Constitucion/Chile – August 2016 – Day 10

Constitucion/ Chile

August 12th, 2016

Day 10

Glory to God! We are waking up this morning rested and it’s such a comfortable feeling to look around our little room with the sparkling clean white blankets, the light green painted wooden walls and ceiling, and hear the saints jostling around with the breakfast dishes at the large dining table by the wood burning stove outside our room.



Until the praise- and worship service tonight we are spending the day in the big hall editing photos, the singers are practicing, the saints are visiting and sharing testimonies and we all just have a relaxing time.















Supernatural things have happened in the ministry of Pastor Elias Gonzalez, the hosting pastor for these meetings. Here is a little video clip about his experiences.

Our God is tremendous and He is bringing to pass, what seems to be impossible and more and more we understand, that we have to act on the Word, so that He can be glorified.

When we arrive at the church building the saints are still shining the floors and setting up the equipment. By the smell of the fresh paint we realize that they just have finished the building for these special meetings and it is surely a compliment to the lovely character of the people here. From the young to the old, everybody is involved in the work.DSC_1831







Pastor Elias Gonzalez introduces the different ministers and visitors who came to attend the services, and Brother Moises Gutierrez from Brother Peralta’s church in Santiago is interpreting, who is also helping us along the way to communicate with the Spanish speaking believers.DSC_1875

Brother Pedro Peralta mentions, that he was here the first time about 13 years ago and over the years he has seen the little church growing up and that he is so happy that God allows him to be here today. During times of persecution people couldn’t be together like today. God gave them such a beautiful place here. The heart of our Husband is trusting in this virtuous woman

DSC_1882Brother Elias is 40 years old and is ministering since age 24. He testifies that his life with Christ started back in 1992, when he was a 14 year old boy and attended together with 5 of his friends the meetings in Santiago, where he heard Brother Vin ministering the first time. Those five friends are still standing with him today and support his ministry.DSC_1886







Tonight we hear many specials from the Chilean singers, who have amazing voices. What a blessing to see the Bride on display in this part of the world! Our brothers and sisters from Trinidad are in return a great blessing to the saints here, because most of the people know the songs and the pastor himself is following the ministry of Brother Vin for many years. We can see the present Truth manifested in these dear saints here.

The praise- and worship service almost takes the roof off; the people here really love to sing.


And Brother Vin steps right in and gives a greeting; more than a greeting, following the song New things have been declared.DSC_1913

“The Holy Spirit is here in this meeting, from the very beginning to this very time. It’s such a great privilege when God can draw so close to us, quicken the faith in us, quicken our hearts and minds to the things spoken by the prophet in this age. He is fulfilling everything what He has spoken concerning His Bride.

When the Lamb broke those seals they went into praise and sang a new song. When the seven seals are open, a new hymnology is written, that the saints of all the other ages couldn’t sing. He is worthy. Nothing is shown in the Scripture where a man can meet outside of Jesus Christ. At the end of the age, when the Book is open, we can see the true value of the Blood of Jesus Christ, and we understand clearly what we are beneficiaries of. Through the singing, ministering spirits are sent from the presence of God to minister to the heirs of salvation. It’s not just a gift that somebody might have like them in the world, but it’s ordained by God for this hour.

The service concludes just before midnight. Meanwhile it started to rain outside. which might be a blessing for other areas, but because most of the roads have no pavement it gets muddy very quick. The road to the house, where we are staying, is like a roller caster, down the hill and up again. We are praying not to end up in the ditch somewhere, and by God’s grace we make it every time in one piece.

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