Nagasaribu, Indonesia 2015 Day 11


December 28th, 2015

Day 11

As early as 5 a.m. – at the dawning of a new day – we hear already joyful singing in the camp; the precious believers are in such great expectations to get ready for the morning service. None of us considers the circumstances of may be being tired or cold or sick… the hunger and thirst for the Living Word overrides everything. We know without a shadow of a doubt that God has a perfect plan for these days here and it is marvelous in our eyes. In spite of all our tiredness we have somehow more energy; God is working a paradox.

Before the service the people meet for breakfast around the fires and it’s a happy vibe all over the place.











Even the little ones are exceptional; we don’t hear screaming or misbehavior throughout the entire time, but laughter and contentment all these days. It is pure joy to watch them playing in the mud or water, and then sitting still and reverend in the services.










What can we say to these things? God is in our midst and that’s what’s causing such an awesome atmosphere.


The worship service is tremendous; the musicians and singers worshipping from their hearts; the atmosphere is indescribable; the Holy Spirit has free course in the hearts of the saints. What a wonderful thing this is!DSC_2429DSC_2460



We know, that He is here amongst us. He is in hearing distance. The ever present water from the rock was flowing out in the First Exodus under the blood of bulls and goats. That couldn’t take away sin. How much more under the Blood of Jesus Christ!












The services today are all about our Pre-Existence, Our Earthly Journey And Our Eternal Destination, God’s calling and election, and that He has a purpose and reason why He has called us and planned our lives, because He knew us before the foundation of the world. He is the One who allows us so much space to live on this earth. It’s a time to be born and a time to die, and to every purpose under heaven there is a time and season. He has called and appointed us for this day, and He has put something in us to believe this Message.

A person might invite us to a service, and tells us that God sent a prophet, but he can’t make us believe a prophet. Because if God didn’t reveal it, no man can reveal it. When we live with the consciousness that God has called us, that means we make our election and calling sure. And our election is, that He choose us in Christ before the world began.

I am so glad I learned to trust Him, just to lean upon His Word, it’s so sweet to trust in Jesus…DSC_2679








After the service we meet Brother Rolan Sidabutar from Jakarta, and he gives us his brief testimony as a confirmation what we are hearing today.


“I’ve heard the first time about the Message in 1989 from a friend who was together with me in College. At that time I started to attend a message church in Jakarta. My background was Pentecostal. It took me about 5 years until I fully recognized and accepted the Message to be the Truth and I got baptized in 1994. I am living in Jakarta and stream all Brother Itok’s services now since 2014. I am very blessed and strengthened here.”

During the pause between services different groups of believers with their shepherds gather for photos, which can be found in a separate folder under Day 11- Group Photos.


Pandang karya Agung – Behold the MasterpieceDSC_2639






The evening service starts at 5 p.m. and the worship service is really ‘infectious,’ if we can say it that way. The saints here truly can sing, and they sing from their hearts. We indeed feel at home, and we know we are in the right place. The Lord stood for us over these days and gave everybody some extra strength. God has certainly blessed us in every way.


Trust in the Lord, delight yourself in the Lord, commit your ways unto the Lord, rest in the Lord. This is the believer. Many are the affliction of the righteous, but the Lord delivers them out of them all.










No matter what part of the world we are living, that Word finds us because that Word is directed to the soul. In the thoughts of God our soul is part of that Word and is designed to be connected with that Word. 


God is restoring back the church, and brings us back in the original condition and He reveals the laws of the Spirit, how these things are working in human beings. He is teaching us, that God’s gifts always find their places. Paul said, that the body is fitly joined and compacted together by the measure that ever joint supply. God has dealt every man a measure of faith.

The service is all about that we need to see that we were always in the thoughts of God, and come from thought all the way to glorification. He foreordained us, predestinated us, when we were not even born yet. But we have only be manifested in this day, because there was a time and season for us to come on the earth. It is amazing to see that when the Holy Spirit comes, He has a way, to bring these things and the Light gets bright and we can see how simple it is and the least of us can get a hold of it.

We hear the way our terrestrial body existed in our earthy father’s loins, and so our soul existed in the thoughts of God. We hear in detail today about our earthly journey from a little seed, growing in the womb of our mother all the way to our eternal destination. What joy and encouragement it brings to hear these things!DSC_2687


‘Align me with my theophany… from the terrestrial to the celestial…




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