show her how to prepare for translation faith, and the things have started and He does all three things. You say to yourself, let me fellowship a little bit with Enoch, let me spend some time and talk with Elijah, with Jesus. Why, you are in cue, you are anointed in there now, everything stops there, and the Seventh Seal is open to you, you have to start to look; all the knowledge to prepare, that material is in those places.

Henry Ford was getting a vision beyond the horse and buggy. He knew the material to make the horse and buggy. When they made the buggy for the horses, all the material in the earth was there at the same time to make the space ship.

Look how the Angel of God led the prophet from Mark 11:23 to John 14:12, ‘The works that I do shall you do also, and greater works.’ Greater works. Why don’t you do it? The wife is the glory of the husband, but she fell. He died, made an atonement, and she will be alive and remain. He deceived the woman in the beginning, and down through the ages it says, ‘and the woman was deceived.’ But He said, ‘I will have a woman in the last days, she will bruise his head.’ And that’s what we are called for. You are that bride, that faith in this hour, that He will show. He is calling for you.

I was just laying a background for something, after I hit this here right now.

2. Kings 2:1 And it came to pass, when the LORD would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind…there are seven things here: And it came to pass, purpose. When, time. The Lord. Would take up, the act of translation. Elijah. Into heaven, destination, another dimension. By a whirlwind…transportation. Seven things.

This was at the time when Ahab and Jezebel were in a union. That’s what we have today again; the Vatican/Washington Alliance. Elijah was going to put judgment on them, he uncovered their schemes how they deceived the nations, how they bewitched them, and how they broke down the altar of God. But Elijah was sent to call an elected people out of the system. Jezebel, that pagan, was the power behind Ahab. She killed all the prophets, was drunken with their blood. Ahab had united with her for political reasons, he needed her riches. Ahab, the beast, came out of the earth. Revelation 13 is America, she started with 13 colonies. That beast that came out of the earth; they had fled from Europe for religious freedom, but now that same beast is speaking with the voice of the dragon. November 1960 she came to the throne and Elijah was in the land. The Angel told the prophet, it’s time to go and open the Seven Seals. Because Israel’s history is repeating itself. Brother Branham called it The Invasion Of The USA. Watch the things following this: famine, depression and war. Now they have put the White House today in rainbow colors, bringing it down to such a filth. They have cast down the truth, deceiving the people, drunken them with the cup of her abomination. A nation who had the greatest prophet on the face of the earth, the greatest works in quality and magnitude, and they rejected it and to see that in this nation, the whole nation now is in same sex marriage, having a gay president in the White House, and forcing that on the nations of the world. They are getting ready for the seventh vision.

The brothers were telling me, Jehu had a big parade, because the anger is being stirred; they are seeing how Ahab and Jezebel are fooling the people. And they have blinded the minds of the people. This is like in the time of Elijah, when she had broken down the altar of God. She had the whole nation under control in that time, she would get ready to persecute those seven thousand, getting ready to persecute Elijah, and she was setting up a system, even as we speak now. That evil is planned and has been prophesied, because just like Elijah could have seen into the White House and expose the schemes, the prophet has uncovered the schemes of the nations. Since Roosevelt had brought that nation into bankruptcy, they are giving support to the Vatican and they have become the instrument through which Jezebel can steal and take the resources of others. The kings of the earth are giving their strength and power to the beast. You see the first Jesuit pope, full of lies and deceit and the world has become so dark.

The meetings which we are having for the church are because God is moving His people up and He is sensitizing us, is raising the level of our awareness, making us more sensitive to the unseen world. When the enemy is coming in like a flood He raises a standard. Why crossed 12 men the Atlantic, talking about the Word day and night, day and night? We can see the oncoming storm of judgment and God is taking the eagles up, seeing the storm coming.

Elijah had already put judgement in the chapter before. First Kings 1:21 in there we see how Ahab and Jezebel had a scheme to possess Naboth’s vineyard. And when they couldn’t get it, they began to use the elders in the city, and then they killed Naboth and took the vineyard, and we are seeing this very scheme, the Vatican’s plot for Jerusalem, hiding behind human rights. They want to make Jerusalem an international city, and they are using all this language to steal by hiding behind human rights; it’s the same way they are bringing same sex marriage. It used to be a criminal offence, but they decriminalized it, bringing new terms. But for you to live right becomes crime. Manipulation of the world; this is the darkness because the pit is open, because those demons came out to inhabit the people. Satan brings his kingdom into flesh.

