OCTOBER 7th, 2019 – DELHI

Since we’ve arrived in Delhi, it’s the first day today, where we have some rest and this is the opportunity for me to reflect on our visit here with the precious believers. God spoke amazing things concerning our Preexistence, Earthly Journey And Eternal Destination, showing us His Divine program and fixed purpose in four services and in two Minister’s Fellowships. These meetings have set us in Heavenly Places and every amnesia is pushed out of our lives. Every believer is highly edified, blessed and encouraged by the preaching of the Word and by God’s grace all services are accessible online. God never disappoints us, never…

Here are a few interesting things, that I want to mention, because they are very different from what we know.

According to the Eastern custom, when a visitor arrives here at the church in Delhi, they honour him by washing his feet, and the Prophet opens that record from Luke 7 many times in such a wonderful way, when he speaks about the woman with the alabaster box, and how they dishonoured Jesus by not washing His feet. The saints here express their love and respect by washing the feet of Jesus in flesh today.

When the people arrive for the services they first remove their dusty shoes. Most of the believers are sitting cross-legged on the floor, and that’s why the entire floor of the church is covered with big white cotton sheets. I was wondering how they can sit for such a long time in such a position and was told that even the babies are given tumeric in their milk bottles, to keep their bones flexible. Only a few older sisters sit on chairs, that are lined up along one side of the big hall.

The sisters here are wearing what they call ‘costumes’ which consists of a Sari that is a drape varying in length and breadth, which is typically wrapped around their waist, with one end draped over the shoulder. As you can see on many photos they are most colourful and richly embroidered and totally different from what the Western world knows. This is modest clothing and not one single time we saw a woman not properly dressed. Even when they are driving on scooters in the midst of heavy traffic, they look like queens. Not one of them has their hair chopped off… I am talking about non-Christians here.

Tonight we are all invited for fellowship at Brother Rajeev Chandra’s home, and while we are travelling in the bus to his house, the Holy Spirits comes right down and amazing things are opening up, so that we don’t even want to leave the bus upon arrival.

We all remember being here seven years ago and never forget the gracious hospitality of the precious Chandra family.

They are just like Mary and Martha and others in the Scripture that treated Jesus after His meetings. So here we are one more time and are welcomed with such warmth and love on this seventh day of the tenth month 2019, Brother David Dayal’s birthday.

The sisters prepared a very special meal and feed us so well, and as we all know a fellowship like this is not complete without a spiritual meal. When Brother Vin is asked to share some Word, and he never rejects such a request. He actually wanted to speak on this certain subject from Revelation 2:17 in the Delhi meetings, but never got to it. And again the Holy Spirit ministers to us in such a delicate way tonight, speaking about Abraham’s Name change in Genesis 17 and that the new name is forerunning the new Body and once we receive the new Body we receive the Promised Son.

God confirms His Word right then and there by Pastor Asheesh testifying, that just before he came here tonight, he was reading Romans 4, where Abraham was waiting for the promised son, but that he stopped because he left home to get to this fellowship. And Brother Vin started tonight by picking it up right from where he stopped.

It’s almost midnight when we leave, knowing that the alarm will come off merciless at 4:30 a.m., because we have to catch the train to Punjab at 7 a.m. Soon time shall be no more and there will be no more limit on our fellowship.

Little Sister Prerna Chandra is a singer in the church.

And here are more photos from today:

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