HAITI – Day 8

Wednesday, March 1st, 2017

Day 8

Cape Haitian

What a day! It starts early for our 8 hour drive to the very North of the island to a town called Cape Haitian, where Brother Bernard Jean-Mary has the desire for Brother Vin to preach for a group of Message believers. I am really amazed about Brother Bernard; he is such a humble servant and accomplishes so much. To think that he is travelling to this part of the world often to help and encourage the brethren is a real sacrifice, but a great cause.

When we leave the hotel, we just have a small overnight bag, because at this point we plan to stay for one night. Brother Vin carries his suit for preaching rolled together in a plastic bag. There is just no space for suitcases today.

One of the vans is loaded to the brim mainly with equipment and hand luggage, the other two vans carry the team.

Besides that the drive is extremely bumpy, we really enjoy it as we can see a little more of Haiti, because the countryside is naturally totally different from the city.


















We are passing very beautiful areas with lots of palm trees, banana and sugar cane plantations, big rice fields. This island has so many awesome parts, we even enjoy a few peeks to the ocean. We are passing by  bustling markets, where the people sell all kinds of goods, including huge bags with charcoal, what they need for cooking.








There is so much potential on this island, but there is just no infrastructure in place. We see a lot of woman along the river, washing their clothes and lay them on the rocks to dry.


It seems that time has stand still here.

And for many families the river is the only bathtub they will ever use. 

While we are climbing higher and higher into the mountains the dust is sometimes so dense, we feel like being in a sandstorm. And in this condition there are still some motorbikes, that carry three or four people at once, which are speeding and spinning their wheels to overtake our vans. In between we have moments where we can admire the beautiful landscape.


The believers are waiting since 3 p.m. today for the service to start, and we arrive only after 4 p.m. this afternoon, very tired and worn, but we need to push this aside for now.


Brother Bernard rented several rooms for all of us in a hotel close by the church and when we arrive, we have a couple minutes to refresh and then immediately make our way to the church.

And what a surprise awaits us here! The believers are welcoming us with  the song, that we love so much “Blessed be the band that binds, our hearts in Christian love.”  It’s so precious to see their expectations and sincerity and we feel right away, that these people truly love the Lord. Their worship is so powerful, that I hope that the roof is strong enough. The Lord will hold it all together, even the floor is shaking, where we are. This is beyond church, I can tell, this means more than life to the believers here.











For Brother Timmy and the brothers there is very little time to set up the equipment and we can see them working hard and fast in the background.

The pastor of this church is Pastor Robert Louise. To think that Brother Bernard Jean-Mary has such a burden for the people here at the furthest end of the island, where it is extremely hard to get to… he even goes further up the mountain tomorrow to visit another group. He will get a great reward for his labours of love.




Brother Vin:

“Brother Bernard wanted us to see you, not you us so much, which we really now understand. I have heard about you and now I see. We are identified with a people who believe that Christ is unveiled. We are definitely happy to be here tonight, and that you waited for us so long today, shows also the character of the people here.”

Brother Vin’s voice is almost gone at this point, but when he begins to speak about when the Angel came to Mary, a simple village girl, handling Jehovah in infancy, his voice all of a sudden starts to change and gets back to normal.

Simeon had seen Jesus in infancy. Just like Amram and Jochebed, they have seen Moses as a proper child, but they never saw the miracles. People stumbled over the simplicity, but Simeon didn’t stumble. This is the quality of the believer in this hour. They have spiritual vision to identify the Word. 

Elect is likened unto fish, rainbow trout. May be a little fish is laying in the water tonight. Why does God raise a little fish? God is interested, and just by the Word being spoken, the quickening Spirit behind the Word brings a resurrection in your life.

The same Spirit that spoke through the prophet, speaks today through the Bride. The voice is now in the Bride. We thirst for the “I Am that I Am” God. 

He came clothed in a Cloud and a rainbow was over His Head, His feet were like lightning. When you get a cloud, rainbow, and thundering that means rain, former rain and latter rain. Hosea says, He will come to us as the rain. Revelation 10 shows Him coming with the Open Book.” 



The service ends with awesome praise and worship.












And when we get to the hotel, we quickly have some refreshments and literally crash in our beds… but not before we didn’t spray every corner of our rooms with mosquito spray. 

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