But we are attributes, God incarnated. Greater is He that is in you than the one that’s in the world. God is bringing His Kingdom into flesh. So Elijah here, when…when is the time, the hour, when Ahab and Jezebel were in a union, and Elijah had prepared the altar. Is that Jezebel drunk with the blood of six million in the dark ages? Jezebel back there and here. But Elijah has come and the hearts of the children are turned back.

The Lord…who is the Lord? The Eternal God, Revelation10:1 who expresses His attributes in flesh, whose names are in the Lamb’s Book of Life. It’s the same One coming to take them out. He had put Enoch in the earth, then took him out; He has put us in the earth, then He takes us out.

Would take up…purpose. He has a purpose in this age to catch the bride out; she will not be here to be persecuted, she will be taken out. He is coming for her. That’s why the Angel came, that’s why faith comes to us, that’s why we are put under expectations. God’s purpose is to take up a bride. Joseph dismissed his wife so he could make himself known to his brothers. Boaz’ purpose was to marry Ruth so he could restore all that Elimelech lost.

When, time… the end of the seventh age. The same conditions as in Ahab’s time, as in Jesus’ time, they exist here. Enoch named his son Methuselah, which means ‘he will die before the flood.’ Cain’s children were about to destroy themselves. Elijah’s time is here, Ahab and Jezebel are here in a Vatican/Washington alliance, and Elijah has come to take us out. Ahab and Jezebel are now trying to steal Naboth’s vineyard. It was his inheritance. Ahab got angry; he had no respect for the God of Israel. Jezebel was accustom to kill, and she has a scheme that influential people would speak against him. They would call for Naboth’s head and she is doing it right now. All the nations are in debt, she can shake up any nation, and use the IMF and the World Bank to strangle them, if they don’t submit. Because she is controlling economics, politics; she has all the kings of the earth drunk, that’s right. What are the seals? White horse, religion, black horse, economics, politics, she is the one doing all the genetic engineering; red horse, power is given to kill one fourth of the earth; depopulation. She controls all the trafficking, she through the nations produces the weapons, the fourth seal. Revelation 18; she is trading chariots, all the automobile industry, trading souls of people, human trafficking. She pays hundreds of millions for pedophilia; hush up money to keep them quiet. But some little ministers, they lock them up in jail, they raise the anger of the people against them. With the media today you can profile a person. Manipulation, deceiving the nations. Gross darkness on the people, but you rise and shine.

This Elijah said, a bomb is for America, it will be burnt. But before one bomb can fall, Elijah’s saints have to be taken out. The Holy Spirit, when He comes, He brings back the words of the Son of Man to remembrance. He is teaching us all things.

In this Scripture are all the conditions of the rapture, in Ahab’s time, in Jesus’ time, in our time. We are at the end of the ministry of the Son of Man. The last part, when the squeeze comes, watch the third pull then; it will go to the lost.

Elijah is a mystery of us, Jesus is a mystery of us, Moses and Elijah to come are a mystery of us, five raptures, but this one is the greatest one. This one is made up of seven church ages, who are asleep; seven messengers and seven groups of overcomers have been taken out, and we who are alive and remain… The bride in the years after the going of the prophet is not a baby church. Hear the things we are speaking about the Word here. We are not just saying ‘Shout, Voice and Trump.’

Enoch was on the seventh step going into the King’s chamber, where there is an empty coffer. Elijah turned the hearts of the children back to the faith of the fathers… seven thunders turned the hearts, these divinely revealed mystery truth. Enoch’s rapture was planned before the foundation of the world, Elijah’s rapture was planned, Jesus’ rapture was planned, our rapture was planned before the foundation of the world. It’s a people who are part of God, and their lives were to be climaxed by going out without seeing death. In this this age, there is a group without seeing death.

You are foreordained, so begin to walk in this. I was the first one coming here 1993. The point I am making, I saw what the church was like then. Now 22 years after I am seeing a spiritual evolution and what I see here, it’s different. It has certain characteristics. All through Europe to see something like that is a rare thing. I don’t say, it has no elect in all the countries; it has. The tree must be known by the fruit. It depends on the teaching if that seeds falls in the ground, it will bring the character to show that it’s a people under conscious preparation for dimensional travel.

It is 2 p.m. now; the Third Pull is coming tomorrow.

