August 19, 2015 – Morning – Day 9


August 19, 2015

Today is Brother Vin’s 64. Birthday and God has planned these meetings to be in this place before the foundation of the world, where brothers dwell together in unity, with one mind and one accord, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

Brother Pavel explains, that the word ‘Vin’ is ‘he’ in the Ukrainian language, and thats why the name ‘Vin’ is always there, basically in every conversation. We have some testimonies this morning about the victories in the lives of the saints here. God truly has performed wondrous works amongst His bride. We can see the Book of Acts repeating again in this hour; Christ in the true church is a continuation of the Book of Acts. And it’s wonderful how God leads each one of us in His supernatural ways.



Brother Yury Zakis, Deacon in Brother Pavel’s church:
I am sure glad our ways crossed. First we couldn’t understand these things. When we first went to Trinidad, there were 6 of us. And the things we saw over there was shown to us in the Word. It was just quickened to me what John says, when Jesus and his disciples were called do the wedding, and what happened over there at that wedding feast, which ended with the wine. It says, by the custom of the Jews there were 6 water pots. But they were empty. This 6 people of us, before the change and our revival came, when church was over, then there was no revelation anymore, we became dry. But then we met over there in Trinidad the 7. water pot. In this 7. water pot we met the Seventh Seal beyond the veil of flesh. He first put water in our pots there, and when we came back the second time, then the change came. That quickening power came and turned the water into wine. And our church started to quicken, and the cleansing came. It started to come to us ourselves first, we got filled and shared with them. We became the revelation, and this joy came. And we rejoice and thank the Lord for that. We used to be empty, but we received the filling and the transformation. Our service has changed, our preaching has changed, our walk has changed and we are singing new songs.


Brother Pavel gives the testimony how he met Brother Yury. They met in a Russian market place in Finland, and he liked to go there to give out Brother Branham’s books. While they were giving them out there – and people took it because it was something free – and he just saw two boys standing there. One boy took the book, and he asked him, where do you come from? He said that he came from Vilnius; the same city Brother Pavel lives in, and he gave him the address from Vilnius, and they parted. More than about three years later they met again when Brother Pavel was ministering in a Pentecostal church, where their church was born from. They spend time at Brother Yury’s home and Brother Yury told him, that he was going to Finland to preach. And only then and there he was finding out that he was that boy that took the book, but he didn’t take it for himself at that time, but only for his mother.


Brother Anatoly Ulyanosk, Russian pastor. When I first met Brother Vin in Moscow many years ago, it was such a joy in my heart. Then Brother Vin would come back again, and something special happened, but we didn’t comprehend what it was. Last year, as a group of brothers went to Trinidad, and I had the great privilege to be with them, too. The experiences we had, things we could see, it was something special. And Brother Vin asked me to preach one meeting in Tobago, and he said, in the time of Solomon it was a golden age. And I told them, brothers and sisters, please wait on us to catch up, we are dragging behind and we want to have what you have. When I came back home the atmosphere changed, and the people who left 14 years ago they came back to church. After having meetings in homes for about 17 years, which was not so convenient for the families, a brother had the inspiration to built a church, but we had no funds. We started to look at properties. The brother became very active in the search; later he became a trustee in my church. We found the piece of ground, we took a loan and had some money now to start. On June 1st, 2014 we began to dismantle an old house on the property. On June 14th this year we had the first meeting in our new church. What happened in Trinidad by the Word, we have found a response to it in our hearts. Our worship has changed, now we have the desire to testify. We found ourselves now in the work, we found our name. In 1. Corinthians 15 we read ‘Therefore my beloved brethren, be ye steadfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.’ Although thousands kilometers away, there is a little group, who loves you very much and we are blessed by your ministry, and God is continuing His work.

We just had youth meetings ‘Young men in service’, they gave their testimonies about the change in their lives, and they could see all these horse riders in their own lives. We prayed so much that you would come here, and we are rejoicing in it.

Brother Anatoly presents to Brother Vin an oil painting created by a sister in his church, showing where the mother eagle takes her eaglets out of the nest and have them fly. Attached to the backside of this picture is a photo with the families of his church.



Brother Vladimir, Pastor of Republic of Moldova.
After I met Brother Pavel in Kiev and he invited me, I am not just looking at the garden now, but I can see and smell the aroma. When Jesus and John’s eyes were meeting, it was something special. We are very thankful to see the seals are open and I want to take this atmosphere from here back home. I want to see the real expression of Jesus Christ in my own people now. I carry those precious seeds in me now, and want to plant them into my people. All other churches of our country had to join officially to the world council of churches, and we know that Jesus is here, and we have nothing to fear. The situation in every country is different, so we need your prayers.




Brother Vlad, pastor from Uzhorod, Ukraine:
I listened to your preaching for many years, and today I can give a testimony, that I can find the love of God moving in your services. When I heard the testimony of Brother Vin the other morning, I started to cry, because it’s part of my testimony, too. I have met the Angel of God, I started to recognize that it was not just a man, ‘The presence of God unrecognized.’





Brother Eugene Fux, Pastor from Orsk, Russia and Kasakstan:
Two weeks ago I was driving on my way to service in the evening, and I saw in the sky some kind of a light. I looked in the mirror, and I saw that the moon was behind us. I told Brother Victor about that object. That light appeared and left, and it went towards the West. It showed me that I had to come to these meetings here. A sister came to me, she had a dream about big rocks joining together in heaven and there was great noise, and people on earth didn’t hear or understand it. But today I know while this event is happening here, that diamonds in heaven are moving. It all has a spiritual application.

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