Talca City/Constitucion/Chile – August 2016 – Day 9

Talca City/Constitucion, Chile

August 11, 2016

Day 9

Here at Pastor Bernardino’s place we have received such love and hospitality in reverence, humility and action. They treated us like royalty, because they appreciate the ministry of the Word so much, and this little group here laboured sacrificially to make us all feel comfortable. Although they have never met us before, they have shared their home with us. We are grateful to God that He allows us to be part of this happening, when the SON passes this part of the world.


They arranged some sightseeing in Talca City today and by God’s grace it’s a warm spring day. It’s nice to do something relaxing together while we have the opportunity to shop for some souvenirs.













By the time we get back to Pastor Bernardino’s house we are all hungry and enjoy a delicious barbecue.

Meanwhile Brother Peralta with his family and some believers from His church have arrived to join us for the next four services in Constitucion, where they have experienced one of the vilest tsunamis following the 8.8 earthquake in 2010. Many people lost their lives, and most of the Coast line of Chile was damaged. From Talca City it’s a one hour bus drive to Constitucion, and by the time we reach it’s pitch dark.

What a great reception they give us here! DSC_8088Pastor Elias Gonzales is the shepherd with about 160 sheep here and he has invited Brother Vin to minister to his congregation. For fellowship and all the meals they have rented a big hall from the local Equestrian Club, where they have the needed amenities. Two big propane heaters are trying to get the place warm, and although we just had a barbecue in Talca, here is a five-course dinner waiting for us. How can we refuse to eat again? DSC_8119We can feel the excitement of the believers to have such a big representation of the Third Exodus Assembly here. After dinner they want to hear some specials, because most of them know the songs, but it certainly is a difference hearing them life here among them.DSC_8158

It’s way after midnight, and we start unloading all the luggage from the bus and everybody finds their host families; what an undertaking in the dark! It is much colder here than in all the other places, and we are glad that we brought some boots and coats, that the saints in Santiago borrowed us.

The little farm house of our host family, Brother Juvenale Opazo, is sparkling clean and although it is very small they have made space for 12 of us. DSC_2138They have given us their own bedrooms and sleep somewhere else. What a sacrifice these people here have made, and we know that the Lord will bless them with all they have need of, and mostly with things of eternal value! Great is His faithfulness.

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