DAY 23


Until this day the journey has been the marathon of all marathons, and we don’t reach the finishing line until we all get back home on November 1st. We are very grateful to the Lord, Who has given supernatural strength to all and kept us from all harm, danger and serious sickness, that so easily can strike in places like this.

The tremendous service this morning takes place in Pastor Raiju Rokkam’s local church in Sakhinetipalle and Brother Wycliffe from Kenya is ministering with the title: RETURNING HOME ANOTHER WAY AFTER FINDING MESSIAH.

Tonight’s meeting is in this big Community Hall in Malikiparam. Many ministers from as far as 270 km with parts of their congregations are following us during these meetings, and it takes a great sacrifice for them to be far away from their home.

It’s the 30th service Brother Vin is preaching tonight while in India, and as we all know, he is preaching every service as if it’s his last, because he puts everything in and beyond. We are grateful for every prayer for His tired servant. These meetings come with a high price and cannot be taken lightly.

He explains to the people, that he is just like a piece of copper wire.

“As good as a bulb may be, it doesn’t produce the light, it’s an unseen power, called electricity. As good as a man is, but it’s really the man getting out of the way and God is coming in.

The Prophet didn’t perform one miracle; it was the Angel of God. God doesn’t use men because they have a reputation or because they travel to many countries, God is using men that are surrendered to God. If I can be that tonight, God will bless you. If you want revelation, He gives you revelation, if you want deliverance from conditions and habits, He can deliver you. Because He promised and it’s impossible for Him to lie. Focus on Him tonight, you will not be disappointed, because His plan is to bless His people and get the church ready in this Hour.”

Brother William – Pastor Rokkam’s son-in-law – interprets from English to Telugu, and the title of the Message tonight is:



and he takes Psalm 42:1-3 and 42:7-8, and here is just a little excerpt to see the inspiration of this amazing service, that hit exactly the spot…like always! Because it’s God speaking and He cannot fail. He is the only One Who knows the condition of each person.

“In this day we’ve heard of the Unveiling of God: The Mighty God Unveiled Before Us, Christ Is The Mystery Of God Revealed, Christ Is Revealed In His Own Word. In this day He healed the sick the same way, raised the dead the same way, He had power over nature the same way, He was humble the same way, He was hiding in simplicity the same way, proving He is the same yesterday, today and forever. We saw Him from 1946 to 1965; He was in Prophet-form, but on December 24th, 1965 He changed masks, one Actor playing many parts; God En Morphe.”

Brother Vin shows Christ in every type and shadow in the Scripture, and so much more! What a tremendous service!

In so many places we hear this song, and it translates to “We Worship You Alone, Jesus.”


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