DAY 1 and DAY 2

October 1st and 2nd, 2019 – TRAVELLING TO DELHI

Extremely tired, but also extremely happy we all have arrived in New Delhi.

While Brother Burkhard and myself were still airborne, the brothers have been so warmly welcomed at the airport last night. After some refreshments, they had an incredible service with the title, ‘Preexistence, Earthly Journey And Eternal Destination.” This little video clip captures the events in a nutshell.

As soldiers in God’s army, we are part of the spiritual global war and we all need to understand our part.

Everyone has a different assignment, a part to play like a clock-work, working in harmony for God to be with us and bring the desired results. It takes great sacrifice and commitment, a burden and a desire for the Bride to be ready to leave satan’s eden, and this desire becomes truly stronger every single day. 

Thanks for all the prayers. God gives only the best of Himself; a real son and true example among us, to carry this Message, to get out of the way, that God could use the gift. 

The unity that was broken back in the garden of Eden, to get back, that unity is not just to work as a team, but it’s fighting together for the cause. We have to be more conscious of the work to unite the entire Body of Christ and by God’s grace, we have what it takes. Everything we do is for His purpose and we are definitely acting out the Scripture, which has already been written. 

The team under the headship of Brother Vin is already mentioned in the previous post ‘Preparations for India 2019.’ It is always a great privilege to go out in unity and to represent the Lord Jesus Christ. And each one is doing what he is called for in this Body ministry, supporting each other, so we can work more effectively. But without the very life of Jesus Christ, we would just work in our own flesh, and we need the Holy Spirit to fulfill the purpose of God for our lives. 

There are so many exciting things happening on a journey like this besides what we can see on the screen during the services: to see the precious believers everywhere, hearing different testimonies, feeling the hearts and spiritual desires of the Bride here in India, the unity among the brethren, their hospitality, their humility and love for this Message. Many of the very special times are outside of the services. 

I always remember Brother Vin saying that the Prophet gave us a pantry full of spiritual food, and it takes the true five-fold ministry to cook a healthy meal, because we become what we eat, spiritually and naturally. Because the famine everywhere is not for fish and bread, but for the true revealed Word of God.

The Holy Spirit already went before us; He knows the needs of the people and the preaching of the Word is meeting the people’s condition to bring them on higher ground, because this is the continuation of the Book of Acts with reference, humility, and in action. Only what we do for Christ will last. The love and respect we receive everywhere from the believers is because of the man of God amongst us and we have the gifts in us, because of the Word that we are hearing  from a man, who lays down his life without any reservation, in total obedience to God for this Gospel. We are all called to work together in such a way, so that the entire Body of Christ is edified. We must want to love Him more and lay our very lives down to achieve what this Message is sent for.

Strategic alliance can only come from a heart of love, the revelation of what God wants to be done: Unite the people by serving the people.

We were in different parts of India already in 2012 and that journal is also found on this site under India. Coming back after 7 years, it seems there is no gap in time, the believers are just as fervent or even more as they ever were, and we feel, as if we never left.

Here is a map of India, where we’ve marked the different areas of our four-weeks journey through India: Delhi – Punjab – Andhra Pradesh – Mumbai.

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