Day 9



A group of about 50 men, ministers, elders and helpers are gathering this morning in Pastor Bhupinder’s church and the fellowship is around the Scripture from 1. Corinthians 4, where Paul is admonishing the servants of God to walk in the Will of God and follow His assignment.




The title of the service tonight is:

The Interpreter And The Interpretation Of His Promise

and I just want to summarize this amazing service with a portion of Pastor Asheesh’ anointed prayer at the end of the service. 

“Pray: ‘Lord, give me confirmation and show me my place. Jesus, John, Mary found their place in the Scriptures; the apostles, Brother Branham, and today the Bride, that is chosen in this Hour, not to be just a church member, but to know the mystery of His will in the days after Elijah, after the Son of Man, between the Sixth and Seventh Trumpet, Revelation 10:8-11, who are to eat this Book and to prophecy again, the living Word in flesh. And this is the secret, the Word is in the Bride as it was in Mary and we live in that Hour where Seven Thunders uttered their voices. And this Bride is the Super Church, predestinated by the Word, a portion of Word manifested today. The life that we live is a Word life. This is the Hour. Come out of churchianity! We live in the time, that we become the prophecy.

A big part of the prophecy is already fulfilled, the day of vengeance, when the Book has been opened, the mystery has been revealed, it behooves us Lord. Help us Lord. Take us to that portion, that we hear tonight, that we might get to that place. Let us ponder about these things. When Mary pondered about these things, the Angel came. Our experience has to match.

This message has shaken us to the roots. Why did God make me a believer? What did He call me in this message for? Thank you Lord, that You lead us to those places. 

Under this ministry the locks are coming back. The Prophet’s eyes were gone, but Samson’s body was still there in that hour. Just once more, Lord! Send the power. We are living in this Hour, in the days after the Son of Man, to fulfill Your Word. The Hour has come that we recognize what part of the Word we are and not just recognize it, but confess it, that’s who we are. Bring us to that place. The Angelic visitation came for the fulfillment of the Word.”

Here are two short testimonies:

SISTER NERGIN, PUNJABshe was involved in the new translation of the Church Age Book, because the old translation has 100 pages less.

More photos:

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