Santiago de Chile – August 2016 – Day 5

Santiago de Chile

August 7th, 2016

Day 5

Today is a very special day for Brother Burkhard and myself; it’s exactly 28 years ago, on August 7th, 1988, that we have been the first time in the Third Exodus Assembly in Trinidad. Burkhard thought, we were on a vacation and found himself the very first day of our stay in the church there. Brother Vin kindly greeted and treated us as believers and claimed our souls in that very same service. The title of the service was: The Inside Life With Christ, Part 9.

At that time I myself had only one message book, but I knew one thing, that I had found the pearl of great price, no matter the opposition from all sides. I knew I had found what I was looking for all my life, and nothing could stop me from pressing into it, and naturally I wanted my husband to walk in this present truth as well. We didn’t know Brother Vin at all, never met him, never heard of him; the only thing we had was a phone number in Trinidad.

At that time the church was an open building with a tin roof in Barataria. A lot of water has run down the river ever since, and by God’s grace through the faithful ministry of the Word we have been kept in expectation for the promise of the hour and have found our position in the Word. We have counted it a great privilege and nothing short of a miracle that the Lord has led us to this precious fountain, that never runs dry. And we can truly say, that God’s amazing grace has been sufficient, as we have come through many detours, dangers, toils and snares. We certainly could write a book about all the supernatural things that the Lord has done for us. Therefore this is a very special day for us.

The doors to the church are open at 9 a.m. this morning, and many people are standing already along the walls, while the musicians create such a lovely atmosphere.











It’s extremely cold this morning and the believers sitting with coats, shawls, gloves, boots and blankets to stay warm. There is no heating in the buildings, except some propane heaters, which are not doing a lot in a big building like this. But no circumstances count because the Word is supreme.DSC_0789








The atmosphere is rich, when Brother Vin comes to the pulpit. Brother Atri Rampersad is interpreting today.


We know with God nothing is impossible, and Jesus said, with you nothing is impossible. What a faith is restored to us! A way has been made that we can enter into that veil, that brings us before the Throne of grace. The secret in this hour is: The Word is in the Bride. 

At that day ye shall know that I am in my Father, and ye in me, and I in you.

And we know we are going back to Him. We will bruise the devil under our feet. The first two brides fell, but this one is predestinated and cannot fall.













The Title of this tremendeous message from God to us today is:

The Mystery Of The Bride In The Bride Age 

and the Subject is: The Twins In The Bride Body; The Twins That Are Produced From The Bride Revival

Scriptures: Genesis 1:26-31, Genesis 5:1-5, Genesis 45:1-5

We had members of the Bride down through all the church ages, but this morning all seven messengers and seven groups of overcomers are in glory; the family in Heaven in theophanies, in their celestial bodies. But we are the living family members and the Word says ‘You shall not all sleep, but you shall be changed.’ In every age they had to die to go to Heaven – or to go to hell- but in this age hell is open, and all the demon spirits are in this dimension, but Heaven is open and that mighty Angel has come down with the open Book. Hell is being created on the earth; souls that are in prison now, but there are people like Enoch, like Elijah that will go to Heaven without seeing death. This is what this message is for us.

Genesis is the seed book. When you a dealing with seeds, you need microscopic vision.

Everything in Genesis is in the Book of Revelation. This Book, that is the Lamb’s Book of Life, is not some Book up in Heaven, but it is the very thoughts of God and all that was in God’s thoughts and is pertaining to redemption of men is put in the Book – God is making Himself known, expressing His attributes. This Bible that we have is God in printed form. And satan hates two Books; Genesis and Revelation.

But if we discover the seeds in Genesis, then we know how the harvest will be in Revelation. Then you can look at the parts in the middle and in between and see the process of the seeds to be transformed.

The first and second exodus was a type of this third exodus; God is perfected in three. That’s why in this exodus one could speak in existence, and control the elements, to identify the unchanging God in His unchanging ways.DSC_0876









Not everybody who was under Moses in the first exodus and who was under Jesus in the second exodus did go into the promise. They had left the system, following the prophet, got divine healing, they ate Angel’s food, that came down from Heaven, but they died. They were disinherited. They were not considered in the redemption.

So many today are stopping short of the promise, but He is the author and the finisher. We are His workmanship, created unto good works in Christ Jesus. He started a work and He will finish it. Those that He foreknew they were in His thoughts; from attributes in His thinking all the way to glorification. That is from eternity into time and back to eternity.DSC_0959

Everything you were going through, are going through and will go through is already written in the Book. The Word is a lamp to your feet; the Word is a light to your pathway. In this day the Lord opened the Word. There is a mystery who you are: an attribute of God, eternal as God is eternal, and there are Scriptures, you have to fulfill.

To get to the Throne you have to come into marriage. 

From the Bride chosen in Christ all the way to the Bride coming into glorification, it’s sealed up in the book of Genesis, a chosen predestinated people.”

No wonder we are all rejoicing and during the break between services we are sharing our own experiences in the Word.

Around 6 p.m. we enjoy a worship service, which is initiated from the singers and musicians here.

DSC_1038On behalf of the Third Exodus Assembly Brother Peralta is presented a portrait of him and his wife, Sister Irene, which Sister Sarah Belle Smythe from Trinidad has drawn. It is very much appreciated.



This incredible and special day ends with a wonderful dinner prepared by these faithful sisters.


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