OCTOBER 4th, 2019 – DELHI

Since our last visit in 2012, two pillars from the church here in Delhi – our precious Pastor Parvin Lal and also our loyal Brother Bhagad Chandra – have passed on to the other side to join the great Cloud of witnesses and Brother Asheesh Lal is now the shepherd of the flock.

This morning is a meeting and fellowship for the ministers, and Brother Aman prepared a videoclip from this meeting:

There are over one billion people in India and many ministers don’t even know each other personally. Many of the ministers receive the Word and it helps them and they are matured to such a level, so God can do mighty works and raise up different ministries. Some are already connected through the ministry of Brother Vin. By that we are united, because many members from every tongue and kindred form the Body of Christ.

God has raised up men, humble herdsmen hastening with the greatest Message. The Word is born into manifestation in this hour!

Brother Vin mentioned recently, that many ministers in the Message are not known and that they sometimes have a greater revelation than the ones who are known. 

Over hundred ministers are gathered here for fellowship.

“It’s the desire in the hearts of different ministers in India to break the Bread of Life to their people, to put back on the original Eden beauty, that we once had, to strengthen the unity among the brethren and we want to show our support. “

The famine is not for bread, but for true spiritual food.

Brother Vin is speaking on ‘Seeing Jesus And His program’ and the responsibility for every minister to carry his church forward; elected, anointed, commissioned and placed.


The expectations of the believers are high, and God is never disappointing His people, when they come with such hunger and thirst. The place is packed, even the entire downstairs, where the saints follow the service on the screen.

Brother Nischal Lal is leading this powerful song service.

Pastor Asheesh Lal begins this service by introducing every single minister by name, about 104 ministers from different areas in India, some of them meeting here for the first time.

This is also a special day for the brothers, that translated the Seven Seals Book into the Oriya language, one of about 780 languages spoken in different States and districts of India, where Hindi is more like a rubric for the different dialects.

Brother Vin dedicates this book to the service of the Lord, that God would use it for many souls to be won and direct it to the elect.

The service tonight is the continuation of the service from Tuesday night, October1st, where Brother Vin spoke about ‘Preexistence, Earthly Journey And Eternal Destination” and Pastor Asheesh Lal is interpreting every service for his precious believers to the Hindi language.

Words fail to describe the excitement and stimulation of the Word.

The season is changing, we are getting homesick.

In this age, God has broken the seals of our lives, our design is in the Bible.
Pastor Asheesh concludes the service with the remark, that a Brother from the West Indies has come to the East Indies, West meets East. The cycle is finished. The time of the Rapture is here, Eternity is fellowshipping with time, and we are getting ready for our body change.

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