The rapture is really changing dimensions. Only the ones who are changed in their bodies will change dimensions. A law of corruption and a law of gravity hold this body down in time; where the fall has put us in time. We are aging here, but the key has come to open this door to move from mortality to immortality. Before Abraham and Sarah were changed, God came in a man like a prophet. God began to open the Scriptures, showing their move for a change. Didn’t that change come at the end of the seventh age? Is this why the Seven Seals are open to give us faith to be changed? Everything points to it. We are in that time. Only those who are changed in their bodies change dimensions; but your soul must be changed first. If the soul is changed, your body becomes subject to the Spirit; on the inside of you is a new nature. The new man is growing up, only those who are changed in their soul will be changed. And to be changed in the soul, your atmosphere has to be changed.

And many young ones have to be born, because if that hen sits on the nest and trying to warm up them eggs, and that hen has never been with the male bird, she will have a nest full of rotten eggs. When you see the young eagles hatching out and they like to get around the big eagles, and they want to fellowship and they are tearing out the meat, and mama eagle is tearing out the loose feathers from the eaglets, so they get strong to fly. You know that church is a bunch of eagles. This is not a chicken church; these are not Kentucky fried chickens; these are eagles, flying and eating the fresh Word in the right atmosphere. And then that body is materializing around that image. You have to grow up in the Word; Christ being revealed personally to you, the individual. May God help us.

I so appreciate the way you sit and take the Word. I trust I have not punished you for being so long, but I trust, your mind can perceive what we are trying to do, which is to move the church up higher, move in the lives of the believers to have a clear understanding, when we talk about the rapture, the going away of the church. The real emotion must be the revelation bringing stimulation. Amen.

During the course of the service, Brother Vin has referred to the following quotes, and I just want to add them here:

933-Q-240 All right, fifth question: 240. Will the Bride be gathered together in one place at the rapture, and will it be in the west? Nope, don’t have to be there. Yeah, the Bride will be gathered together in one place. That is true, but not until the resurrection. See? “For we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord…” Ephesians–II Thessalonians the 5th chapter, I believe it is. “We which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent (or hinder) those which are asleep (universally); for the trumpet of God shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise, and we shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air.” Therefore, the Bride will all be together when it goes to meet the Lord. See? It will be together, but it don’t necessarily mean that we–they all have to be setting in one place like this; because the Bride is sleeping in the dust of the earth around the world, from the Arctic to the tropics, and from–from the east to the west, from north to the south.

934-56 Jesus said, “When the Son of man shall appear,” why, said, “it’d be like the Light that shines from the east even into the west.” The whole thing, there’ll be a resurrection, a rapture, and away it’ll go. And before it ever go up to meet Him… Watch the wisdom of the Lord. Now, let’s say, for instance, in talking this… I’m saying this through thoughts of grace and faith in the Word, that I say “we.” I’m throwing myself in with you all and I–and with the whole Body of Christ, universally. I’m–I believe that. And when I say “we” then, I mean, by grace I–I believe it. By faith I believe it in His grace, that we will be among those people that’ll be caught up.

935-59 It’s not necessary, if your uncle is buried down in southern Kentucky, that he has to be brought up in Indiana, or buried in Indiana has to be taken to southern Kentucky. No matter where he is… Them are dead in the sea shall rise from the sea. Those that were destroyed in that arena and eat up by lions, those who are throwed in the fiery furnaces and not even the bones will be left or the dust, they shall still rise. Whether they was in Rome, or the arena at Rome, or whether they were in the tropic jungles of the south, or in the frozen regions of the north, they’ll rise from the dead and be changed and be brought up; and the living shall be changed in a moment, a twinkling of an eye and be caught up together.

935-60 Look at the missionaries that died down there in the fields of Africa. Look at them that’s died up yonder in the–in the–the frozen regions of the north. Look at them that died in the arena, all over the world, in the Congo, and all around across the world. They’ve died everywhere in China, Japan, around the world; and the coming of the Lord will be universal, this rapture will. Watch the changing. “There will be two in the bed; I’ll take one and leave one,” the same moment, “There’ll be two in the field; I’ll take one and leave one,” one on the dark side of the earth and one on the light side of the earth. See? It’d be a universal rapture. Yes, the church will all be together, but after, after the resurrection and the rapture has set in. Now, if that is not the way you see it, why, that’s all right now. I’m not exactly talking when I say that; we’re taping this. You see? And it might be other ministers who disagree with that. That’s all right. How do we get in Christ, by one spirit we are all baptized into Christ.

Although this was a very long service, the people are rejoicing and worshipping the Lord for quite some time before we depart from the hall, but not from each other; because now we are all continuing to fellowship around the Word in Brother Valerie’s garden until almost midnight.


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